#YOLO – You Only Lifted Once

#YOLO – You Only Lifted Once

20 PAX showed up at Commitment to see if the RECIPE or the ANTIDOTE for #TennisArms would be revealed.  Much to the PAX surprise, YHC actually put together a weinke with more upper body than running.


  • Appropriate and robust disclaimer given
  • Cue the boombox (no complaints about Imagine Dragons radio today?!?!)
  • Short mosey to student parking lot
  • SSH x 20
  • Parker Peter x 10
  • Imperial Squawker x 10 (in perfect Q-School cadence)
  • Tempo Merkins x 20
  • Flutters x 10


  • A lengthy explanation given of today’s “partner” work (cue Damascus’ smile)
  • All you got (AYG) around parking lot to the coupon stations
    • 2 PAX per coupon (Ranged from Buckets of Sand, 45lb plates, KBs of various weights, and some awkward dumbbells
    • Carry your weight to the lead blue paint railings
  • YHC explained that your “partner” is actually your “opponent” (cue Damascus’ frown)
    • Partner 1 does exercise and keeps cumulative count of reps
    • Partner 2 runs a lap with coupon
    • Flapjack for 2 laps each
    • Winning partner gets a “Victory Lap” (ie losing partner has to carry coupon to next station)
  • Station 1 (blue railings)
    1. Supine pull-ups
    2. Run to school and back along path
  • Station 2 (half wall)
    1. Scorpion Derkins
    2. Run around building to tennis court fence and back
  • Station 3 (elementary school flag stand)
    1. Big boy step-ups
    2. Run loop around path
  • Station 4 (elementary school swingset)
    1. Pull-ups
    2. No coupon – AYG to end of parking lot
  • Station 5 (high school concrete bleachers)
    1. Balls-to-Wall shoulder taps
    2. Run down stairs and back
  • Mosey back to front of high school with various stopping points
    • Jump squats
    • SSH
    • Hourglass/X
  • COT
    • 2 minutes of planking
  • DONE!


  • Great to have some Kotters show up; welcome back T-Ball and Pogo
  • Awesome to have some “Journeymen”; General, Erector, Das Boot (if he counts as Journeyman) and Mighty Mite CRUSHED it today
  • Always cool to be able to bring 2.0s out to these workouts; our group does a nice job of making 2.0s feel so welcome and part of the group (keep bringing them out this Summer)
  • Solid work by Shop and Dirty Bird today carting around that awkward 35lb dumbbell; that coupon is sneaky heavy and noticeably awkward (similar to me a few years back)
  • The usual crew up front is impressive to watch; Dasher, Goodfella, and Hollywood continue to set the pace which is painful awesome for the rest of us to chase
  • The Clydesdales (Damascus, Doughboy, Posse, and Run Flat) and Respects (Shop, Recalc, Southern Belle) all disproved their “identities” and smoked it today
  • Special shoutout to Goodfella for foregoing his “Victory Laps” over YHC and carrying the coupon most of the time


    • SandBox:  Great serving opportunity.  This group of F3 guys (led by Soft Pretzel and Transporter) works with The SandBox organization to help families dealing with children with tough illnesses.  Check out “the_sandbox” channel on Slack for more details
    • Open Door:  Meeting Sunday mornings at 0700-0800 at Five Stones office (1117 Cuthbertson Road).  Casual group discussion on a chapter of the Bible.  What does the passage say to you?  What application points can you take away from it?  TOMORROW:  John Chapters 16 & 17 (don’t have to pre-read it; just show up and join in)
    • Sanctuary:  Meeting Monday nights at 7:30-8:30pm at Brooklyn Pizza Parlor (Wesley Chapel).  Casual group study of the parables.  Don’t have to pre-read anything; just show up and enjoy some pizza, beer, and discussion
    • 3rd Annual 3 on 3 Basketball tourney at the Nali house (Screech Owl Road).  4-7pm.  Middle schoolers and above are welcome.  $5/guy.  Teams will be made at the tourney so no need to come with a squad.  Bring a dish to share.  BYOB (ensure NA products are Coke products only please)

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