The real Death Valley

The real Death Valley

7 PAX for a temperature and humidity combo that would make Death Valley, CA blush.


Disclaimed and mosey around the lot to the teacher’s parking lot and back.

COP: 15x SSH IC, 15x IW IC, 15x Low Slow Squat IC, 15x Mountain Climbers IC, planker’s delight upon which Puddin Pop graced us with a 10 count of flatulence so we had to vacate the area for one last exercise: Circle burp ‘n merk – run in place while each PAX takes a turn calling down upon which a burpee with a merkin is performed, adding a merkin with each PAX (glad there were only 7 of us).

The Thang:

Mosey to the rock pile to select a lifting rock.

Do called exercise at the top of the stairs, mosey down the sidewalk to the baseball field bleacher area for next exercise, up the stairs and repeat 3 times through starting with 10 reps on round 1, 20 reps on round 2, and 30 reps on round 3.

-Overhead press up top, dips at the bleachers, bear crawl up the stairs

-Curls, supine pull ups, one legged hops alternating on the flights

-Squats, step ups, bunny hop up the stairs

Couple round of Mary, including Fireman Ed’s ‘egg roll’ move.

Grab the rock and some wall for a modified Jack Webb. In people’s chair do front shoulder raise x1 followed by derkins or Carolina Dry Docks x4, 2×8, 3×12, 4×16, 5×20.

Put the rocks back and mosey to the parking lot for a quick round of suicides at the basketball hoops, stopping for 10 merkins at each basket.



Dollywood reached out to YHC Monday night needing a Q. I was happy to step in and lead these fine men on a sweaty beatdown, although I’m pretty sure we didn’t need to work out to sweat today. It was 99% humidity until Puddin Pop and Fireman Ed starting ripping @ss, then I’m pretty sure it was 100%. Everybody was putting in solid work today and pushing each other. Always good mumble chatter with Horsehead and Fireman Ed in attendance, thanks to Ed for the new Mary idea, although it just led us to talking about Chinese food. Great to meet Hammy for the first time, nice work out there. Was good to get a little more background on the Monday Horsey workout… sounds like we should get Chester out for a workout, Horsehead volunteered to partner with him on partner carries. Geraldo was getting after it, maybe too after it. Was seeing some stars during the rock exercises but I blame it on the air he was breathing. He learned a tough lesson today, never run behind Puddin. Funky cold was cruising as well today, good work!

Thanks to Puddin Pop for the takeout and thanks Dollywood and Smokey for the opportunity to lead.


Continued prayers for Mic Check’s son (he is back home and doing well), Bout Time’s family, and the Providence Day students involved in an accident abroad.

If you know of somebody that used to come out and doesn’t anymore, reach out and check in with them. Some are going through trials and tribulations, as we all have different struggles and levels of struggles in life, but try to keep up with people and reinforce that this band of brothers to lean on in hard times.

Firecracker 4 miler – one year anniversary of Speed for Need over the 4th of July.





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HorseheadPosted on3:11 pm - Jun 20, 2018

My goal for the workout was to stay in front of Puddin. Geraldo got behind him on the stairs and we saw what happened next – put him down like an poison neck dart.

Puddin PopPosted on3:15 pm - Jun 20, 2018

Solid Q today Purell. Truth be told, it was HH who first poked the ozone during COP, to which, I had to respond with a more manly disturbance. The chamber was empty after that, so G Man was in his own cave, without my scents of adventure.

HorseheadPosted on7:45 pm - Jun 20, 2018

Clearly, I brought a knife to a gun fart.

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