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Anniversary pole dancing redux

23 men gathered in an elementary school parking lot this morning to help me celebrate 5 years of F3, whether they knew it or not.

I first posted after a few months of “what is this F3 thing about” conversations with Stage Coach and Baracus (who texted me at 5:10 this morning to say he “overslept” and wouldn’t make it). I’d been running for several years before that, so I was in ok shape (faster than I am now, actually) but the burpees and core work kicked my butt. And I had been on my own during the running years. The chatter, encouragement, harassment, etc. that I found in that group of guys that morning had me hooked right away. 49er led that first workout. I remember the guys (Tiger Rag in particular) giving him the business the whole time – there were suggestions about what he could do with his whistle, pole dancing jokes, form mockery and cheating. But there were clearly friendships in there too. The workouts are great, but it’s knowing that our bros are going to be out there that keeps us all coming back.

The Thang – we ran back my FNG post. Here’s the backblast:

Men Can Pole Dance Too.

Then, because apparently we’re much faster than we were 5 years ago, we ad-libbed a few things to make up 10 mins at the end.

The return of the whistle and pole hugging were not popular. Some things should stay in the history books. Thanks to all the guys who came out. Mud Run team Slow and Steady was well represented with 4 of 5 members of the lineups we ran out there for a few races (Hopper, Cottonmouth, Lazy Boy and me – only Mall Cop was missing). Some of the guys from the beginning were there – I remember running off of Haze’s shoulder at Fast Twitch back when we used the track and FT was only 45 mins. Good ol’ days. Alf drove 16 whole minutes, way out of his bubble, to his first ever post at Hydra. Stage Coach’s comeback tour continued. Even Semi Gloss was there!

Comments and words of wisdom:
– This 7/4/13 Convergence workout is Area 51 legend thanks to Joker’s prison yard partner exercises. It was my second or third post overall. I remember being so glad that I found a group of guys who gave each other so much crap (all in good fun) while putting in work. There was plenty of material at this workout.

Area 51 July 4th Convergence

– It probably took me a year of posting before I considered myself part of the group. I was fine to stay quiet, watch others and laugh, but once I got comfortable with my place in the PAX, I looked forward to workouts a lot more. That comfort came from getting to know guys at workouts, HDHH, etc. If you’re fairly new, keep posting; go to happy hours, Ghost Runner, etc. – events that are a little more social where you can get to know a few people. Those connections will lead to others.
– If you’ve been around a while, help the new guys get connected. Partner up with someone you don’t know well – don’t pick the same guys all the time. Invite guys to happy hours to help them connect. If you don’t get it done at a workout, there is a master list of PAX that Wingman, Mermaid and other board members can use to get you an email address.
– If there is someone you don’t know or can’t remember their name, ask them who they are. Maybe it will be embarrasing and the guy will say, “Dude, we’ve been at this workout together for six months”, but maybe it’s a fairly new guy or somone who is visiting.
– Reach out to guys who have been AWOL for awhile. Don’t harass them, but let them know that you miss having them out there. I took a couple of months off this winter (it was cold) and a bunch of guys kept up with me. It meant a lot.

There were no announcements. I think everyone was too emotional to think clearly.

2018 Isabella Santos Pre-blast

SPEED FOR NEED is back at it again this September for the Isabella Santos 5K/10K Event. This event is for an awesome cause and is right here in our back yard. We had some solid support last year and looking to increase the F3 participation this year. I know everyone’s calendar fills up quick with events but go ahead and put this one on your calendar.

$20 with the Coupon Code RUN4ISF2018 registers you for the 5K, code also works for the 10K ($10 off) THIS OFFER IS ONLY GOOD 6/28 – 6/30

Additional Details:

Date : Saturday, September 29 8AM

Sign-Up Link:



We are still working on securing riders for the event but reach out to Madison (UnionCO), Fire Hazard or myself if you are interested in pushing one of the riders for this event. Thanks for the support and let’s rally with strength in numbers behind this great event and Speed For Need.




No Bears Here

As the PAX gathered there was some chatter about the “bear sighting” at Stone Crest on Monday but I attempted to calm all fears by letting them know we would be working in pairs for safety and assured all that the only sighting this morning would be a billy goat.  As per usual, YHC travels without a watch and needed a couple time checks… 5:30 struck, disclaimer was given and we were off.


