Why yes.. I think I will play with your hose.

Why yes.. I think I will play with your hose.

It began in December:  Every couple of weeks or so Posse would send me a text or catch me at the Thursday HH asking me to take on a Q out in Western UC.  Doing the best impression of Mahammad Ali, I ducked and weaved and danced my way out of it for many months due to driving my 2.0 to school at 650 AM every morning… and then… 5 Months later, I get the question again with a:  Your 2.0 is not in school now.. No backing out now and I finally took up Posse’s invite to Q Watchtower.  A 25 min drive to post, but considering YHC drives up to 8hrs to post in other regions, there should be no excuses to not except the honor of leading the Beast of Weddington through a multi-region Gypsy Q on a fine summer morning.

Parked on the far side of the campus to drop off a few coupons and head on over to the launch site. Rounding the corner at 5:29 (with Nutter Butter in tow as we both parked on the other side of the Weddington campus and started the post with a nice F2 pace warmup.), 12 Pax were waiting as I moseyed up to the launch point.  Arriving just in time to kick this boot-camp off and make the standard announcements:  Can’t sue me, Posse, Weddington High School, or F3…  follow me if you like, but I am here to work out on my own and if you would like to join me I just ask that you modify as needed.

Let’s Mosey:


  • Low Slow Squat IC x 20(SLOWWWWWWWW)
  • 1.5 Merkin IC x 20
  • Side Straddle Hop IC x 20

Short mosey to Tennis Courts

Thang 1: (Hampton Roads VA Dora 1,2,3)

Pair up:  Pax 1 performs set exercise with Pax 2 runs to far tennis court boundary line for 2 burpees and return to swap out with Pax 1.  Continue until completion of called exercise count is completed.

  • 100 Scorpion Merkins
  • 200 Peg-leg squats
  • 300 Crab-Cakes

Mosey to the hills

Thang 2: (Birmingham AL 7 ladder)

Keeping same partner from Dora (for accountability)

Bottom of hill burpees top of the hill Bomb-Jacks

  • 1 Burpee – 6 Bomb-Jacks
  • 2 Burpees – 5 Bomb-Jacks
  • 6 Burpees – 1 Bomb-Jack (LBCs to hold for the 6)

 Mosey to the Rock pile and bus parking lot

 Thang 3: (Unionville NC fire department coupons)

All Pax members grab a rock and circle up.  Count off by 4s.  Separate out into your number group… OK… coffee not set in for most the PAX on the 1st try as many forgot to remember what number they were.

🙂  try again… 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2..

Well look at that… there are four 25 ft x 5in Firehose there as well.  Each number group to a fire hose.

1 pax drags firehose over the far speed bump and back as the remaining pax performs a called exercise with the rock.  Rotate pax dragging the fire hose until all members in the group had a turn.

Exercises:  Overhead press AMRAP followed by curls AMRAP

Return the rocks and mosey back to the launch site.

5 MoM:

  • 25 LBC
  • 20 Dollies
  • 15 Heels to Heaven
  • 10 Rosalittas
  • American Hammer until 6:15



1st and foremost I want to thank Posse for staying on me to come out and Q Watchtower.  This was my 4th post to this location over the last year (excluding the Brolympics) and every time it is a SOLID group of BEASTs that post out here.  It was truly my Honor to lead today and can only hope the members of the Western UC PAX enjoyed the beat down with 2ish miles of running mixed in.

My partner today was Frack… if you ever need a pax for a partner exercise that includes Burpees, he is your guy…that guy seriously can pump out some burpees!!!

Beware guys of WUC, rumor has it that Damascus enjoyed the firehose so much he is on an all-out hunt to find a set for you guys… I might know where he can find a few.


  • Special Wednesday July 4th Dromedary workout at holiday time of 0630.
  • SFN: 4 miler 4th of July race tomorrow (Tent will be at starting line)  Race starts at 0730 on Charlottetowne Ave Charlotte, NC

I hope to SYITG soon.


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