After a sizable earned sabbatical, “General _” called YHC back from administrative leave to Q at FishFoxBoxHoleCamp, or whatever it has devolved to in YHC’s absence. “_” also called a pre-run that was only attended by Wild Turkey, who received a couple salutatory honks from YHC’s beat up 2005 Tahoe that blew by him on Ardrey Kell. Excellent work pavo salvaje.

73° F ⇨ Is a warm-up necessary ?

Warm-up wasn’t necessary for any poultry-oriented PAX, but the rest of the crew just rolled out of the bed (or off the john, like “_“) and needed to activate the muscles. YHC opted to skip the usual C(ircle)OP in favor of a R(ectangle)OP. After a short, rectangular lap-round-the-campus and a hurried and awkward disclosure, we imagined a rectangular shape of roughly 80 by 20 yards and did thus, twice:

  • Corner 1: 25 KB swings
  • Run Forward
  • Corner 2: 25 Merkins
  • Shuffle Right
  • Corner 3: 25 Squats
  • Backwards Run
  • Corner 4: 25 LBCs
  • Shuffle Left

Squat ⇨ Press ⇨ JumpSquat ⇨ ?

So as not to be accused of shapism, we allowed for some diversity in shapes, and succumbed to a large circular shape and prepared for a (bad) breathy call of various cadenced movements, all civilian count, with interjections of OYO. Like so:

  • 10 Low, Very Slow KB Squats, IC
  • 20 One Arm KB Swings, OYO
  • 10 Low Squat and 2-hand press, IC
  • 20 One Arm KB Swings, OYO
  • 10 Low KB Jump Squats, IC
  • 20 One Arm KB Swings, OYO
  • 10 … (nope, no jump squat and press)

Go This Way: ⇦ ⇨⇧⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩

To the vocalized dismay of several in the group, we force marched over to the mouth of the Devil’s Driveway. The Way is a long (0.5m), winding, speedbumped, piece of asphalt that leads deep into Elon park’s darkness where an unusual amount of 5am cars enter, but very few return. After some brief instructions and bell relocation (to the grass), be performed the appropriately named “suicide”:

  • speed bumps mark the suicide lines
  • every time a hump is crossed, 10 hand-release Merkins
  • every time you are back at the baseline, 20 KB swings, 10 KB Squat.

Please, End this Madness

All workouts must come to an end (as must all backblasts), so we waltzed up to the launch point, bells adroitly and precariously perched directly over our heads. We closed out with some work on the chassis, all in cadence:

  • 25 Chippy Chipotle Spicy Mc-Cross
  • 10 Full Arm Plank Jack
  • 10 6 inch Plank Jack


  • Soft Pretzel -> looking for help on an initiative to help families, called The Sandbox. JUST DO IT. (
  • Wild Turkey -> Boxing and High Intensity stations next week at FFBCF-Hole.
  • There were others, just not as cool sounding as The Sand lot box, or boxing birds.


Great to be out of doors, in the gloom, with the PAX, after 6 months of volunteer absenteeism. The break was nice, did some other fitness things, stayed active, etc, but missed the silent competitiveness and loud camaraderie of the morning group. Good effort out there buy most. “_” barely even tried and still crushed us all. The rest of the group REALLY put forth an effort, or win several collective oscars for fooling the Q. Hope to see you all around more. Contact me on Slack if you are interested in Qing Cerberus in July for SOB month, I have 2 more open slots.

Argonaut Out.

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VoodooPosted on2:42 pm - Jun 27, 2018

“Earned sabbatical?” I’m not even sure what that means. Great Q on Monday, Argonaut. A smoker, as usual. It’s good to have you back out in the gloom. Don’t be a stranger! PS – let me know when your M gives you a Thursday off so you can come up and Q at Meathead. Thankfully, there’s no Devil’s Driveway at Elizabeth Lane Elementary. #0.0

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