Listen Up!

Listen Up!

13 men gathered in the parking lot of the AO known as The Maul.  A quick disclaimer was given and in particular, there was a warning that listening was going to be a strong requirement for today’s workout.

Marlin decided to join us at 5:31 for warm up.  We did Imperial Walker then we did a plank for one minute and then merkins at a different tempo.

We moseyed across the street down the murderhorn to the rock pile.

This is where our listening ears were key.  Some did well and others did not.

The Thangy Thang: Pretty simple with six exercises at five stations.  At the rock pile do curls x 20.  Run up to the pull-up bars to do ten real up and down pull-ups.  Twenty dips at the picnic tables.  Run back down to the rock pile and do twenty overhead presses.  Run back to the base of the Murderhorn.  Stop at the first light on the left and do twenty hand release merkins.  Run to the next light and do ten diamond merkins.  That is one circuit.   The goal was to hit five times through.

6:08 so we moseyed to the top of the Murderhorn for elbow plank for one minute then back across to the parking lot for the last three minutes.  Slow cadence toe tap crunches followed by protractor with alternating legs.  Done!

Moleskin: So working memory is usually remembering four things at one time.  I gave you six.  Some of you did well with this task and others needed a little help.

Counting on the merkins during warm-up was weak.  It basically turned out to be one person rotating each time counting.

Paperjam was full of in-depth analysis.  First, he started out playing mind games during the warm-up.  Then he kept telling Tool Bag that if he doesn’t believe then it cannot happen.  He and Cul De Sac were talking shop the whole time.  Something about analysis, spreadsheets and blah blah blah.

Tool Bag did not bring the shovel flag.  Blamed No Show.  Extreme Ownership buddy.

Marlin and Frehley’s Comet were fast out of the gate on the circuits.  Respects were in the lead.  Some faded fast.

Fire Hazard crushed it.  Everyone else was a distant second.

Frehley’s had an astute observation that the pavement had not cooled from the night before.  Nowhere to hide.

Patton Pending and Kirby tried to push a boulder at the base of the hill.  Loogie was supervising.  It didn’t work.

That is all.


F3 Dads Saturday at 9:00

Pokey starting July 11th 5:45.  It is a yoga style workout.

Keep Mic Check’s son Bolt in your prayers.

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