What’s That Smell? Clydesdale’s?

What’s That Smell? Clydesdale’s?

Seven Pax made it out for a post fire works workout.  I pulled in on fearing the group might have left without me….nope everyone standing around talking about the loud Boom around 11:00 last night.  Rumor has it that Screech Owl pooled all their fireworks together in one giant fuse and lit them simultaneously (big word for me – impressed?).  I slept through it though its all over our Briarcrest Facebook Page.

I heard Damascus’ story about not planning on coming and not setting an alarm 3 times….apparently he thought it was a good story.  Much like he missed the jokes on Monday – I believe I missed his story.

In my haste to get there in time and get the shovel flag up, apparently I wasn’t very loud when I said “1 minute after, lets go”.  I’m at the stop sign and hear Dough boy behind me “did he say go?”.  Turn around to look over my shoulder and get a laugh at the pax wide eyed fast mosey trying to catch up.  There was some mumble chatter about Q fail or something or other….they were so far back I couldn’t hear them.

Warm Up

Mosey to Dream Chasers, and then another lap around that block.  I warned folks on Group Me that we would be dogging horse turds.  So far so good…none found…..though Horse’s would come into play latter in helping to name this workout.

  • 25 Side Straddle Hops
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • 15 Peter Parkers
  • 15 Parker Peters
  • 20 T Merkins (apparently its a formal F3 exercise now – look it up)
  • 12 Potato Pickers

The Thang

  • Beat the Q.  Hot lap around the block.  If all Pax beat me, I do 5 Burpees.  If I beat at least 1 Pax – All Pax do Burpees.  As a cruise past Dough Boy I hear him saying something about the week off killing him today.  Having taken a week and struggle earlier this week from it….I know where he’s coming from.  Amazing what a week off filled with bid dinners and booze will do to you.  Anyways….get back to Dream Chasers to watch the pax do 5 burpees (I beat 2 of them).
  • Two teams (3 and 4 person) do a round of exercises in a relay/progressive transition.  Inch worm relieves legs who then run to relieve chest…  2 Rounds.  It was during these exercises that this workout got its name.   Beckham told me as we were inch worming across the bridge together  “Man, I was about to puke back there.  It smelled like horse piss”.  Well Beckham, there was a 4th of July parade here yesterday….that probably was horse piss.
    • 10 Derkins and 10 Incline Merkins at Big Oak Tree.
    • Inch Worms over the bridge (no push up)
    • 20 foot release squats and 20 step ups at other oak tree
    • Run the loop.
  • Another beat the Q with 10 Burpees on the line.  Light Pole Suicides.  I had Dough Boy beat and felt given a clear straight away I think I could have caught RubbberMaid.  However, at the end my Beat the Q Arch Nemesis decided to rear his ugly head (Sorry Foundation, its an expression…Obvious by your and Deflated Bromance you don’t have an Ugly Head).  So I’m 15 yards from finish line…my weak attempt at a swim move is stifled by a jarring blow from Foundation who runs me into a metal bike rack.  Through my hard breath I look up to see Dough Boy crossing the finish line ahead of me.  While they cheated, I concede and tell the pax I will give them there 10 burpees at Providence Road.  As I Clydesdale moseyed (walked) towards providence catching my breath I heard a sweet voice call out “How about we split the Burpees and we all do 5”.  Was that an angel I just heard?  No, it was Damascus.  5 Burpees on your own.
  • Mosey to short wall past Mary O’Neill’s for more rotational team work.
    • 1 legged step ups
    • Elevated Carolina NC State Dry Docks
    • Run to sign and back (about 50 yards) was the timer.
  • Mosey to Church for Ab work
    • 40 LBC’s
    • 20 Heels Wolfpack’s to Heaven
    • 12 Side Crunches (each side)
    • Protractor with 6 different degrees called out holding 10 seconds each.  It was hear that we learned RubberMaid skipped school the day they taught angle degrees and protractors in school.
    • Pistol LBC’s

MOLE SKIN (gross)

  • Great group of guys out today (but is there every a bad group of guys) pushing hard after consuming many a beer yesterday.
  • Glad to see everyone who showed up had all their fingers intact.
  • Strong work from Foundation going above and beyond on the elevated Carolina Dry Docks.  Damascus may have gone to the higher step too though I was not in a position to see him.
  • Somehow I did what I vowed to never do again – Carolina Dry Docks and Heels to Heaven in the same workout….Man I really hate UNC.  In fact…since they were elevated Carolina Dry Docks, I’m going back through and change it to NC State Dry Docks…they are harder and you can’t cheat like their brethren Carolina Dry Dock.
  • It felt great to finish in front of Dough Boy for a change.  That guy has been beating my butt at workouts all spring and summer.  It did feel good to finish ahead of him.  Though I know it will be short lived and he will be right back to his usual self very soon.
  • Rubber Maid pushed hard today.  His glasses were fogged up so much at the end that they were dripping from the inside.  Good work today.
  • Southern Belle and Beckham beat me in both beat the Q races.  Somehow I bring two guys out and within weeks they are beating me.  Good strong work from you both and glad to see yall are posting often.
  • Damascus had his usual creepy Man Touch Monday comment when Beckham suggested he Q a jujitsu style class someday.
  • I’ve incorporated the beat the Q in the last couple times I’ve Q’ed.  Before I’ve threatened we would have to repeat the exercise; however, today I decided to incorporate small punishments that were open to both the Q and Pax.  I think that worked out much better and pushed everyone harder.  Always looking for that little bit extra motivation and Beat the Q definitely helps get that last little bit out of the gas tank.
  • No announcements – Frack would be happy.


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