Magnificent 7s: Rock Edition

Magnificent 7s: Rock Edition


  • Mosey around Little, left on Walsh, circle up in Vet’s parking lot
  • COP (IW, Windmill, LS Squat, CDD, LS Merkin)
  • Mosey to rock pile and grab a lifting rock
  • Cross the street with rock and take stairs to the top of the deck, circle up for Magnificent 7s: Rock Edition
    • Round 1
      • 7 Rockies, 14 Thrusters, 21 Tricep Press, 28 Bicep Curl, 35 LBC.
      • Leave your rock, run down the stairs, to the other end of the deck, up the stairs, back to your rock
      • Extended Mary while we gather the six
    • Round 2: same but people’s chair/donkey kicks instead of Mary
    • Round 3: no rocks (Burpees, Jump Squats, CDD, Merkins, LBC) and only run to middle stairwell
    • Round 4: again with rocks but when done take your rock with you back to the pile and meet there
  • Once returning rocks neatly to where you got them from, line up abreast
    • 10 jump squat, lunge walk across lot, 10 jump squat, lunge walk back
  • Moset back across the street to the bus lane. Run down lane, 5 burpees every bump, back to launch.
  • 2 MoM to finish it out.



A man’s choice of rock says a lot about him, and it’s not always what you might think.

Sure, a big rock may indicate a powerful man. But, it can just as easily indicate a man who lets ego or overzealousness cause him to overpromise, overcommit, and then underdeliver when it comes to execution. Or, maybe it’s a man who has decided to dig deeper and push himself this morning. To try a rock just 10% bigger than he otherwise might have chosen to see what happens. Maybe he wins today. Or, maybe he learns what to do differently next time.

Just the same, a small rock does not necessarily indicate weakness. Maybe the man is coming back from injury, or didn’t sleep well last night, and is self-aware and humble enough to recognize this and choose an appropriate, lesser burden to lift until he is abler. Or, perhaps it is a man who has struggled with enough injuries in the past that he simply prefers to avoid them. Or a man who is overcautious and underestimates himself so, rather than risk failure or discomfort, chooses a rock he is certain he can lift — at the same time avoiding the very real chance of breakthrough and of building positive forward momentum.

Or, maybe you were just unlucky enough to be the last man to a rather small rock pile and had to take what was left and make the best of it.

If you were there this morning (and even if you weren’t), I encourage you to consider the rock you selected and reflect on how it might relate to other choices you make and the burdens you carry every day. Which man are you? Are you moving in the right direction? Should you choose differently next time? Maybe I’m just tired, but pondering that myself certainly led me to a couple interesting realizations which will certainly affect the next choice I make.

Whatever your choices, and whatever your reasons, I do know that carrying any burden is always easier when surrounded by my brothers — as it was once again this morning. Great representation at The Fishing Hole with an impressive 54 year age range between our War Baby – Kuechly (13) and War Daddy – Boomer (67). The sweat marks left on the top deck are just a small indication of the effort every man put forth at The Hole today. Thank you all for joining me.



  • Convergence on Monday (6/18) at The Big House to celebrate the life of Dumpster Fire’s brother, Tom Maxim, and to stand with DF as he mourns the recent loss of Tom. Please join if you can and, if not, keep Dumpster Fire and his mother and entire family in your prayers. Pre-run @ 0500; Boot camp @ 0530;
  • Q School 101 this Saturday, 6/16, at 0600 at the Panera in Ballantyne. 1 hour workout followed by coffee/discussion. We will wrap it up by 8. Please come or pass the message on to someone who may benefit from it.

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Coming from you sir, I am sincerely flattered.

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