We set up the Elon Park Elementary school parking lot with kettlebell stations on one side of the lot and boxing gear (gloves/pads and jump rope) on the other. Get in a station and repeat exercise until time is called. Runner is the timer.

KB stations
10 high pulls ea. side / 10 rows ea. side
10 snatch ea side / 10 American swings
10 skull crushers / 10 sit-up and press
20 alternating swings / 10 dead lift
10 thrusters / 10 cleans ea side
10 goblet squats / 10 ‘mericans
5 pull-ups / 5 chin-ups / 5 burpees

Boxing stations
Jump rope
Gloves and pads

OneNiner broke my jump rope.
Chopper fixed it.
VanDamme gave Erector some boxing lessons
Cobbler punched a 9 year old. (His son, so it’s cool.)
Frehley’s Comet battled a head cold and mostly kept quiet.
YHC and Chipolte managed to not our teeth out.

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