Monthly Archive July 2018

Base Camp Sweat Shop

Eleven Men gathered at South Charlotte Middle School bright and early to start the week off right.  Thankfully, the rain held off but in the end, it didn’t matter as we were sweat soaked within a few minutes.  The PAX were disclaimed and off we went . . .


Mosey to the front of the school

SSH x 15, IW x 15, Merkin x 10 and LS Merkin x10


Mosey to the track in front of the bleachers

I think everyone enjoyed the 1 mile Indian Run around the track.   The run was broken up by four stops in front of the bleachers for LSS x 15 and Drydocks x 15.


Mosey to the top of the hill by Goonie’s office.

Partner 1 took a lifting rock and did curls, triceps and presses x 15 each.

Partner 2 ran around the short loop to the benches and did dips and pull ups x 15 each.


Reconnoitered by the office for the wall sit sprinkled in with some Jack Webb.  A nice touch.

By now, time is starting to run out, so we finished up with some suicide sprints at the goal posts (not the light poles).



Everyone pushed hard today and hopefully got something out of it.  Sardine, where did this guy come from on the Indian Run?  The sprints were phenomenal!  I thought Chuck Yeager was passing me by.  I swore he broke the sound barrier – or perhaps that was something else. We had some great conversation about taking trees down during the rock lifting.  Very insightful.  Goonie was upset that we did not get any Mary in towards the end – I’ll aim to please next time.  Have a great day!  TR



A Case of the Mondays

14 Pax kicked off the final Monday of July with a trip to The Matrix for some AMRAP action.


Four stations set on the MRES campus:

#1 – Select a lifting rock (good work everyone, YHC didn’t see any pebbles) and complete 25 reps each of shoulder press, flutter press, and curl.

#2 – Brisk run to playground for 5 burpees and 5 pull-ups.

#3 – Slightly less brisk run to track for 2o reps each of LSS, LBC, and flutter followed by one lap around the track.

#4 – Run to back of school for 20 step-ups and 20 merkins.

Repeat the circuit as many times as possible until 0613. Return rocks, gather in parking lot for COT.


McGee, Purell, and Rachel led the way, completing five laps of the course. YHC would call them Larry Birds, but that description is quite dated. Everyone else completed three or four rounds. Great work by Red Riding Hood posting for his second week of F3. YHC was bringing up the Six, and didn’t catch much in the way of mumblechatter. Something about Rachel running people off the road in Ireland. Pop Tart and YHC agreed that we hate Mondays. Pro rolled in hot at 0531 and exited his car before it stopped moving. All in all, it was a typical morning at The Matrix.


September 15: A51 vs. SOB paintball battle

October 26: Register for The Crane Relay

Thursdays at Waverly: Please join McGee for his new (W)AMRAP workout. Friends don’t let friends post alone.





Fuze Box is 35

24 PAX posted on a beautiful Monday morning to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the birth of the one and only Fuse Box (although most didn’t realize it until the COT).


The Warm-Up

  • Quick stroll around the parking lot
  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Mountain Climbers IC
  • Calf Stretching
  • 10 Merkins IC


The Thang

  1. Mosey to path leading to Transporter’s Shed
    • Run forward 2 lights = 5 burpees
    • Run back 1 light = 10 jump squats)
    • Continue all the way to Transporter’s Shed
    • Circle back to 6
  2. Mosey to Shed
    • Mike Tyson/ Donkey Kick Jack Webbs
    • YHC had to call an audible and cut this one off at 5 as the PAX were beginning to revolt after starting the day with burpees
  3. Mosey to bus line
    • 10 jump lunges at each bus
    • Apparently UCPS decided to bring all the UC buses to Cuthbertson for staging today as there were so many that YHC lost count
    • Yet another crowd pleaser
  4. Mosey to Circle by football field – Partner Up
    • Partner 1 = AMRAP supines
    • Partner 2 = run loop
    • 1 lap each w/ 10 hand-slap merkins at each transition
  5. Mosey to front of MS – parking lot suicides
  6. Jail break to start
  7. COT
  8. 3.5 (2 real + 1 Aussie) burpees by everyone in celebration of Fuse Box’s b-day



  • Respect to Butt Fumble who despite spilling his merlot at the circle, completed the workout.  There was a rumor that YHC made some disparaging remark about Patriots kicking Jet butts, and some snappy comeback from Butt Fumble around cheating, but it’s not on film or the internet and therefore could not be true…  If it did happen, YHC’s comment would have been purely part of friendly banter with no disrespect intended…
  • All PAX pushed hard this morning as this was not an easy workout.
  • As usual, Good Fella and Hollywood are untouchable, but Easy Button is starting to close the gap.
  • Dough Boy continues to get faster despite claiming to have packed on a newly found 5 lbs.



