Fleetwood is Fast But He Won’t Flash

Fleetwood is Fast But He Won’t Flash

It was another soupy summer morning and 7 PAX gathered at the fountains of Blakeney Shopping Center for our 5 mile Monday run. It was 5:15 and we were about to leave until we saw the silver bullet carrying Bratwurst. With a spring in his step and no disclaimer he passed the baton to YHC to choose the course. It was time for the PJ route, so we were off.


Up Rea Rd towards Stonecrest, make a left on Williams Pond, left on Elm St, past the Morrison YMCA, left on North Community House Rd, left on Ardrey Kell and back to launch for stretching by Paper Jam.


We enjoyed a guest appearance from General this morning. He was a little confused when we told him he did not have to swing a kettle bell, do 100 pull ups or use any other gear except a broga mat.

Fraiser and Bratwurst have clearly defined a recovery run as an under 8 minute mile as they were out in front with Fleetwood, Enron and General not too far behind.

While performing the broga butterfly we discovered that Fleetwood can place his knees and thighs on the ground. Accused of being a Brogi, he was kind enough not to face the rest of us while he was showing off his flexibility.

Thank you General for taking us out.



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