A strong showing of 20 men posted this morning.  Here’s what we did:

No FNGs but disclaimer given in Wells Fargo lot.

Warmup: 15 merkins, 15 squats, 15 plank jacks all IC.  (Frehley’s was very indignant that we went with old school squats and not the modern, low, slow variety.  Suck it up buttercup.)

Mosey down to Lochness and grab some wall.  Staying together for exercises: 10 derkins IC, 10 jump ups, 10 dips (IC).  Hard lap. Plank to wait for the six and 10 hip slappers IC.  Then 10 burpee jump ups, 10 incline merkins IC, 10 dips IC. Hard lap.  Six inches to wait for the six.

Mosey out of there and out to the parking lot behind Bagpipe Hill.  Get in groups of 3.  P1 and P2 stand ~25 yards apart.  P1 does jump squats, P2 merkins.  P3 bear crawls in between to start the relay.  Each guy goes down and back twice.

Circle for Mary.  Go around the circle for PAX choice.  7 sets total.

Mosey back to Lochness to finish the workout with a 12 minute AMRAP.  Run the loop and do: 15 diamond merkins on one patio, 15 wide arm merkins next patio, 10 pull-ups on exercise trail, repeat.

Announcements: Q101 school this Saturday.  6 a.m. at Panera – one hour workout + hour of discussion.  Timekeeper finishes book this week and moves to a conversational format for the summer. F3 Dads Saturdays at 9 a.m.  Look for the white tent at Brixham Green.  Check out Slack for upcoming announcements on Fix it For Christ and The Sandbox.

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