The Greyson Cul-De-Sacs

The Greyson Cul-De-Sacs

The Thang

14 men found the new(est) parking lot for our launch at Latin. 2 did not and went on their own. Official A51 statistician @Gummy will have to determine if the count is 14 or 16. This was YHC’s first Q since being ousted as site-Q and Purell, who replaced me, wasn’t even there today. Maybe he too senses Rachel’s wanting me back on the job as his executive assistant and couldn’t bear to see me thriving in that role again, even if just for the day.

My FT Qs are predictable, with Mr. Brady (who arrived inexplicably at 0513) exclaiming “I told you Alf” when I announced during my disclaimer that we were doing a triple nickel. Doing the same thing over and over for the hour helps us get our minds right.

Greyson Heights and Greyson Ridge are two roads just off Providence. They each have cul-de-sacs at the end, that are about 200 yards apart. Unfortunately, the only way to connect them, save cutting through some yards and woods, is to run the Providence Road hill. The distance between them going that way is about 0.75 miles. That would be about 7.5 miles for a completed triple nickel. Another 10 minutes or so and a few of the men would’ve have made it. The call was for jump squats at the Greyson Ridge cul-de-sac and merkins at the Greyson Heights cul-de-sac.

Solid work by all. And the repeating short distance allowed for some fellowship. All in all, a good morning, if you’re a fan of the Providence Road hill.


Great crew this morning. We cut through each parking lot looking for guys that missed the memo…and still missed Cheese Curd and Margo. Sorry brothers.

Alf is back, as he spent a lot of the morning up front. Laronda apparently saw us running down Providence and just parked his car along Greyson Ridge and joined us there. Still drove over for COT…brother, you owe us one trip up Providence Hill and the man card for the Prius. T-claps (or therapy sessions) to Ductwork for his back-to-back Horsey and FT posts. Ouch. Timing worked out great Rock Thrill such that he had time to run to the bottom of the hill and back up before our meet up to run back to base…never seen him so excited. And PopTart extended his streak for being the first one back to the launch point to a record 5 weeks, breaking the previous record held by Prohibition.

Joker, enjoyed sharing the sunrise with you.

Rachel and Purell, thanks for letting me relive the glory days. Men, thanks for allowing me to lead and for pushing me to be better.


  • SFN 1-year anniversary race on July 4th
  • Incredible love and support in the COT this morning


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JokerPosted on8:12 pm - Jun 19, 2018

Man, that sunrise was beautiful. Just didn’t expect I’d be enjoying it with the bearded Q.

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