Mosey to parking lot in front of Harris Teeter for warm-up (in cadence)
15 side straddle hops, 15 low slow squats (not slow enough for Goonie), 15 imperial walkers, 10 merkins


Mosey to the fountain, partner up (1 pax does exercise/1 pax does lap then flapjack)

1st lap step-ups, 2nd lap dips, 3rd lap derkins

Mary and wait for the 6


Mosey to apartment complex behind Brown Bag (try it if you haven’t already #Uncle Rico)

same partners, grab a lifting rock (1 pax does exercise/ 1 pax does lap then flapjack)

1st lap curles, 2nd lap overhead press, 3rd lap squats

Mary and wait for the 6


Audible called to pick up Teddy who had to make a pit-stop at the Exxon.  Mosey back to Harris Teeter and grab some wall, 25 air-presses (in cadence).  Mosey back to launch, grab some wall again, 50 air-presses this time (Goonie request, in cadence).  With a couple minutes to spare end with some Mary.



welcome FNG – Gramatica

Need a Q for July 5th at Rebel Yell – any takers please reach out

American 4 Miler on July 4th – 1y anniversary of Speed for Need race

Church on the Street – check signup genius or just show up (1st Sunday every month)

Rolling Hills at The Floater

Image result for hill run meme


14 Pax showed up at the Floater today. Bottlecap gives the disclaimer and claims replacement Q, and we see Big 10 heading for the Jeep.  After reassurance that BC is not Q today, I take over and lead Pax on mosey to bottom of the hill for warmup.


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers (perfect cadence)
  • Potato Pickers
  • Merkins
  • Calf Stretch


15 rounds of the hill broken into 1:30 running on hill, 45 seconds of given exercise.

  • Round 1-3: Run Up/Merkins
  • Round 4-6: Backwards Run Up/Squats
  • Round 7-10: Side Shuffle Up/American Hammers
  • Round 11-13: Power Skips/Wide Arm Merkins
  • Round 14-15: Run AYG/Burpees

Meet at bottom of hill. 10 count by Foley.  30 x Smurf Jacks.  Run 1 final time up hill

Mosey back to start


  • Plan was to go to the hill and stay on hill with no stop in movement for 35 mins. YHC did not hear much mumblechatter as group well spread out over the hill.  Looked like everyone kept going and pushed limit today
  • Believe mileage was around 3.5 miles. Official calorie count to be announced later on GroupMe by Recalc
  • Goodfella had YHC worried that I would need to adjust weinke.  As he questioned if it looked better on paper then in practice, but YHC stuck to script and believe we accomplished the goal – be added to the Big 10 list
  • Crumb incredible work put in, not many 2.0’s willing to get up early and be out here during summer break
  • Beltway back at it after solid VQ on Tuesday and impressive Backblast on Wednesday


Open Door Sunday @ 5 Stone Admin office 7:00.  Book John Chapter 18

July 4th BBQ at our house (Foundation/Deflated) at 3:00 pm.  All welcome – Pig Roast, Bounce House, Sno Cone machine.  BYOB

Moneyball on Q at Impromptu



THE Apolitical GOP

Despite the political climate THE GOP is very apolitical. However, his F3 policy will make you SWEAT LIKE THE DEMONS IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD ALMIGHTY! Hallelujah The Valley is here tomorrow!! SYITG

Check out @PastorJoeLanman’s Tweet:

Redemption at Watchtower

After a dangerous run-in with a toilet the previous week, Beltway’s VQ did, in fact, take place. Let’s roll!


  • SSH (25)
  • Cherry Pickers (15) – hold and walk hands over to right ankle and then left ankle for the stretch
  • Merkins (20)
  • Peter Parkers (20)


Mosey on over the back way to the green benches. Partner up.
1 partner runs the entire loop (yes, around both islands for the Pax that didn’t hear me say it the first time) while the other begins one of 3 exercises. In honor of my daughter’s 40 days at Governor’s School, we will do multiples of 40:
 Side wall step ups (40 each leg). These were supposed to be bench step-overs, but apparently WHS is replacing floors and needed a place to store materials.
 Donkey kicks (80)
 Squats (120)
As others were finishing, Bottlecap led a group in American Hammers.

Mosey to the bridge for impromptu walking lunges. There was quite a bit of chatter behind me. Not sure what about!

