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HOOCH-Aerobics – Beach Body Core Day


HOOCH-Aerobics – Beach Body Core Day

22 PAX did a Core focused workout all over Cuthbertson campus with some moaning and groaning. Thank you for letting me lead what felt like a muggy, sweaty, and sloppy workout. Maybe next time, I will have it a little more crisp and concise. None the less, all would agree that is sucked as it was supposed to with some new twists thrown in.

Warm-up – Disclaimer and Introduction.

  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Potato Pickers
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins (stud count)

The Thang:

Off to the Light poles – 10 Plank Rotations + 10 Core Twists at each – front to come get the 6.

Hit the Wall at Transporter’s office for something that was harder than expected – 10 Wall Plank Jacks + 10 Wall Plank Hip Touches x 4 (QFail, so actually x2)

Grab a rock and circle up – 20 Thrusters, 20 Kettle Rock Swings, 20 Rock Goblet Squats, then 10, then 5, sitting the rock down each time and moving to the left. (Fun for all) Nice Job #Crumbs on keeping up.

Mosey to Circle near track for some Partner work – Starting with Partner Dragonflys x 25 then alternate. Heard some mumble about sweat dripping from PAX packages. @Damascus – sorry you missed it.

Then some Apollo 13s (thank you Posse for the name ) with Partner Runs 1/2 Speed to the bottom, Sling shot around the curve with a Sprint back to the top times 5. Partner was to do continuous Scorpion Plank Push Ups from the Curb (or until your body gave out).

Final Mosey to the start to wrap up, almost right on time. Quick Mary to finish.


Again, it was hot, extremely muggy, schwetty, but a wet grass and burpee free workout. I am impressed how everyone powered through and truly appreciate everyone trying something a littlenew and accepting it.

Everyone showed up and worked hard, so it is hard to mention names. A special shout out to my partner Foundation for not dripping from any unmentionable areas on my face, but I did chooseto keep my eyes closed just in case for the whole series. I am a little worried that the Dank Dragonflys were other PAXs favorite part.

Big10 is coming into his own and just killing it now, curse words to a minimum.

Huge Respect to our older PAX for making it look easy and to our 2.0 Crumbs for not struggling a bit.

BottleCap Only Announcements: 

  • Saturday is Lou Nali 3rd Annual Basketball Tourney (make sure to order your t-shirt) BYOB
  • Commitment Saturday 6:30 led by BC himself
  • Sunday Bible Study Open Door at Five Stones 7 a.m. next Sunday

Wrap up and Prayer:

BottleCap took us out.

Steamy McDeuce

21 men for this edition of #F3Centurion.

The Thang

Mosey down Little Avenue to Walsh Boulevard before taking a left in to the Hospice parking lot for COP…

  • IWs x 10 IC
  • MCs x 10 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • LSS x 10 IC

Run back down Walsh Boulevard and then back onto the CCHS campus, circling up at the middle staircase of #Tartarus. Instructions were given regarding the morning’s plan: Dirty McDeuce – 4 rounds of 3 exercises (one chest, one core & one leg) x 12 IC with a run in between each round.

  • Round 1 – Merkins, LBCs & Squats
  • Run short ramps on the left to the top and come back down the middle staircase
  • Round 2 – CDDs, Flutters & Lunges
  • Run short ramps to the right to the top and come back down the middle staircase
  • Round 3 – Wide-Arms, Dollies & RDLs
  • Run short ramps to the left to the top and come back down the short ramps on the right
  • Round 4 – Diamonds, Freddie Mercuries & Jump Squats
  • Run long ramps to the top and come back the far right staircase

Mosey to the front of the school for 3 bench sets:

  • Step-Ups x 10 each leg
  • Decline Merkins x 20
  • Dips x 20

Run back to base for a few minutes of Mary:

  • Straight Leg Lifts x 10 IC
  • Toe Tap Crunch x 10 IC

Finish with 45 seconds of burpees. COT.


