Swift track day

Swift track day

18 PAX for the monthly installment of distance based intervals.


Disclaimed which apparently is a new thing at Swift. Guess Brat had a perma-disclaimer in place. Moseyed through the parking lots heading west to Ballantyne Corp. Place road and back through the parking lots ending at the finish line of the 400s for some dynamic stretching, exactly 1 mile.

Heel walks out/in x20, Toe walks out/in x 20, stride out to speed bump

10 lunges each leg, stride out

Hackey sacks x 10 each leg

A skips

Butt kickers as we head to start point

The Thang:

400m repeats with equal rest around the Brixham Green ‘track’. The equal and lengthy rest allows for more recovery which should mean a faster pace for the ‘on’ repeats. We targeted a timed mile pace without sacrificing consistency throughout the intervals. Started with a goal of doing 8, but circled up at the end and did one last bonus quarter as a group before moseying back to the Vine for COT.


I hope Purple Haze and the rest of the Fast Twitch brethren don’t read this… as it’s frowned upon to abandon Twitch for Swift, let alone Q it. Take note that Haze led the troops today at FT as YHC was at the helm at Swift. The writing is on the walls and I think he wants me out. Not sure if Swift allow me back either after serving up some 400 repeats today. Maybe I’ll start taking Tuesday’s off.

Intervals are always brutal, but 400s might be the hardest. They are truly the cornerstone to any training program for any distance, from sprints to ultras and everything in between. Getting through a workout like this is only going to pay dividends to whatever your current fitness goals are. Great to see everyone out there pushing each other in the hot and humid conditions. Awesome work by all of you!

Thanks to Bratwurst for allowing me the opportunity to lead these men today and for the 5am help making sure the track was marked appropriately.


Continued prayers for Dumpster Fire and his family and Mic Check and his family.

Get involved with The Sandbox if at all possible. Looking for help this weekend. Check out slack for more details.

DaVinci looking for Q’s on Saturday mornings at 6:30. Reach out to Fredo or Bucky to get on the schedule.

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HairballPosted on3:29 pm - Jun 20, 2018

Abandoning FT for Swift spawned a great Twitter handle a couple years back. Anyone remember the now defunct @Dead2Haze? Would be a real shame if it got reactivated…

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