Do your legs hurt?

Do your legs hurt?

This morning was another addition of a humid southern morning with my F3 brothers at Bagpipe.  We had 18 PAX this morning for a full body beat-down.

After a quick disclaimer, we moseyed over to the parking lot by Loch Ness for some warmup:  SSH, imperial walker, windmill, mountain climbers, and merkins.

Mosey to the pond.  At the pond, we spread out for a couple rounds of Aiken Legs:  20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lunges, and 20 split jacks followed by a lap around the pond.  Repeat.

We then moseyed over to the grassy hill at the base of Bagpipe hill for some 7’s (maybe there is another name).  Start with 6 burpees at the bottom of the hill, run up the hill and do 1 squat.  Decrease burpees and increase squats by one after each set keeping a sum of 7 reps between the two exercises.  For extra fun with hills, we ran once up Bagpipe hill, since we were already there.

Mosey over to another parking lot for some upper body work.  Using the parking lot sections as markers, bear crawl to first section of parking spaces, do 15 merkins, run back to start.  Suicide style, bear crawl to the second section of parking spaces, 15 merkins, run back to start.  Then, one more bear crawl to the end of the parking lot, 15 merkins and run to start.

Gather up the 6 and mosey back over to Lock Ness for one last thing.  Run to the benches and do 15 dips; continue counterclockwise around the pond and do 15 derkins at the building; run to the next building and do 15 diamond merkins and head to COT.  At COT, we were joined by the 14 PAX of Swift this morning.

I was glad to have the opportunity to Q Bagpipe this morning.  Thanks to all the PAX for pushing it with me.


American 4 miler tomorrow.  Today is the last day to sign-up.

0630 July 4th workout at Dromedary in honor of Carolinian heroes from the Revolutionary War.

F3 Pokey next Monday at Elevation Church Blakeney at 0545 with a pre-run option at 0515

Timekeeper continuing a topical discussion at 0630 on Tuesdays at Einstein Bagels across from AO start.

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