With a Twitter promise to not travel to the Bermuda Triangle, YHC still went old school with a repeat of the Dirty McDeuce. And under the watch of Puddin’ Pop in just his 3rd #F3Centurion post, it was a steamy McDeuce indeed. Fairly warm temps emanating from the CCHS asphalt and not much air stirring through #Tartarus made for a lot sweat pouring.

YHC wasn’t sure what the numbers would be given that we were the same time slot as a Rachel Q’d The Brave and a Mermaid Q’d Cerberus…felt kinda like the other networks’ Friday night line-up against the Dukes of Hazzard followed by Dallas followed by Falcon Crest. But the #F3Centurion pax remained faithful to the programming, plus we picked up for normal #F3Kevlar viewers. Solid work put in by the 21 pax.

Lorax crushed every run. Cheddar smoked the first round run. Scabby used the #Tartarus ramps to tune up his legs for a mountain trail run this weekend. Snuka is a fast, ageless wonder. Chelms tried to cheat each time, which is why the route was different after every round. Tagalong found a burst on the short ramps. Dr. Belding found his stride on the long ramps. And Big Wheel with his second strong #F3Centurion post. Also, nice job from Drago and Scrum…young men getting up to post at 0530 with a bunch of old guys. Good to see Hannibal and Brushback…sorry YHC didn’t work those Groiners in per your request. Thunder Road always puts the work in at #F3Centurion. And it’s time for Shrink Wrap to Q soon. River Rat went full #VanDamme, with one leg on each bench for the Decline Merkins. And Pro reminded us for the 174th time that he attended CCHS. Don’t think Champagne corrected YHC’s form once, even he would have been within his rights on the Diamond set. Scratch and Win, brave clown car with Puddin’.

Thanks to Margo for the opportunity to lead.


  • SFN 1 year anniversary on July 4th. 8 chariots in action.

Searching for BLIMPS

6 went searching for BLIMPS this morning and found them and more.

The Thang

After a very brief disclaimer, we were off. Head out of the parking lot and take a left on Ballantyne Commons. Take a left on Meadow Run. Stop at the end of Meadow Run where it meets Thornhill Club for COP. Merkins x 10, Mountain Climbers x 10, LSS x 10 all in cadence. To really get things started, we would run around the “block.” The block was to run down Thornhill Club to Elmstone. Take a right on Elmstone. Take a right on Elm. Take a right on Ballantyne Commons. Take a right on Meadow Run to end up where we started. While running around the block, we would stop at each street on the right including the turns for 5 Merkins and 5 Jump Squats. Round up the six when finished. Next we would head to the parking lot of the Thornhill pool. That’s where BLIMPS were introduced. Here’s the breakdown:

Burpees x 5

Lunges x 10 (each leg)

Imperial Walkers x 15

Merkins x 20

Plank Jacks x 25

Squats x 30

We did the routine together in the parking lot to familiarize everyone. Then we took it on the road. Head out of the parking lot and take a left. Run to the end of Elmstone to the cul-de-sac. Perform the BLIMPS there and then head back to the parking lot. Gather the six and do a little Mary. Repeat the previous set but this time take a right out of the parking lot to head to the top of the Murderhorn. At this point time was beginning to run low, so we headed back to the launch. Done. Most got over five miles and plenty of other exercises.

Naked Moleskin

Great work today men. That was fun. Great to see Chin Music at The Brave. Hopefully it was a good experience. Thanks Fire Hazard for the take out.


-F3 Dads tomorrow at 0900. Both locations. Ballantyne and Beatty Park.

-The Sandbox is in need of some more Pax for a project tomorrow. Check Slack for more information.

-Sign up for the American 4 miler. It’s on July 4th. It’s a good race and also the one year anniversary of Speed for Need.

-Sign up for the Isabella Santos run. It’s on 9/29. This supports kids with Cancer and takes place right in Ballantyne.

Short Arm Advantage

Drove in past the Gladiators in front of Whole Foods.  Arrived at Viva Chicken along with 7 other PAX.  Disclaimer given and off we go.


