No, I’ll have it right here.

No, I’ll have it right here.

11 men gathered in a middle school parking lot on a cool-ish (but still 99.9% humidity) morning. After the obligatory lap around the parking lot to pick up Floor Slapper, we headed down to the track for a roving warmup. Clockwise around the track, stopping occasionally for various warmings up. (“You’re making this up as you go, aren’t you?” “No way. The weinke clearly says “Warmup”.”) Then gather at one end of the track to unleash a Dirty McDeuce. Haze brought this back at Hydra a few weeks ago – from the official F3 Nation website: “4 sets of 3 exercises done to 12 4-count reps. Each set has one chest exercise, one leg exercise and one core exercise. After each set of three exercises, you run a lap of a track or whatever else is handy (parking lot, etc.)”. BTW – take a look through the “Exercises” section of that site before your next Q and pull something out that you wouldn’t normally do. Spice things up. I can’t remember exactly what exercises we did. I may have called LBCs twice. Oh well.

After cleaning up the mess from the McDeuce, we ventured over to the sidewalk with the dugouts for a little People’s Chair/BTW recovery. Then gathered at the bleachers for the classic “Partner 1 runs the stairs loop while partner 2 stands around and pretends to do the called exercise”. Finished up with a little Mary, then back to the cars. Boom.

Topics of conversation during the workout:
– Puddin’ Pop and Flutie had a long talk about old drummers from Rush and the Rolling Stones. Apparently the Rush drummer is the best ever.
– The Canadian legends, Bob and Doug McKenzie, whose song “Take Off” included a solo from Geddy Lee of Rush. Not mentioned during the workout, but something from that album (Great White North) that I still use today – to convert from celsius to fahrenheit, double it and add 30. It will get you surprisingly close. You’re welcome.
– Does New Hampshire have its own syrup or is that just a Vermont thing?
– Puddin’ Pop tried to take credit for inventing the Rosalita and insists that 90 degrees is the proper form. I go with 45 degrees.
– Hammy was out there for his second post. Fast dude.

– Get on the Slack channel for #thesandbox. It’s a great organization that helps families of kids with life-altering illnesses. Transporter hooked F3 up with them and there are opportunities to help out. It can be a low stress, no long-term commitment way to help out – I spent two hours cutting a family’s grass; others spent a few hours this past weekend helping a family move out of an apartment. Get on the Slack channel to watch for ways you can step in and help out.

Thanks to Header for taking us out and to Puddin’ Pop for handling the mumblechatter while I was busy leading a workout.

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