  • Happy Birthday Fuse Box
  • Sanctuary – Monday night, 7:30 at Brooklyn Pizza – Studying the Parables
  • Gator Cub on Q Friday – Cuthbertson MS
  • Dromedary Wednesday – Marvin Ridge HS

Disproportionate men and KB’s

Great crew out at Skunkworks today for a death by suicides combo.


The Thang

SSH x 10

IW x 10

Suicides at 5 cones adding 5 merkins each cone.

Partner up.

Partner 1 – upright row

Partner 2 – run lap

Partner 1 – goblet squat

Partner 2 – run lap

Partner 1 – OH press

Partner 2 – run lap

Partner 1 – thruster

Partner 2 run lap

Flap jack each time


Ladder work (30 secs on 10 secs off)


1) snatch right

2) snatch left

3) Clean and press right

4) Clean and press left

5) OH press



1) t bag squat

2) good mornings

3) lunge right

4) lunge left

5) jump squat



1) bicep curls

2) tricep press

3) Clean right

4) Clean left

5) swings


Suicides with swings 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Suicides with abs

Suicides with burpees 1, 2, 3 4, 5




Ye Olde Naked Moleskine

Good to see some olde timers at Skunk today. No pre KB and no pre-run so the lads knew that the 45 mins would be enough!

18 pax showed for a bit of KB’s with some short sharp mileage which usually means some lung busting cardio and lots of sweat.

Some mass confusion at some points over who’s bell was who’s and the old “fat handle” comments that ensued with some friendly banter!

Thanks for allowing me to lead and to Tackling Dummy for taking us out.




22 men drug their Q up and down an awful hill this morning for this weeks edition of HorseyMcHorseArse.  There was sweating and lurching and lots of snotboogers flying.  My spleen shot out of my ear at one point, but Baracus picked it up for me.  Some walked, a few may have crawled, but everybody kept moving.

I had planned out another workout where we all starfished from the flag pole and met back in the middle for high fives and attaboys.  On the way over, something didn’t feel right.  Could we?  Should we?  Would we?  Why don’t we?  We’ll let the pax decide.  Without hesitation, they chose option B – infinite repeats to the top of Mt. Horsey.   #Purity. Spooky Jon pulled a #LeeroyJenkins and nearly ran me over.  The remaining troops followed suit, with the big man Hoover running security detail in the rear for us.

Lots of encouragement during this workout.  I tried to write down some of the things the guys shouted over to me, but the notepad got sweaty and then I had to eat it to survive.  Here’s what I remember.

  • you suck
  • your mom sucks
  • what was option C?
  • he should have went to Jared
  • where is my Epi pen?
  • is that Ross Perot in the woods?
  • you are a son of motherless goat
  • I truly hate you Horsehead, from the bottom of my heart

I couldn’t quite make out several more, including some hand gestures, but it really touched me, you know.

It’s probably gonna be a while before I do that again.  I’d rather just walk on legos.  I’ve got one of those fancy standing desks at work, but it ain’t happening today.  Folks stick their head in my office and see me hunkered down at this thing and probably think I’m just a lazy slob who wasted money on this desk.  They don’t know what we know . . .   Maybe I’ll tell them, maybe I won’t .   They probably wouldn’t believe it anyway.

It’s hard to get a grip on this crazy place.  The entire workout feels like a giant Scooby Doo chase scene, with zombies and the Miner Forty-Niner running around opening and closing endless doors in a hallway.   I’d like to get the BBC film crew out there and see if we can get Sir David Attenborough to narrate this thing.

You know who named this workout?  It wasn’t me.  There once was a man named Tiger Rag who used to frolic among our midst.  He came and he went, but he always was.  One day, he went away and never came back.  I think he got snagged.  This morning, we sent team Free Range over to Chester’s  for an attempted rescue operation.  This whole workout was just a diversion to keep the guys away while they dropped in with Seal Team 8 (well, it was really just Frasier with a nerf gun but he had on a black hoodie) .   Anyway, they found them sitting there with some guy named Mark listening to KLove and playing Monopoly.  TR had a hotel on Marvin Gardens and Atlantic, but didn’t have the cash for Ventnor yet.  I could tell that it bothered him.  He wouldn’t let it go and they were playing house rules with a big wad of cash sitting on Free Parking, so they had to leave him there and  just let out the other hostages in the basement.

