Police Lookout

Police Lookout

Twelve men met up for a good morning run all around Calvary Church.  Hammer thought he had the Q and was a bit perturbed as he had an excellent meal last night and went to bed early in anticipation of an Anvil Q.  He got up early but would have liked to have slept in.  Hopefully, he got something out of it.  The twelve were accompanied by approximately 15 police cars in the parking lot.  They were either part of the 6:30am drug raids today or I forgot to pay my dinner check.


SSH x 15

IW x 15

LSS x 15

Merkin x 10

Low Slow Merkin x 10


Mosey on to . . .

Station 1 – Mosey to parking lot parallel to Hwy 51 but first collect a lifting rock for Parking Lot Island Suicides

  • Run to each island and back to start to complete: curls, overhead press and triceps extension (15 each).

Station 2 – Meet in the middle of the soccer fields and partner up.

  • Partner 1 runs to the fence while partner 2 runs to the base of the hill. Each does 15 drydocks and meets back in the middle for 10 hand slap merkins.
  • Complete this circuit 4x

Station 3 – Meet at the concession stand for Stepups, Dips and Durkins (10 each)

  • Run to the playground for 10 (ish) pullups
  • Complete the circuit 2x

Station 4

  • Meet at Avenue of Trees
  • 5 Merkins and 5 Squats alternating at every other tree

Return to launch site and finish up with LBCs until 6:15


Everyone pushed it hard today and we got in 3 plus miles.  Thanks to Run Stopper for leading Mary while the six caught up.



Run Stopper’s movie review suggests Isle of Dogs is an excellent movie and will be enjoyed by all.

Wishing Abba and his family the best as they journey to Thailand for several years of mission work.  F3 Thailand??


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