European Vacation is more important than a BB

European Vacation is more important than a BB

Shoe was supposed to remember the count (and write a BB) but he skipped town for a European vacation (coach class – really?).   I think it was 8 that posted at The Fishing Hole ( actually remember 7 after 5 days) but I could be wrong.   Shoe was too busy preparing for vacation to write this BB so he turned it over to YHC.   As such, anything written in this BB may be incorrect, false, misleading or never happened (you can bet on all of those).  It for sure was easy – no way was Shoe risky injury before his flight to Germany.

We covered about 0.75 miles doing lots of imperial walkers and cotton pickers (Shoe likes those).  We also discussed Shoe’s travel plans.   One would think a man his age could afford something nicer than a hostel but I guess he’s making his boys learn to travel on a budget.

Strong work by all, especially War Daddy Boomer who is something like 67.    Chopper was just glad not to be War Daddy for once.

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