Denomination Stations- Round 2 (for me)

Denomination Stations- Round 2 (for me)

On another beautiful, quite humid (duh it’s summer) morning in the heart of Matthews, NC, 14 men came on down to Peak 51 for another foray into the gloom. I of course obliged:

The Thang 

Disclaimer then take off running

Depart Matthews Elementary and head Southwest on Trade St. to Matthews United Methodist Front Parking lot

Circle up

SSH IC x20

IW X 20

Mountain Climbers X 15

Depart Matthews UMC and head north (via Main and S. Freemont) to Matthews Presbyterian parking lot.

Plank O’ Rama

Partner up

Dora- three rounds

Partner 1- Suicides up the parking lot hill

Partner 2- Called Exercise (partners then flapjack- keep switching until the amount of called exercise is complete)

Round 1 100 Merkins

Round 2 150 Squats

Round 3 200 LBCs

Depart Matthews Presbyterian- but first run up the church entrance ramp and down the stairs because we can and roll Southeast to First Baptist of Matthews

In the pack parking lot:

Sprint AYG to the bottom of the hill, recovery mosey to the top (X2)

Mosey for wall sits/Air Presses

Mosey back to launch and meet up with SPARTA!!!!! for some core work

RosalitaX 20 IC

American Hammer X 20 IC

Freddie Mercury IC X 10

Protractor- one round around the circle



Praise- Madoff’s sister’s biopsy came back- no cancer!!

Come on out Wednesday for the July 4th 4miler- you can sign up here 


Confession time- I really, enjoy this workout. It was introduced to me a couple of years ago from the twisted genius of Booyah! who last year gave me permission to use his work…. so I took some liberties with the Fair Use act (I’m not sure that’s an actual act but sounds right) and used it again (ask forgiveness instead of permission right). I really enjoy the blend of mileage plus workout plus boot camp plus getting to get offsite and see some of the beauty of Matthews. The other Booyah staple of the workout was the working out of our minds…. and again this group did not disappoint with their theological trivia knowledge (as it ensured we did not have to pay a penalty in burpees, which was even better!).

Thanks as always Booyah- hope life is well in the Mint Hill, but make it back to Peak 51 soon ok? We miss you (well Sensei and I do at least- I can’t speak for everyone….)

Awesome to see some of the new guys have consistently kept coming back, and really are now a part of the Peak 51 family. Thanks Bernie, Madoff- and thanks Madoff for letting us know the praise regarding your sister’s biopsy! When we can celebrate moments like this as a community it makes us bettter- thanks for sharing with us.

Thumper was up front most of the day looking strong- I don’t think that kid is is on a BRR team just yet, but it’s gonna happen. The past two weeks he’s been cranking it out. Furly was aback again a 2nd week in a row, proving his return last week wasn’t aberration… and speaking of return, kind of sorta welcome back to Peak Early Bird! Well.. he showed up to launch expecting to do the Peak workout without realizing that Sparta launches from the same area a little early…. and didn’t realize he was doing Sparta until he was too tightly in Nomad’s grasp and halfway up a hill and that he had made a TERRIBLE mistake. I mean who wants to do a running workout???? (side note, I’m Qing Sparta this upcoming Thursday- you should come out!).

And welcome back Robin!! Good to have you back for the summer man- hope you can continue making it out.

This was a pretty strong group today- the only complaint I think I heard was Sardine complaining that he KNEW that Martin Luther started the Reformation. Which is technically true- however, he needed men like John Calvin and John Knox to spread Reformation into other nations after Luther was gone.

And that is one of the main points I hope you take away from this workout- we need each other. While not expressed on Thursday, I think the other big reason I like Denomination Stations is that it highlights the differences in thought and belief that there are even in a small town like Matthews. However, when we let those things keep us in conflict and prevent us from (you’re welcome Lois) ” Keeping the main thing the main thing” well then we will fall. That is the awesome thing about F3- in the COT we had guys ranging in age from 9-55, coming from all different walks of life- coming together with the one purpose of making each other better. That’s what has made F3 stick- and has had it grow from Mothership to multiple other states, and is why F3 Expansion has more and more cities asking for F3 to be planted. We need each other, and we are better as men in every capacity when we seek to better each other, when we reside in community with one another. Men from all different walks of life coming together in unity for the betterment of each other can truly change a community, and I’m grateful for the continued opportunity to come together with you guys each Thursday morning.

As always thanks Lois and Sensei for giving me the reins- Peak 51 is a staple of F3 South Charlotte, and it’s in good hands.


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