Mosey to the end of Ardey Kell and hang a right onto Matthews Farm Lane.  Continue to the roundabout.  Circle up.


All done in whisper cadence

Merkin x 15

Mountain Climber x 10

Peter Parker x 10

IW x 10

Modified Triple Nickel

Start at Matthews Farm turnabout.  5 Heels to Heaven.  AYG to Ardrey Kell turnabout.  5 Hand Release Burpees.  5 Reps

Modified: 10 Merkins at midpoint each way.  100 Merkin total.

10 Romanian Dead Lifts each side.

Mosey up Matthews Farm.  Left on Ardrey Kell.  Over to the parking deck.  Up Stairs to top level.

Burp & Merk

Burpee with 1 merkin.  Burpee with 2 merkin.  3, 4….up to 10.


LBC x 10 IC/Flutter x 50 IC/Hold 6 inches

High Plank/Right Arm Forward-Left Leg High/Swap/Low Plank/Alternating Leg Lift x 20 IC/Merkin x 10 IC

People’s Chair

Right Leg High/10 Count/Left Leg High/10 Count

Down Stairs to ground level

One Level Sprints

Line up at bottom of the ramps.  Each sprint started with plank hold or mary

  1. Low Plank/Right Leg High
  2. High Plank/Right Arm High/Right Leg High
  3. LBC x 17 IC
  4. Heels to Heaven x 10 IC

Plank at top.  Merkin x 10 IC

Down stairs to ground level.  Mosey over to launch lot.


Heels to Heaven x 25 IC

Wide Merkin x 10 IC



YHC was site FNG today.  Been to the Carolina Ale House once, but failed to do any recon on that occasion.  Can say that the Ale House has a large beer selection and is worthy of a visit.  Tried to Google Earth Waverly yesterday.  The image was at least 6 months old, probably more.  Alf was kind enough to send me an interactive map of Waverly that was much better.  Thanks for that.

Speaking of Alf, today marked 5 years of F3 for him.  Well done, my friend.  5 years of leadership in Area 51.  And, out front on the main set today.  Threw in the merkins so you could take advantage of the short arm advantage.  We got a bunch in today.

Pop Tart says you must be a swimmer to do 50 Flutters.  Some groaning with one of the plank series.  Several went to failure.  Important to push yourself to failure sometimes.  Gotta see what you can do.

Doc was right behind Alf on the main set.  Group pushed hard and finished up together.  Strong crew out there today.

Nice to meet No Regerts.  His M is opening a bakery in the same shopping center as his tattoo shop in Matthews.

Good to see Squid and Cold Cuts.  Been a while.  Strong work today.

Hung around for a while after the workout talking with Alf and OT.  Man, OT owns 5 cars.  We got into some car stories.  The Lexus he was driving has 220K miles and damn near exploded not too long ago.  His son was jumping another car and crossed the cables.  He was using the old school cables that are not connected together like the ones you buy today.  Melted a hole in the bumper cover on the Lexus.  Looks like a battle scar.

Appreciate the invite to lead at Cerberus.  Thankful to have the time to get out there as it is a bit further than I usually go.  Solid AO with plenty of options.


7/4 American 4-Miler.  1-year anniversary of Speed for Need.  Register, run, support, push

The Sandbox: Patio project Saturday in Ballantyne.  They need help.  Check the Slack channel or hit up Soft Pretzel

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Some might say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. In F3, I say it is BRR training season. I was a driver last year and I can say that going out and running with the guys (just in case I was needed), was the highlight of my year.

Proper disclaimer was given. Sensi is not responsible if you get hurt, Lois is not responsible if you get hurt, and Benny is not responsible if you get hurt (still on IR, but a nice shout-out)!

We started a little run from the parking lot, to the front of the church, take a right, to the back of the church parking lot.

Warm up:


5 merkins

15-IC Imperial Walker

5 merkins

15-IC Windmill

5 merkins


Plank. Right leg up, right leg down. Left leg up, left leg down. Left Arm Up, Left Arm down. Right Arm Up, Right Arm Down.