Continue on to the Wall of Fame where we did:
 20 of each: step ups, derkins and dips
Bear crawl to the Wall of Fame and back
 10 of each: step ups, derkins and dips
Bear crawl to the Wall of Fame and back
 5 of each: step ups, derkins and dips
Bear crawl…
After crystal clear instructions, we may have heard Moneyball ask about the number of each, attempting to sow seeds of discord among the Pax.
Surprisingly, Bottlecap finished first and led others in wall-sits and heels to heaven while the rest of us completed the final bear crawl.

Mosey over to the track. Locked at every gate, so we found a flat practice field for a game of Catch Me If You Can. A few disgruntled Pax mentioned their disappointment at getting their shoes wet. Partner up with someone of similar speed:
P1 Run backwards down the field /
P2 (3) burpees and then run to tag P1. Switch.
All the way down the field and back two times.

Beltway was exhausted so he asked for a 10, wait, 15 count. Big Tuna kindly obliged.
With about 12 minutes left, we moseyed over to the brick pile for some shoulder (primarily) work:
 Shoulder presses (20)
 Straight lift in front (not sure what this is called) (15)
 Over/Behind head tricep (15)

Mosey back to the parking lot where Moneyball led SSHs. With about 3 minutes to go we did American Hammers and Flutters in cadence. Bottlecap and Moneyball commented on the seal-like sound coming from the Q’s lungs while counting. It’s a good thing we believe in #unoffendaballs!

Gentlemen, thank you for the opportunity to Q. It seemed challenging to Q from the back of the pack, but I made the best of it. Thanks to Posse for his help as Site Q.

Shampoodle, you will be greatly missed. I actually remember my second F3 workout with you and another Pax at Cuthbertson with all the different stations in the parking lot. We pray you and your family will thrive!

I didn’t know to record or mentally note—and remember—the announcements. Gypsy did announce an opportunity to participate in some upcoming 5ks. – Saturday June 30 | $25 | Speed for Need will be there. Need a few more #HIM’s to push Track Commanders | fighting domestic violence – Wednesday, July 4 | $35 | Speed for Need will be there. Need Shovel Flags & tons of F3 presence to run/volunteer | to see the impact of F3/SFN, check the 1st pic on the web page

Thanks to Moneyball for taking us out and reminding us of our call to be an example to our sons and daughters.

Anvil Tour, Summer 2018

11 Pax got a pleasant tour of the Anvil AO this morning, with a couple of stops for various fellowship. It went something like this:

Short mosey to center of Calvary lot for COP in cadence

25 SSH

20 Squats

15 Merkins


Mosey to Big Rock

10 Burpees OYO

10 Low, Slow Squat

10 Alternating Lunges

10 Toe Taps on curb


Mosey to entryway to Northface

10 Burpees OYO

Run to base, 5 Merkins, run up Northface, 5 Diamonds. Rinse and Repeat .


Run to Wall by Life Center

10 Burpees OYO

People’s Chair, with Left Leg high, Regular, Right Leg high.

BTW, with Left Hand high, Regular, Right Hand high. (Yes, we did that. Why not?)


Run to Playground, partner up.

10 Burpees OYO

1 Does 10 PullUps while 2 runs to ballfield and back. Flapjack, Repeat for 3 laps.


Run to Hot Box

10 Burpees OYO

10 Step Ups, 10 Dips, 10 Derkins. Repeat x3.


Run back to launch

7 Burpees OYO

Various Mary until 0615.



I always enjoy leading at Anvil. Great group as usual, and a big shout out to Dumpster Fire and Drano for joining us. It’s Drano’s backyard, but we don’t get to see him much at Anvil. Dumpster Fire stamped his passport and made the trip in from Pineville. Strong performances by the usual crowd; Brushback, Runstopper, and Flipper were killing it, Brilleaux and Lorax were too far ahead of me to even know. I would have brought a birthday cake, but the Fire Marshal says that many candles requires a permit, so….



Sandbox is always open for volunteers, but especially oin the next coupke of weeks we could use a Project Q and 4-5 Pax to do some moderate grading and “Ikea-style” construction. Follow

Or reach Soft Pretzel, Transporter, or Flipper for details.




Death Valley Field Trip

Solid crew of 15 arrived for the weekly installment of Death Valley.  Pleasantries exchanged for a few minutes prior to the disclaimer.  Funky Cold and Hammy pulled in with just enough time to get out and join the mosey.  Off we went.


