Tour de Toringdon

Tour de Toringdon

Thin Mint sent out an APB for a Q yesterday afternoon. YHC figured the best way to return to the Brave after a hiatus (avoidance of Room 101) would be to have control over the workout. The Brave is the toughest workout in all of F3, so a painful plan had to be put together on short notice. The following is what 5 “lucky” pax experienced:

After some early-morning recon and a quick slack message to Purell at 4:56 am that he wouldn’t have to pre-run a workout if he chose the right one (he went to that lesser boot camp named after the 3-headed pooch), YHC rounded up 4 other pax, briefly disclaimed the confused-looking one (Fire Hazard) and set off for a mile-long warm-up yog north on N. Community House.

The Thang

Yog Up Community House, left before the new fancy-schmancy apartment complex (“The Lowrie”), past the parking deck that Pop Tart didn’t want YHC to see, left around some building tagged as “Toringdon (some random number), and into the parking lot beside it for a quick COP:

Windmill x 10 IC
IW x 15 IC
LSS x 10 IC

Walk behind the hedges to the rockpile no one else knew existed (Fire Hazard: how the hell did you find this?), let the black cat scurry away, and grab a rock you won’t like moving with. Mosey to the aforementioned parking deck, base of the ramp.

Round 1: 5 reps of 4 rock moves (curls, OH press, tri extension, and bent over rows) at each of 4 points up the ramps. Down the stairs to the base again.

Round 2: 10 reps of all 4 moves

Round 3: 15 reps of all 4 moves

Mosey back to the rockpile, drop off your coupon, and over to the southern most row of parking spots along Toringdon.

Time for parking spot partner burpees (or whatever Tuck dubbed it when he made it up). P1 starts doing one burpee in each parking space while P2 runs to the end and back to meet P1. Flapjack until all spaces have been burpeed. 100 parking spots. This was painful and stupid.

With about 15 minuted left, we started to mosey back to launch. Stopped once to plank for a minute while Q caught his breath. With a couple minutes left and not quite at the Brave’s 4-mile requirement, we did 25 LBCs and run to Which Wich and back. That hit 4.01 miles and we ended with a minute of plank. Finito.


Pop Tart is going to swim in a big rubber suit this weekend to prevent getting struck by lighting. YHC pictured him in a big condom (a la “The Naked Gun”) and haven’t been able to get the visual out of my head.

Fire Hazard’s figure is looking quite chunky. Next time you see him, encourage him to eat a few more salads.

One Niner chose to go shirtless this morning. He didn’t appreciate the idea of carrying a rock up parking deck ramps, so he just chose not to. No one will mistake Niner and Fire Hazard with their shirts off.

Erector is getting ready for his big move to TN. He’s not happy that they don’t have any running workouts in Knoxville. No, Erector, they don’t. They’re not nearly as stupid as we are.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for letting me lead.


A51 vs. SOB paintball on September 15th. Pop Tart and Madame T figuring details. HC for that one.

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