I didn’t feel like more merkins, so throw in the Plank at the end. I mean, if you’re going to do this BRR thing, do you really need bulging biceps?

Main Thang…

The basic idea for this workout came from a F3 workout that I had done last summer at North Myrtle Beach. Instead of it being BRRS, it was BOMBS. At one point, Lois led a workout doing BLIMPS, which jogged my memory. I knew that a lot of guys at Peak 51 were on the Mountain Goat BRR teams, hence, BRRS.

At the bottom of the parking lot, I had setup 4 cones that were approximately 10 feet apart. Partner up.

Give me a B for 50 Burpees as a team.

P1 – runs to cone 1, backpedals to start, runs to cone 2, backpedals to start, runs to cone 3, backpedals to start, runs to cone 4, and backpedals to start.

P2 – while partner 1 is running/backpedalling, P2 start on burpees. When P1 is done, then P2 starts running and P1 is doing burpees.

When the team is done with 50 burpees, then together they run a lap around to the front of the church and back.

Give me an R for 100 Rosalitas as a team

P1 – runs to cone 1, backpedals to start, runs to cone 2, backpedals to start, runs to cone 3, backpedals to start, runs to cone 4, and backpedals to start.

P2 – while partner 1 is running/backpedalling, P2 starts on Rosalitas. When P1 is done, then P2 starts running and P1 is doing Rosalitas.

When the team is done with 100 Rosalitas, then together they run a lap around to the front of the church and back.

Give me another R for 150 Rocky Balboas as a team.

I needed another R, so I checked out the Lexicon. Essentially, throw a left jab with your right leg out, then right jab with your left leg out. This was a 4 count move to count as 1. This move took entirely longer then what I had thought.

P1 – runs/backpedals

P2 – starts on 150 Rocky Balboas.

When the team is done with 150 Rocky Balboas, then together they run a lap around to the front of the church and back.

Give me an S for 100 Squats as a team.

P1 – runs/backpedals

P2 – starts on 100 Squats.

No partner run, as we were short on time. When all teams were done, we took off as group and ran up past the church, took a left, and back to starting point.

Time Up!


Keep Dumpster Fire and family in your prayers with the loss of his brother. I don’t have the right words. Just know that we are here for you.

Firecracker 4 miler – one year anniversary of Speed for Need over the 4th of July.

Also, Speed for Need will be at The Park Church 5k for Domestic Violence.

A new stretch workout “Pokey” will be starting soon at Elevation-Blakeney on Wednesday mornings. See Paper Jam or Madison for more info.


I had so much planned for this workout. Unfortunately, the reality of time set in. I had thought that after BRRS, we would run in a square in the other parking lot by the trailers doing squat jumps/squats/monkey humpers in each corner. Or maybe run down to the Methodist church (.3), then we would do some Katie Boren’s (30 second plank, 30 second mountain Climber, 30 second rest for 3 sets) and don’t forget the Mary. I wanted to conclude with some stretching. I mean with all this running for the BRR, it is so important to stretch. Needless to say, none of it happened! #QFail

The BRRS concept was good. I’ll probably use it again next year at Basecamp. However, I would keep it to 50 of each exercise. Hence, we could get to other things.

The good news is that I am Q in a few weeks at No Myrtle Beach. So everything that we didn’t do today, we will probably do with the Grand Strand boys.

A few notes…

  • Thumper was downright fast. I’m not sure if he’s on a BRR team, but he should be. Smooth talking Slim Fast, will probably be calling him soon.
  • These guys need to stop asking if it was a 4 count exercise. Just go with it.
  • Glad to have Furly out there. He’s Kotter, having returned after 2 years. Really seems to have the right attitude and wants to get back to. Keep with it.

Thanks for the takeout by Madison. Glad to have the Sparta guys join us at the end.

When I talked with my wife about running the BRR this year, she said “Go ahead and do it, you are just getting older”. Now that’s encouragement! In all seriousness, she’s right. I am getting older and tomorrow is not guaranteed. But, I’m getting better. I’m getting better because of you guys – so thank you!