Mosey out through the parking lots.  Left on Strawberry, left into the daycare center.  Circle up.


Imperial Walker x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Alternating Hip Slaps x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Mosey back out to Strawberry, left on 51, continue mosey down to Davie Park.  Down the hill to the left toward the playground lot.

High Plank/Low Plank/RLH/LLH

Instructions given while in plank.

A to B Repeats

A=Playground: 10 Pull Ups/15 Knee Slap Jump Squats

B=Gate up the hill: 10 Hand-Release Burpees

3 Repetitions


Feet at 6 inches between exercises.  All IC

LBC x 10/Dolly x 10/Heels to Heaven x 10/High Flutter/Recover to High Plank/Merkin x 10 IC

AYG to 51 from playground.

People’s Chair

Mosey back to launch lot.  PAX given go-ahead to open it up as they see fit.  Several did.

Mary to regroup.

People’s Chair against the school wall.  Alternating Leg Lifts x 20 IC.  RLH/10count/LLH/10 count

Pole-to-Pole Sprints

Line up at light pole closest to Semi’s office.  Complete called exercise.  AYG to far light pole.  Same with return.

  1. 5 Burpees
  2. 15 Heels to Heaven
  3. 15 Merkins
  4. 15 Jump Squats
  5. Short Rest
  6. Short Rest

Plank-o-rama:   High Plank Jack x 10/Merkin x 5 IC/Low Plank Jack x 10 IC/5 Merkin IC

5 Minutes of Mary

Keep feet up at 6 inches between exercises for all 5 minutes

6 inches/LLH/Hold/RLH/Hold/LL out/Hold/RL out/Hold/Protractor/LBC x 10 IC/Flutter x 30 IC/Dolly x 20 IC/Heels to Heaven x 10 IC

Flip over to High Plank.  Merkin x 10 IC



YHC’s 5th Q in June.  3rd in last 4 posts.  DR for much of July so wanted to do my part in June.  Always enjoy leading the PAX and appreciate the invite from Dollywood, who was noticeably absent this morning.  Missed him out there.  The other site Q, Smokey was there.  Got to work out with him yesterday at Hawk’s Nest too.  Good stuff.  Even better was his arrival in the 15-passenger van.  He needs that for the good work he does as a youth pastor.  Told me yesterday he recently took a group out for 50 miles on the AT.  Also, good stuff.  Van immediately invoked BRR chatter.

Notes from the field:

Great to see Chin Music, been too long.  Solid showing

Was hoping Spackler would post, a good workout needs good mumblechatter

Utah told me he almost spilled merlot on the sprints.  He held it back.  Didn’t want to give YHC that satisfaction.  Makes you feel any better, YHC felt like spilling as well.  Tough weather

Purell brought his smoke boots for the sprints.  Tulip, also fast, asked, “Hey, did you run track Purell?”  Why yes, yes he did.

Rachel threw down some speed on the sprints, to no one’s suprise

Smokey, Funky Cold, and Hammy pushed on all parts, including sprints

Puddin Pops passed on the “Choose your own adventure” option to do a timed 1 mile run or the 5MOM.  Said he needed to work on his stomach.  Spackler says he will simply outline a 6-pack on his belly using SPF 50.  Good plan

Puddin also was flatulence-free today.  Said it has been a few workouts that way.  Reprieve is nice for the PAX.  Certainly will return, if YHC had to guess.  Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior

Geraldo, Deep Dish, and Jet Fuel pushed on all of that one.  Well done men

Lastly, Haze complained about the Low Plank Jacks.  Again, that thing about past behavior, future behavior.  Don’t think he likes his beard hitting the ground, or something like that.  Anyway, those were for you, brother.  Will look into some plank variants that you make like more.  Next time.  Solid work today

T-claps to Smokey for the takeout prayer


7/4-American 4-miler.  Convergence workout in South Park will allow for double-down with the run.  1-year anniversary of Speed for Need.  If you are in town, get out and support.




