Dropping a Deuce

Dropping a Deuce

With more than 6 billion people in the world and a solid 600 years of recorded history (plus much more spotty history on hand), there is so much to commemorate on a daily basis.  On this fine morning, 19 men came together at the Marvin Ridge High School parking lot to celebrate several amazing events.  Or perhaps more likely, 18 fine men showed up for a workout led by a PAX belatedly celebrating his 2nd anniversary as a member of the F3 Nation.

Today marks the 52nd anniversary of the landmark Miranda vs Arizona decision which produced “the Miranda Rights” that hopefully few or none of the PAX have had delivered to them.  In honor of those famous words, YHC gave a poorly worded and rambling disclaimer that would have served very little benefit in a court of law.  And then they were off!


In honor of Flag Day eve…

  • 4 Corners mosey lap around half the parking lot, stopping at each corner for 10 merkins and 3 burpees
  • PAX headed to the center of the rectangular lap area for 10 more merkins and 1 more burpee

(That makes 50 merkins and 13 burpees.)

In honor of school being out — or just because the buses were nearby…

  • PAX did a weave run between the buses, stopping at high school-side of each bus and doing x merkins, with x being the ones digit of the parking space of the bus
  • While waiting for the Six, PAX did Angry Al Gore (Al Gore + air punches)
  • For the Deuce Special, PAX weaved back through the buses, stopping at the middle school-side of the bus to do Supermans, to the number of parking space ones digit
  • Protractor while waiting for the Six

Mosey to the rockpile to pick up 2 cinder blocks and 2 running rocks.  PAX split into 2 teams and an individual ran to a cone with the cinder block to pull a card from the cone.  Run back with the block.  Team does the main exercise on the card.  Once that was completed, another PAX ran the block to the cone of his choice to pull a card.  While he ran, the team did the secondary exercise listed on the previous card.  Repeato until all PAX had carried the block.

For Deuce on cones, once all PAX had completed the carry and exercises, the team ran suicides to each cone and one PAX grabbed a card for a main exercise once the team returned to the starting location.

To finish, PAX completed half of a Captain Thor.  Time did not allow for sets 6-10 and PAX were quite saddened by this.


Huge props to Purell who unknowingly shared a variation of the cone idea with YHC on Saturday.  Several PAX need to adjust the alarm clock by a couple of minutes, but other than that, it was a great showing today.  YHC took to heart some suggestions — Posse on the Flag Day Eve and Bratwurst’s reminder for IC count was followed by completely avoiding any IC work except for the brief Angry Al Gore (which was probably butchered).  Kotters to Honeycomb and YHC did not know Boitano but looks forward to crossing paths again.

Another huge shout out to the men of F3 Nation.  YHC recently hit the 2-year mark and it has been a great experience.  The PAX are examples in the workouts, making him want to push himself more in the gloom, but also — and more importantly — setting the reminder each day to go out and be a HIM.  Your examples are motivating and don’t doubt that you can have a positive impact wherever you stand.


  • Q School this Saturday, 6/16, at Panera Bread.  YHC not entirely sure how eating cinnamon rolls at Panera is Q School, but may have to investigate.
  • PAX brother Loafer felt slowed down by his appendix and decided to burst it in order to free up space for more muscle.  Keep him and the family in your prayers and you can help them in the kitchen by taking a meal.  www.takethemameal.com/CUKC5805



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