Now, let’s pile in a van together for 36 hours and run over 200 miles! It’s gonna be great!


Hope You Like BRR Training but also strength

our route

14 of us gathered in the gloom on the day with the longest amount of sunlight but not the longest day (they’re all equal).  Here’s what we did:

Run to the end of Foxworth, circle up

Shhhhh SSHX21


Run to corner of Bedfordshire & Dulverton, gather the PAX

OYO run down to Bedforshire & Lancer, do 10 Mercans, return for One Eye led Mary

OYO return to B&L for 10 Mercans, turn right, do 10 Squats at Lancer & Londontowne, return for One Eye led Mary

OYO return to B&L for 10 Mercans, L&L for 10 Squats, do 10 MonkeyHumpers at Londontowne & Dulverton, return for One Eye led Mary

Be sure and hit all the corners with exercises on your way back

10 count for Q to catch his breath

Run to OP Football Field for a round of “O God Why Me” up to 6 and back down

Return to parking lot for 1 minute of mary.



Hightower is having a baby very soon, good for him to still be posting into his 3rd trimester.  No, it’s his M that’s having the baby.  Congratulations! And we’ll see you in a few months.

Potentially one of the best AO’s on Rea Rd on Thursday’s at 530AM, it’s always a pleasure to lead or post here.  No sandbaggin’ today, everyone was pushin’ hard to get back up that (only .25) hill.  Thanks to Marge & Queen for the opportunity.


Convergence just because

Today’s edition of the Arsenal was a planned convergence with the PAX from Rebel Yell.  13 total explored the AO at Indian Land Elementary this morning with 4 pre-runners.  YHC planned to show the Rebel Yell PAX what the AO had to offer.  Here is the result.

The Thang

Warm-up included a mosey around the front parking lot and heading over to the side of  the school.  The warm-up included SSH, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers, Windmill, and Moroccan Night Club (an Indian Land favorite but demo was given for the Rebel Yell fellas).  Mosey to the playground.

Exercises at the playground:  10 pull-ups, 15 dips, 20 merkins with a lap around the playground in between each exercise.

Mosey to the field.  Then, complete 2 rounds of hill work:  15 merkins at the bottom, run to top, 15 diamond merkins at the top, run to bottom, repeat.  On the field, we grabbed 6 tires and divided into pairs (YHC joined a group for 1 group of 3).  First PAX does 5 tire flips out and 5 back while 2nd PAX did burpees until the 1st completed the first round.  Each PAX completes 2 rounds.  After 2 rounds, repeat with 2nd PAX starting with Carolina Dry Docks.  Each PAX completes 2 rounds.  Return tires to rack and mosey up the hill to front parking lot.

Zig-zag Wall work:  Up and over each section of wall starting at the entrance of the school.  At the end, start with 5 merkins and then bear crawl to next outer point of the wall.  Repeat all the way back to start.  Complete a 2nd round of wall “up and overs”.  Return to start doing 15 squats at each outer point of the wall and lunge walk in between.  Finish with a lap around the parking lot and return to start for COT.


Thanks to all the Rebel Yell PAX for joining us at the Arsenal for a random convergence.  We are just trying to get together to encourage the PAX to venture out a little bit.  Everybody to great.  Cobbler made it through the whole workout without a visit to the restroom however there was some risk taken on the account of questionable gas.  I think Fire Hazard may have gotten a little “hot” while YHC did a demo of proper form for dry docks. Near the end after I announced we had 2 minutes, Ringer corrected me that we only had 1 min. 15 sec. to which my response was “My watch doesn’t have seconds”.  We have ending things 20 seconds late, but we survived.  YHC needed a lot of help counting today.  It is true simple math for engineers seems more difficult at times than more complex math (like angles!).