Gotta run.  I’m developing a new iPhone app that goes live today.  It can tell your age by listening to you pee.   It’s a somewhat complex algorithm of starts/stops, drips, and curse words.  It has me down as 75, but we have a few bugs to work out.














Cut your hair, drop some pounds

15 PAX finished the run and stretch at Blakovery on Monday morning, but that’s not how it started.


  • Route pre-blasted as the “Providence CC” route, which for the regulars meant:
    • Head East on Ardrey Kell from the fountains of Blakeney near the Brixx pizza.  Head toward “The Fountains” shopping area at Tom Short and Ardrey Kell.
    • Turn Right on Tom Short (or use the Fountains shopping area as a shortcut).
    • Avoid Bratwurst’s knee wall that takes out shins of his running compadres, and take the first Left into Providence CC (entrance is also directly across from the fountains shortcut).
    • At the T intersection, take a Left (last left for a while).
    • Then, pretty much, keep taking every Right turn either to avoid a cul-de-sac or coming to the end of the road.  For those playing along:
      1. Right
      2. Right
      3. Right
      4. Right
      5. Right onto Tom Short
    • Left on Ardrey Kell (or use the Fountains area again to shortcut) and continue back to Blakeney while trying to avoid low branches, thin mud spots, and cracks in the sidewalk.  Not exactly a “Danger Zone” like Rea from Bevington to 51, but it definitely keeps you on your toes to not eat concrete.
  • FIN! Part 1
  • Part 2 – Fleetwood and Wingman draw straws, and it’s Fleetwood that leads the stretching as the group files in.
  • FIN! Part 2
  • Thin Mint took us out.

The Moleskin:

  • It’s hard to lead a running route when a) you’re not there at all; b) you’re not there on time; c) you haven’t told anyone where to go; d) the directions are so confusing that everyone abandons and runs a different way; e) all of the above.   Definitely YHC has answered E often to this question, so there are a few things you must do to try to be successful (and it still may not turn out):
    1. Preblast the route
    2. Show up before the start of the run to use the last minute before it starts to make sure everyone knows the route, shortcuts, regroup points, and overall objective.
    3. Start on time
      1. If 2 and 3 fail, make sure that you TRY to have trained the PAX by now to do 1, 2, and 3, and have an idea where to catch them.  This may involve parking away from the start.  In your attempt to find them on the route, hope your attempts to train 2 & 3 are followed in your absence – which was your fault no matter the excuse.
    4. Check on the PAX and make sure that PAX are checking on each other – buddy system works great here.
    5. Finish on time
  • YHC is very thankful that things seemed to work out this morning.  Despite a late start by the PAX to due YHCs absence, Bunker got things going and everyone seemed to know where to go.
  • Fountains were ON this morning, so no background music could be heard making it’s way over from the shopping square, but that also made mumblechatter easier despite Fleetwood’s directions to relax and breathe.
  • These 2nd F runs mean something different to everyone.  Some guys push it from the front, some guys choose to mix a little more 2nd F in and chat the whole time, some guys push it from the six and accomplish 5 miles.  But we all get it done together.  While 15 PAX is likely near the all time high at Blakovery with even a few regulars out, it’s hopefully a testament that you give the PAX consistency in the plan, and some will like it enough to keep coming back.  Or maybe it’s just the Journeyman challenge…
  • Thanks for following even when YHC wasn’t there this morning.  It’s an honor to be thought of.


  • Bratwurst cut his hair.  Apparently this equates to weight loss.  Despite trying to give up sweets for the past 3 weeks, it’s the haircut that does the trick.
  • Sign up for the Crane Relay –
  • Check out the 24 Hours of Booty video (up soon) that JRR Tolkien was up all night finishing for Speed for Need:
  •  Swift will converge with Fast Twitch tomorrow at Charlotte Latin school.  Main parking lot off Providence Road.  1600 or 3200m time trial.