Lewis and Clark were Young Once Too

The Thang (Part 1):

  • Head out of parking lot, cross to E side of PR, warm-up pace down PR to McKee (1mi)
    • Shoulder taps and MC’s to collect 6
  • Mosey E on McKee and turn L onto Providence Arbours Dr, R onto Esherwood
    • 5 burpees OYO, 10 Peter Parker’s at 4-way stop (Breamore) to collect 6
  • Keep going down Esherwood, turn L on Haddonshire
    • 25 each high knees and butt-kickers then accelerate to end of Haddonshire
  • Regroup on Lady Grace Ln to partner up and discuss the plan

The Thang (Part 2):

  • Our fair Lady Grace Ln contains one of the best hills outside of Raintree and Horsey, and conveniently there are speed bumps at the top and bottom of said hill. So…
    • Partner 1 runs the hill from speed bump to speed bump (about 100m…ish)
    • Partner 2 is the timer, run from top of hill to stop sign at Sarah Hall Ln and back
    • Goal is 20 cumulative hill climbs as a team.
  • Mosey back up Lady Grace as a group, L on Sarah Hall, R on Providence Church Ln
    • 5 burpees OYO at Providence Springs Elem. to regroup
    • Mosey back to Latin, but first run 1 lap (S on PR, L on Alexa, N on Providence church) with 10 burps OYO at Alexa/Providence Church intersection. #thanksHaze
  • Mosey back to launch, Mary with Hawk’s Nest until COT

The Skin:

  • YHC had planned to take the pax into some new territory this morning (variety is the spice of life and all that jazz). But it would seem that many of the pax are somewhat hesitant to follow someone solidly in the “Hate Hate” category. See below for evidence of this age discrimination:
    • You know we have to get back to our cars, right? – Astro
    • We should go this way to get back to Latin. – Prohibition, referring to the route YHC had already planned to take after running Lady Grace.
    • Are we running back the way we came? – Fault Line, about halfway through hills.
  • Rachel volunteered himself without telling anybody that he would take the hit for us having odd numbers and just ran hills the whole time. Typical.
  • Haze graciously pointed out the Alexa hill when we passed in on the warm-up mile, and YHC was happy to audible it into the final stretch. You can all collectively spam his email with spiteful memes.
  • Fault Line revealed to Alf and YHC that he thinks he might have a stress fracture, but he decided to run anyway. This reveals two things: 1) Fault Line may not be sane and 2) Hokas can’t solve all of the world’s problems.
  • Prohibition was pissed when YHC attempted to cut his quest for 20 hills short in the interest of time, not sure if he was trying to get his steps in for the day or what.

It was a pleasure gents, keep getting after it. The workout is just the start to the day’s challenges, let’s keep the energy and dedication throughout all the things we are responsible for.

BLIMPS are for pimps

Regal lap around the cinema. As we started the lap Chunder asked to do any hill work at the beginning of the workout. Request denied.

10 Side-straddle hops
10 ‘Mericans
10 Imperial Walkers
10 ‘Mericans
10 Low, Slow squats
10 ‘Mericans
10 Bulgarian ball-busters
10 ‘Mericans

The Thingamajig
My plan today was to keep the miles low, keep the intensity up and keep everyone (relatively) together. Also, No Show specifically requested no BLIMPS, so I made it the theme of the workout. For those who don’t know BLIMPS = 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges (each leg), 15 Imperial Walkers (IC), 20 ‘Mericans, 25 Plank jacks & 30 Squats. You can do it all at once or, as we did today, do an exercise then move to the next station.

We started down the Murderhorn stopping at the top, each street light and the top of the opposite side of the hill/enterance to the park.

5 pullups, 10 heels-to-Heaven & 20 dips
x 3

Starting with burpees at the playground, and staying together, we completed another set of BLIMPS

We met on the backside of the theatre for 50 wall presses. Squid takes his People’s chair form seriously (so should you).

The next BLIMPS set was done with climbs up the grass hill behind the theatre. (I fell once.) Fast guys got to extra run up the hill. Transporter took advantage.

We ran back around the theatre – the long way.

20 flutters
20 Sid the kid
20 Box cutters
10 Low-country crabs
20 Chippy cross

Great crew today – ages from 20s to 50s + an FNG. We stuck together and aside from a few concerns about the Bulgarian ball busters and low-country crabs the mumble-chatter was kept to a minimum.

Kudos to Lex Luther for bringing out “Cheese Steak”. He’s on the road a bunch, but it you see him give him a hello.

F3 Dads on Saturday Brixham Green Tent 9 AM

American 4-Miler/S4N 1 yr Anni