You know, my kidneys feel a lot better in this position

You know, my kidneys feel a lot better in this position

6 men gathered for a not-so-moderate workout this morning. Well, 5 gathered, Moon River found us in the church’s front yard at about 7:05. Anyway, we did a bunch of exercises that you don’t care about if you weren’t there. Suicides in the church yard, some rock work at the church, Dirty McDeuce at the new benches and using the short track, people’s chair, escalator with merkins then later with jump squats, some Mary, a few pullups and so on.

– Tclaps to Deep Dish for running in and out (3 miles one way). I stopped on my way by him (because he was walking, but he waved me on). Apparently Runstopper wasn’t as nice and just heckled him as he drove by. I heard that Runstopper almost hurled at RockZero later. #kharma
– Lots of good chatter about parenting teens. My oldest goes to college in the Fall (App State). Deep Dish is deep into 17-year-old boy parenting. It’s not easy. Talk to someone who has already been through it and get some advice. The big takeaway from this morning: If you’re still doing your teenager’s laundry, stop now.
– Furley’s name came from his love of Three’s Company. Apparently we already have a Mr. Roper. Chrissy would be a good nickname for a fast FNG.
– It gets really hot at these 7:00 am workouts through the summer. Don’t be a hero. None of us get paid for this. Snoopy was cramping up during our workout (upon questioning, apparently not menstrual). I heard from the RockZero crowd that Runstopper had a little episode. Take care of yourself. Drink water if you need to. Take a break. Qs – watch the PAX. If you see a guy struggling in the heat, be smart.

Thank you, Costanza, for the invitation to lead. I always enjoy taking the wheel at Ascent. Good work by all the guys this morning.

– Convergence at the Big House in Pineville on Monday to support Dumpster Fire whose brother died recently. Let’s get a big crowd out there.

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