Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

6 men came out on their day off of work to celebrate America.

Mosey past the Wendy’s
10xPeter Parker
10xParker Peter
Marlin joins us.
Mosey to Garage
Partner Up
4 Rounds- Low Slow Squats, Monkey Humpers, lunges, side lunges
Partner runs a lap up parking garage and walks up stairs backwards, which I assure you is great exercise.
Mosey to top of little parking garage.
America 242 years old…242/3 is 80.6…3 sets of 80 shoulder presses
Mosey to rock pile at church, 20 Curls+20 Tricep Extension+15 OHP
Mosey behind strip mall, 5 merkins at each speed bump
Back to launch, Dolly, High Flutter, 1 minute of American Hammer (which was 27)
Glad Marlin found us to even up the numbers.
The shoulder presses in the peoples chair position were way harder than anticipated, Chopper had to take over the count because I count too slowly.
Lots of mumblechatter from No Show and Shrink Wrap throwing my count off during pretty much every exercise.
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