Mountain Goats Keep Goating

Ok… not a very creative title… but it is what it is!  16 Goats gathered on wet streets, but clear skies for a 5-5-4-4-3-3-3 set of intervals.  Here’s how it went down:

  1. Warm-up mosey to Gullah Gulch, then back to Strawberry; dynamic stretching
  2. 5:00 min I-Pace (2:30 out, 2:30 back); 4:00 Recovery; rinse and repeat
  3. 4:00 min I-Pace (2:00 out, 2:00 back);  3:00 Recovery; rinse and repeat
  4. That’s all we had time for with a little longer warm-up than normal, but still completed 5-6+ miles depending on pace!


5-5-4-4-3-3-3 is always a favorite.  Just enough hill on Strawberry to remind you of it as you return.  By design, we should all finish back at the start (out and back) in 5 mins or close to that… and we did.  You guys are studs!

Everyone pushed themselves which is great for BRR training… and any other training you can think of!

Great to have Depth Charge join us.  Depth Charge led the intervals, and looking strong for BRR!

Fleetwood was close behind Depth Charge and looking stronger and stronger each week… also getting BRR ready!

Great to have 88 back out!!  Keep coming out, brother!

Sensei… strong as usual… same for Nomad, The Mouth, Daisy, Retread, Lois, Jello, Gullah, Compliance, Drano and Beaver.

Insomniac was a few minutes late, so despite participating in a majority of the workout, he gets only honorable mention… no participation ribbon for partial attendance!

1.  Sign-up for the Crane Relay… you can either do it yourself, or Slim Fast will do it for you!  Everyone who can do Mountain Goat can do the Crane Relay!


Bend and Snap

9 PAX for this week’s edition of Cerberus, including one FNG who earned the name Legally Blonde


  • Mosey to the lot behind Whole Foods for COP (IW, LSS, Merk, Mtn Climber)
  • Line up abreast facing opposite end of lot
    • 10 merkins, 10 spider crawl steps, 10 merkin, 10 spider crawl, sprint to the other side
    • 10 squat, 10 lunge walk, 10 squat, 10 lunge walk, sprint to the other side
    • Sprint all the way across
    • Sprint all the way back
    • Burpee broad jump to the halfway point, sprint the rest of the way
  • Enough of that, mosey to the base of the parking deck and find a partner
    • P1 has the option of lunge walk, bear crawl or crab walk
    • P2 runs up ramps to the steps on the next level up from wherever P1 currently is, down one flight of stairs, and then up the ramps to find P1
    • Flapjack and repeat until you get to the top of the deck
  • Extended Mary
  • Down the steps and head to the traffic circle at Waverly Walk and Matthews Farm for 4 corners (ish)
    • There are 4 roads leading away from the traffic circle, instructions given on how far to run down each
    • Run them in any order
    • At the end of each pick one of the following until you have completed 4 roads and each of the exercises (20 burpees, 20 jump squat, 20 HR merkin, 20 CDD)
    • Lunge walk, bear crawl or crab walk round and round the circle while we wait for the 6
  • Mosey to the park with the doggy turf and find a spot on one of the low walls
    • 10 modified step ups each leg (foot remains on the wall so right foot on the wall, step  up and lift your left knee, bring left foot back to the ground with right foot still on the wall, right foot stays until reps are completed and then switch)
    • 20 dips
    • 10 derkins
    • Repeat but with 20 modified step ups each leg, 30 dips, 20 derkins
  • Head back to launch, done



Nice varied crew of A51, SOB and UC this morning as is usual at Cerberus. Tried to throw out a mixed bag of exercises for this crew and venture a little bit away from YHC’s typical run-heavy workouts. 2ish miles is where we ended up.

McGee started the workout by insulting our FNG’s car and telling him he didn’t need to worry about it getting broken into since all of the other cars parked next to it were nicer. He then went on to wonder why he was the only one who showed up to the soft launch of his workout the day before. Cause and effect, my friend. Cause and effect. (That, and not letting anyone know about it until 9PM the night before).

In all seriousness though, McGee showed us how an FNG should be welcomed to F3. Talked to him throughout the workout and even had a name waiting and ready to go by the time we got to COT (something which YHC is very grateful for as my naming record as Q is pretty shabby). Legally Blonde was brought out by Doc McStuffins — he is a student at UCLA pursuing a pre-veterinary degree, is out here for the summer, and has spent a few days shadowing Doc at his office. McGee, with a Hops-like knowledge of movie trivia, quickly realized that the main character in Legally Blonde went to CULA and thus the name was born. The fact that Doc informed us he is quite bright and that he is a competitive powerlifter in his spare time put the icing on the cake. Welcome, Legally Blonde. Hope to see you out there more this summer.