Speed for Need race (The American 4-miler July 4th), July 11th début of Pokey (new stretching workout, Elevation Church Blakeney 5:45), Isabella Santos coming up in September (Speed for Need race), continued prayers for Mic Check and family (he is recovering well),

Playin’ cards on the Peak

I was not close to a computer last week, so didn’t get this back blast out with my usual prompt timing.  Still, I think the statute of limitations is one week, so I almost made it.



Mosey around front of church to back to bus parking lot.



10 Low-slow Merkins (aka 4-count chest to ground Merkins)

20-IC Imperial Walker


Mosey to bus parking lot for the …



Time for some cards!

Suit is exercise, number = #reps. Face is 10, Ace is 11 or 1, up to you


Mosey to basketball court for first hand of cards:

  • Spades – Dead Bug (R+L=1)
  • Hearts – Squat (bonus = jump squat)
  • Diamonds – Merkins (bonus = Diamond Merkin)
  • Clubs – Mountain Climber (R+L=1)


Mosey to bleachers for next hand:

  • Spades – Dips
  • Hearts – lunge (R+L=1)
  • Diamonds – CDD (bonus = feet on bleacher)
  • Clubs – Peg-leg Step-ups (full count with R foot stationary on seat, then same w/Left)


Mosey to pull-up bars for next hand:

  • Spades – Calf-raisers on plastic edging
  • Hearts – Supine Pullup (bonus = dead-hang pullup)
  • Diamonds – Modified Jack Webb: Hold plank for X-count, then air presses like usual
  • Clubs – Alpine Ski Speed Skater Lateral Hops (R+L=1)


Mosey to side entrance of theater:

  • Spades – Flutter
  • Hearts – toe taps on curb by street (R+L=1)
  • Diamonds – Merkins (bonus = Decline Merkins)
  • Clubs – Rosalita


Wall sit with air presses X2


Mosey to parking lot for few minutes of Mary:

One-legged Dolly – 10IC

Other-legged Dolly – 10IC




American 4-miler (Speed for Need) on July 4th Uptown Charlotte – Madison has details

Prayer request for Madoff’s sister, Emily

Throw in the Towel

12 PAX showed up at the Floater to celebrate the transition of the Site Q from Bottlecap to FuseBox.  As always, you never know what will happen in the mumble chatter around the beginning of the workout.  Today, everyone was curious whether I could recover from the serious counting infractions that occurred on Tuesday at Watchtower and whether Fusebox could actually find a piece of ground soft enough to plant the flag.

Down to Business:


  • Mosey  to the front of the brewery from the water tower
  • Side Straddle Hop x 20
  • Peter Parker X 20
  • Low Slow Squat X 20
  • Potato Pickers X 20

The Thang

  • The Circle
    • 25 leg extensions on the bench on one side of the circle
    • 50 squats on the other side
    • Run the circle inbetween
    • Repeat 3 times
    • Bear Crawl the Bridge Once
  • The Longest 1/4 Mile
    • Mosey to the stop sign on the right side of the brewery
    • 2 burpees and 10 Merkins at every light
    • What does this add up to? A Lot
  • Mosey to the Animal Clinic
    • 50 LBC’s at the bottom of the hill
    • Hear the train and do Burpees until the horn stops
    • 50 low slow jump squats at the top of the hill
    • Run back around for 50 toe tap LBC’s
    • Run back to the water tower


The workout was a lot of fun, although Fusebox has fun talking about 1/4 merkins, we made sure to anchor the back of the PAX for the Merkin quarter mile although we have seen is true pace at a recent Moneyball Q.  Big Ten took off early as usual with a look of grimace on his face.  I may have made the list today.  It was awesome to see  Fusebox stepping up as Site Q and Moneyball adding the towel Fusebox notoriously carries to the site flag.  Great workout guys in a very humid environment.


  • 3rd F Opportunity every Sunday at 5 Stones Church from 7:00 to 8:00 AM.  Currently studying the book of John.  No preparation necessary.  Just come, learn and discuss.
  • Sandbox Event this Saturday if you are in town.  Check out the Sandbox on Slack for more information
  • Lou Nali 3rd annual basketball tournament Saturday from 4-7 PM.  Bring a side and BYOB.

