Scratch and Sniff

Scratch and Sniff

What a treat to sweat and laugh it out this morning with these fine, ridiculous group of men.  Welcome back kotter Tilda and his FNG neighbor, Skimmer.  Evidently he has a pool and will be hosting a #VLY pool party sometime soon.  Thank you in advance.  Welcome to the crew.

Run warmup lap around track and pick up the LIFO.  Head down to the valley near the greenway for the warmup.

50 x side straddle hops

25 squats

15 imperial walkers

10 windmills

20 mountain climbers

Run to greenway bridge

Bear crawl x 3 over bridge with planks in between mixed with a few J-Lo’s and Mac tars

Run 1/4 mile to pick up pee soaked rock from drainage

3 rounds of:

10 skull crushers

10 squats

10 overhead presses

10 burpess


6 inches

Run to bridge for more bear crawl

Sprint 1/4 mile up Burnt Mill strava segment

Mosey back to AO

Rosalitas, Dollys, low slow flutters

1 minute of silence



Several #VLY mainstays and we are keeping an average of 8 pax weekly.  Strong, tight group with even better cafeteria afterwards.  Becky took the leader board on the strava segment being his stomping grounds, not to mention he runs like the pro footballer Beckham.  Speaking of football…… What’s up with the German coach and all his scratch and sniff antics?

Keep it clean boys.

Grateful for each of you,



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SloppyPosted on5:25 pm - Jun 28, 2018

Nice Q GOP. Apparently the coach enjoys Fumunda Cheese.

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