There has to be a better name for the modified step up things we did. We should do them more often. The PAX can confirm that they hurt way more than your regular, run of the mill step up and they are a great way to train your legs for the hills in the absence of an actual hill to run on. BRR is less than 6 weeks away. Get excited people.

Good seeing Shop Dawg back out consistently after a hiatus from the 1F, even if he did straight up refuse to lunge walk, bear crawl, or crab walk. He chose Option D: none of the above. Still, after hearing about the time and talent he put forth leading the Sandbox pallet project last weekend, I have nothing but respect for this Respect. It’s an honor to know you, buddy.

Another muggy morning but we made the best of it and everyone pushed hard today. Appreciate you all coming out.



  • McGee’s new Thursday AMRAP workout at Waverly (yet to be named) continues next Thursday. He’s hoping to double, or maybe even triple, the attendance so come check it out. Meets 0530 at Viva Chicken in Waverly. 30 minute AMRAP bracketed by warmup, cool down. Guaranteed to kick your butt.
  • Fast Twitch and Swift converge at Charlotte Latin track this Tuesday for time trials (1 and 2 mile timed options available)
  • Crane Relay – sign up
  • UC 3F Opportunities
    • Sundays at 700 AM, Open Door, @ Five Stones Church Office
    • Mondays at 730 PM, Sanctuary, @ Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel

Casualty Medley For The Ruck of It

21 of Area 51’s finest PAX, including 2 FNGs, made the right choice and posted at Rock Zero for their daily #DownPAINment.


  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • IW x 20
  • Squats x 20
  • Windmill x 20

The Thang:

Take a warmup lap around the parking lot then head back to the cars, grab the rucks and sandbags and mosey over the soccer fields. Partner up for the following:

Partner 1 buddy carries Partner 2 across the field. Partner 1 then returns to the side of the field to pick up a ruck or sandbag then carries them to stopping at the first cone to do 10 burpees. He then proceeds to the next cone and performs 10 burpees, then runs to to Partner 2. Partner 2 does Mary exercise while Partner does the work. Flapjack.  The PAX does Mary until the six gets in.

Staying with the same partner, drag your partner half way across the field, flap jack, then run with your partner to the other side of the field.

Head back to the side of the field with the rucks and sandbags and staying with your partner, Partner 1 performs called exercise with the ruck or sandbag while Partner 2 runs the length of the field. Flapjack.

  • Upright rows
  • Curls
  • Squats
  • Overhead presses
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Tricep extensions

We collected the coupons and over to the hotbox for 3 rounds of circuit work, Derkins/Incline Merkins x 10, Dips x 15, and Step-ups x 20.

Gather the sandbags/coupons and head back to the  start point to deposit the coupons and then we were off to the front of the church.

Choose a lifting rock for some more arm work, two rounds of curls, tricep extensions, and overhead presses. We deposited the rocks from where we found them, not at all close to there exact resetting place.

A quick check of the watch and YHC noticed we had some time left for Runstopper’s old friend Mr. Jack Webb. YHC requested Runstopper take the lead to introduce Mr. Webb properly to our FNGs and he so he did up to 8.  Afte that we moseyed back to the start point for some much needed Mary.


