Rising Meadow Intervals

Rising Meadow Intervals

20 Goats gathered for a cooler, but still humid June morning for a crowd favorite… :30-:30-1:00 intervals… on Rising Meadows.  Here was the program:

  1. Mosey to Rounding Run; Dynamic stretching
  2. Mosey to Rising Meadow
  3. I-Pace up Rising Meadow for :30, recover to start x2
  4. I-Pace up Rising Meadow for 1:00, recover to start
  5. Complete 5 rounds
  6. Mosey back to launch; stretching led by Nomad
  7. DONE!

Excellent job!  Only 4 miles, but a hard 4 miles!  Lots of deep breathing!!


Welcome back to a few Kotters back:  High Tide, The Mouth, Goonie, Beefeater… great to have you join us!  This is a good workout obviously to get ready for BRR… join us when you can!

Thanks to Strange Brew for carrying the water over to Rising Meadow…

Happy Birthday to Compliance!

Thanks to everyone who commits your Friday to make Mountain Goat AWESOME!  You guys keep getting stronger, and it shows!!

YHC is trying to get better with timely Back Blasts… not doing so great!  Thanks for the patience!

Notable absent: Kilowatt (yes, meant to shame you)


  1. 4th of July Speed for Need 4-miler

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