HOOCH-Aerobics – Beach Body Core Day

HOOCH-Aerobics – Beach Body Core Day


HOOCH-Aerobics – Beach Body Core Day

22 PAX did a Core focused workout all over Cuthbertson campus with some moaning and groaning. Thank you for letting me lead what felt like a muggy, sweaty, and sloppy workout. Maybe next time, I will have it a little more crisp and concise. None the less, all would agree that is sucked as it was supposed to with some new twists thrown in.

Warm-up – Disclaimer and Introduction.

  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Potato Pickers
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins (stud count)

The Thang:

Off to the Light poles – 10 Plank Rotations + 10 Core Twists at each – front to come get the 6.

Hit the Wall at Transporter’s office for something that was harder than expected – 10 Wall Plank Jacks + 10 Wall Plank Hip Touches x 4 (QFail, so actually x2)

Grab a rock and circle up – 20 Thrusters, 20 Kettle Rock Swings, 20 Rock Goblet Squats, then 10, then 5, sitting the rock down each time and moving to the left. (Fun for all) Nice Job #Crumbs on keeping up.

Mosey to Circle near track for some Partner work – Starting with Partner Dragonflys x 25 then alternate. Heard some mumble about sweat dripping from PAX packages. @Damascus – sorry you missed it.

Then some Apollo 13s (thank you Posse for the name ) with Partner Runs 1/2 Speed to the bottom, Sling shot around the curve with a Sprint back to the top times 5. Partner was to do continuous Scorpion Plank Push Ups from the Curb (or until your body gave out).

Final Mosey to the start to wrap up, almost right on time. Quick Mary to finish.


Again, it was hot, extremely muggy, schwetty, but a wet grass and burpee free workout. I am impressed how everyone powered through and truly appreciate everyone trying something a littlenew and accepting it.

Everyone showed up and worked hard, so it is hard to mention names. A special shout out to my partner Foundation for not dripping from any unmentionable areas on my face, but I did chooseto keep my eyes closed just in case for the whole series. I am a little worried that the Dank Dragonflys were other PAXs favorite part.

Big10 is coming into his own and just killing it now, curse words to a minimum.

Huge Respect to our older PAX for making it look easy and to our 2.0 Crumbs for not struggling a bit.

BottleCap Only Announcements: 

  • Saturday is Lou Nali 3rd Annual Basketball Tourney (make sure to order your t-shirt) BYOB
  • Commitment Saturday 6:30 led by BC himself
  • Sunday Bible Study Open Door at Five Stones 7 a.m. next Sunday

Wrap up and Prayer:

BottleCap took us out.

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