  • Flutter Kicks x 20
  • LBCs x 23


  • Strong effort by the PAX on a warm, humid day in Charlotte, hello summer. The PAX gave YHC some grief during COP, but it’s welcomed.
  • We covered 2.2 miles, under the recommended 3 miles per the Rock Zero bylaws, but Flipper was ok with it.
  • #Kotters to Flipper following two weeks traversing Europe.
  • The Casualty Medley, with the partner carries and partner drags, was inspired by the welcome party at the Bragg Heavy this year where we lost GRT Jerome Gonzalez, R.I.P. Cadre Danny Stokes (F3 Linus) included this as our PT test during Grow Ruck 08 in Houston and YHC has been looking for an opportunity to include this in an F3 workout. Partner carries, drags, burpeess, and coupons are all unsavory and even more so when grouped together. The PAX #EmbracedTheSuck and got after it.
  • Runstopper was #LarryBird during the Casualty Medley crushing his burpees.
  • Thanks Private Benjamin for carrying my six this morning, Clydesdales are not an easy carry. Not sure who would’ve carried Hoover.
  • YHC had some more GORUCK staples such as the tunnel of love but the landscaping crew looked like they wanted to get to work so we moved on.
  • Stone Cold recommended North Face but YHC politely declined.
  • YHC couldn’t resist asking Runstopper to Q Jack Webb, he’s an angry Q, all business.
  • Nice job High Tide for the solo 4 mile pre-run, he planned for 6 but 4 was plenty. He looked a little lighter without his weight vest.
  • Spackler and Bounce seemed to enjoy the #mumblechatter during COP, their Imperial Walker form was on point. Semi-Gloss was absent.
  • Welcome Rosettta and Vuvuzela visting us from South Africa who were EH’d by Stone Cold. They were made right at home with their fellow countrymen Boerewors and Dingo.
  • We were joined half-way through the workout by Bugeater and Leprechaun who doubled down with Leprechaun’s Q at Davinci this morning. Strong! Bugeater said they were passing by so why not?
  • Hammer was sporting long sleeves this morning anticipated us being on the grass, and wanting to avoid fire ants.
  • Great seeing 49er again, second time this week, #Kottters.
  • We caught up with Philmont at Coffeteria, who’s making a plant-based comeback. He posted at Day Zero all by himself, it’s been a while sine Day Zero (RIP) closed it’s doors but keep coming out brother.
  • Thanks to Boerewors and Flipper for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any #Mumble chatter.



Friendly Competition

10 PAX posted for Outland on a beautiful 69 degree morning for some competitive team events at Sun Valley Middle School.  YHC loves this AO as there is so much ground and an unlimited number of things to do to cause some pain.  My plan was to inject some team competition with a series of work stations.  The losing team at each station would pay a penalty of 10 burpees.  As usual, this sounded good in my head, but didn’t play out as well in reality…


The warm-up:

  • Quick lap around the parking lot
  • 20 SSH IC
  • 10 Merkins IC
  • 20 Mountain Climbers IC
  • Calf Stretching
  • Jimmy Dugans (Potato pickers that avoid the clap – thank you @Moneyball)


The Thang:

  • Pick Teams
    • 2 laps around the parking lot w/ exercises at each end
      • 10 merkins at far end
      • 10 squats at near end
    • Teams determined by order of completion
  • Station 1
    • Mosey to benches
    • 30 bench hops burpees
    • Fastest team wins (early finishers can pick up burpees from the 6)
    • Finish was too close to call a winner
    • Quick 10 count
  • Station 2
    • Mosey to bus line
    • 13 buses – 5 merkins + 5 squats at each
    • Fastest team wins (early finishers can pick up burpees from the 6)
    • Team 1 wins
    • Team 2 = 10 burpee penalty
  • Station 3
    • Mosey to swing set
    • 5 stations / 20 reps each  (pull ups / incline swing merkins / American Hammers / Squats / Merkins)
    • All team members must rotate to complete all 5 stations
    • Fastest team wins (early finishers can pick up burpees from the 6)
    • Team 2 wins
    • Team 1 = 10 burpee penalty
  • Station 4
    • Mosey to road behind school
    • Run distance of 6 lights / 10 jump squats at each light
    • Fastest team wins (early finishers can pick up burpees from the 6)
    • This is where the competition went off the rails as some members were crossing teams making it impossible to pick a winning team – thus negating the burpee penalty.  I’m not sure if this was coincidence or clever strategy by the PAX to end the burpee train…
    • Quick 10 count
  • Station 4
    • Mosey to dirt path leading to football field
    • Partner with someone of similar size
    • Partner carry to football field (alternate as needed)
  • Station 5
    • Team 1 = Mary
    • Team 2 = push the blocking sled across the football field
    • This was Q fail 2 as the sled deemed to be much more of a challenge than anticipated (up hill) – Audible called to mid-way across
    • Switch
  • Station 6
    • Mosey back to parking lot
    • Parking lot suicides
  • Finish with 2 min of Mary


The PAX did a great job today.  I had my doubts when I saw Stacks (almost 12) and Shoeless Joe Jackson (14) pull up with Double E, but they proved me wrong and crushed the entire workout – Respect!!


Thank you for the opportunity to lead a great group of men this morning.