The Big House

The Big House

6 men decided to shake off the weekend with a workout at the Big House.  As always, felt better when it was over!

The Thang: informal disclaimer and mosey down to the parking lot.

Warmup – 15 IW, 15 seal merkins, 15 squats, 15 aquamans, 15 MCs (all IC).

Mosey to the back of the AO and grab some mini-wall.  After each set, run ~50 yards and back.  Sets 1 & 2 = 5 burpee jump ups.  Set 3 = derkins.  Do sets of 10 with a ten count in between until time is called.  6-7 sets done.

Run halfway around the track and stop for a ladder set of seal merkins/aquamans: 10,9,8,7… 1.  Finish out the lap and stop at the picnic tables for split squats.  5 each leg, 5 count, repeat for ~4 minutes.

Grab a rock and line up.  Each exercise = 5, 10, 15, 20 with n increasingly longer sprint after each set.  Exercises were overhead presses, curls, and tricep extensions.  Mary in between each.  Finish out with lunges across the lot, break at each planter for Mary.

Mosey back to launch and do 20 merkins and hold six inches to close out.

Announcements: Journeyman.

Moleskin: Pretty straightforward workout to start the week.  Great group and I really enjoyed leading.  Thanks men.

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