Deeeeeep River

Deeeeeep River

11 men gathered in a church parking lot this morning. Strawberry cried for a substi-Q all week. I finally caved on Friday morning and got Hopper to join me. We planned an old school beatdown – planned may be a little strong. We had a beer or three on Friday afternoon. Good enough. We decided to bring some old stuff back and spent the evening (or my morning pregame routine time in my case) perusing old backblasts for some material.

Hopper Q:
Standard COP
Mini beast on the islands parking with PARTNER CARRIES between the islands. Very popular.
Ring of fire with merkins.
Partners run the length of the soccer fields with OVER/UNDERS halfway and at the end. Also popular.
Also Mary mixed throughout

Gummy Q:
Yog over to the sandpit for a quick wounded bear crawl or two.
Over to the picnic tables for the ol’ one partner does an exercise while the other runs over there and back.
Back to the field for partner push and pull. Hard to explain, but I think we’ll bring that one back again.
7s on the hill.
TUNNEL OF LOVE – at least one guy (Cooter) had never done it. Definite crowd pleaser.
10 sprints on the field with 10 counts in between.
Indian run back to the launch.

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about how we’re getting soft. All parking lots. No mud. No wetness. No touching each other. We need to bring some of that stuff back out. Partner carries probably shouldn’t be on the weinke very often, but a lot of us got into F3 back when we used to come out wet and muddy every time. That’s the stuff you don’t get to do in your normal life. You can run down a sidewalk, up a hill, around a parking lot anytime. But you aren’t going to jump through a sand volleyball court, carry another man, or get your butt wet in the grass on your own. Let’s work that stuff back into the workouts occasionally.

My 5-year F3 anniversary is this week. I’m Q at Hydra where we’ll run back my very first workout. Should be fun. Thanks to the guys this morning for playing along – I had a lot of fun out there.

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HIPAAPosted on1:21 am - Jun 24, 2018

Outstanding. I am on board with getting dirty!

HopperPosted on11:19 am - Jun 24, 2018

I had fun with this workout. Gummy is right….doing some of those old time exercises brought back a charge! My back and shoulders are feeling it today, but all worth it! Also fun that some of the boys I “grew up” with doing those exercises were there….Gummy, Pro, Cottonmouth, Stone Cold, just to name a few!

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