Bizarro Blakovery in Ballantyne

Bizarro Blakovery in Ballantyne

With our fearless leader DR the torch was passed to Bunker to pick the route and get us started. Two things were guaranteed, (1) Bunker would arrive before 5:14 and (2) we were running the hills in Ballantyne.  Gumbo appeared in the gloom in his Superman shirt, so he was the natural choice to lead the fast guys and Bunker covered the 6 and with the plan in place it was time to get started:


Up the long gradual hill of Adrey Kell Rd, past Lorenzo’s Pizza and make a left into the neighborhood across the street. Find all the hills and valleys and come back out on Community House Rd make a right and back to launch.

Here is the route fancy watch style:


Great to see Jello make his Blakovery debut. He had been hinting at coming out for about a month. He picked a great Monday to start, with probably the toughest route we run. This is the Bizarro route for Blakovery. Almost all the other routes are relatively flat. This was a great Monday morning jolt. Thank you Enron for taking us out and what a great way to start Monday.

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