Who brought the Old Bay??

Not a Site Q in site, but 3 HIMs are present to hold YHC accountable for leading the boot camp beat down this week at Conviction.  All 3 have been Q so we all know the drill.. can’t sue me, can’t sue F3, can sue the school, modify as needed, and follow me if you want… although I would rethink that one as busted up as I am it may not be a good idea.

Let’s mosey… what the heck?! Google Maps does not show a fence that runs the length the school property. Ok, circle back to the start and around the fence to the blacktop.

Square up.. wait a minute.  If there are only 4 of us is it still a COP (Circle of pain) or is it now a SOP or maybe even a TOP if the Q is in the middle of the triangle.. oh sorry.. A.D.D. got the best of me there.  Wait, what we were doing.. oh yeah.. backblast.. at the COP.


  • Hillbillies IC x 25
  • Low slowwwwwwwwww squat IC x25
  • Side straddle hop IC x 25

The “Thang” Part 1

  • Circuit course with 5 pain stations around the school. LBCs at completion of 3rd rotation holding for the 6.  (or in this case hold for the 18 since my partners in crime today did not tell me they were doing the whole thing as an F2 workout)  No worries.. I have a Thang Part 2 coming for them.
    • Black top: 1.5 merkins (chest to ground, 6 in back up, chest to ground, full extension back up is 1 count)…mosey to picnic shelter
    • Peg-leg dips (standard dip motion down with one leg off the ground back up and switch to other leg for down and up.. 1 count)…mosey to back wall of school
    • People’s chair with 50 count shoulder press…mosey to front left corner of school
    • Scorpion Dry-dock (standard Carolina Dry-dock, but one leg in the air.. as you get tired your leg begin to fold up behind you like a scorpion tail)…mosey to right corner of school
    • Crab cakes (crab walk position… reaching over your body, lift left leg…touch right hand to left leg foot… place foot and hand back down… do the same for right leg and left hand. one count)
      • 1st round at F2 pace to explain the new exercises I picked up on the Saturday Gypsy travels with exercise counts to 15
      • Round 2 OYO (or Q OYO and PAX remain at F2) exercises at 10 count
      • Round 3 exercises at a 5 count.
    • Mosey back to the playground (e-Harmony is a trip.. I don’t think I have been to a workout in the last year where he did not declare at least one modify is a “nope” but still seems to kill it when it starts.

The “Thang” Part 2 (Modified Dora)

Ok..overshare here at the expense of my buddy H.B.  I picked this Thang because he stated at Thrive that he was coming out this morning….and wellllllllllll… the pull-up bar has a step up bar… because it’s for those individuals that are more vertically challenged since it is an Elementary school…

Pair up

  • 50 pull ups as a team as one runs the track
  • 100 Derkins as a team as one runs the track
  • 150 Squats as a team as one runs the track

LBCs to catch our breath… and LET’s Indian run to the front of the school for some Mary.



Flutters, Dollies, American Hammer, Rosalittas, heels to heaven.


Naked moleskin:


These swamp humidity temperatures are horrible.  The crew out here this morning was solid… low mileages for a Gypsy Q at 1.75 miles, but the intervals were quick.

  • Arsenal that YHC runs with weekly now, chimed in with the mubblechatter delairing my mosey is a sprint.. Come on man…  you can’t call me out on that, I’ve seen you sprint and you are one fast pax when you don’t think people are watching  😉   just sayin’
  • E-Harmonry declared the crab cakes and scorpion dry-docks as elf dance steps…funny thing is, he was nailing all the moves so I’m guessing he has been doing these a while.
  • Hair Band. may claim to be a “Merkin” / KB pax.. but the dude is a Clydesdale and does not stop when it comes to running. I have seen it at every post as he declares he does not run then runs for dang near 45 mins… don’t let him lie to you… he runs… come out to the next Thrive challenge if you don’t believe me.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.