Men at Work

Men at Work

Dude, Charlotte Latin was already hard enough to navigate, now they throw in a massive face lift to the campus and all hayul breaks loose.  Must be a nice little assessment to the families going there on top of the thousands that comes off very well-financed hips annually.

So, the title of this BB is an ode to the hard working construction workers that wreaked havoc on my weinke this morning.  Oh, and I’m talking about the 1990 cinema #garbage with brothers Sheen and Estevez, not the Colin Hay led biggest band from Australia (pre INXS).

Mad confusion ensued at 5:20 am, as the PAX were parked all over campus due to the construction madness.  I just drove into the main entrance until I saw Snowflake, Shoe, Chelms, and Dasher having a nice chat.  Hightower and Billy G came in right after me, so we thought we were in the right place.  Saw our fearless site Q Hops pull in, and that was the clincher.

However, Marge appeared from the lower lot, and Hops thought we might have a few stragglers up at the original launch spot.

Gave a lame disclaimer, and Hops led us up and over to the original spot.  Alas, we did see McGee and Schmedium in a state of confusion, but then had the look of Doc Brown when we found them #lybians.  Dollywood came running down from soccer field #10, probably warmed up doing some bicycles, Bale style. #stillbitter

Collected the PAX that we could (word was that Runstopper was somewhere, not sure if he was trying to find us or FastTwitch; or perhaps a trunk sale specializing in spandex clam diggers), and moseyed back through campus, down around the gym, next to football field, then up on a wide open lot for COP.

IW x 15

LSS x 15

HR Merkins x 15?

Mtn Climber x 15

Mosey to next stop sign, get in groups of 3 for (semi half pipe) Grinders

P1 does called exercises at stop sign (LBC, Flutter)

P2 does called exercises down hill at side steps up to MAC center (Dolly, Freddy Mercs)

P3 runs in between

Did this close to  3 times through?

Collect the PAX, run up and over bridge to the covered shelter (has this been named yet?) by the practice fields, find a bench

Dips x 30

Jump/step ups x 20

Decline/Incline merkins x 15

repeato x 3

Mosey down to gravel road around Lake Latin to Buttermaker field, all the while paying praise to Timmy Lupus and his unrelenting resolve.  I’m telling you, if your kids are looking for a true role model, Timmy Lupus is the one for you.  Not only does he take the ketchup in the hat thing pretty well, he also makes the best Martini in the San Fernando valley.  Don’t worry about not being able to hit the cut-off man, the writers respected him so much, they gave HIM the last line of the movie.  Don’t believe me?  Watch it again.

Home plate – 3 burpees or 10 merkins

Run out to right field pole – 10 reg merkins

back to Home

Run to center field – 10 wide arms

back to Home

Run to left field – 10 diamonds

back to Home

Continue moseying around Lake Latin up to Lacrosse/Field Hockey/Soccer field for more Grinders

P1 on near end line doing Dive Bomb merkins

P2 on far end line doing Monkey Humpers

P3 runner

Cut that short to make sure we had time to get back to launch, which we did for some LBC and Rosalitas.




Hops tapped me for the Q sometime after PH’s beatdown last Tuesday.  I’ve been to this site enough times to remember where things are, where things aren’t, and where not to get injured.  Or so I thought.  A wise man would’ve done some recon prior to, but I’ve never claimed to be wise, and am one of the world’s worst procrastinators.  Besides, that’s what can make a workout so provocative and intense, is to truly have no idea where you’re going.

Had planned to do some 7’s on the hill right beside the main parking lot, that was quickly scrapped due to construction.  Mid-workout, going around Lake Latin, Chelms thought I ripped off the weinke from PH last week.  Nah mate, we did cover a lot of the same ground, but I definitely did not have two black bags 0 sand being carried by the same four PAX, thank you very much.

Great to see a lot of the guys I normally don’t see during my weekly routines.  Dasher is fast, so is Dolly, which is nothing new.

Had a nice chat with McGee, as he was recounting his time at Camp Whippoorwill on this expansive campus.  Found out he is a fellow Mustang alum…class of ’04?  Also found out he has ups akin to Luke Kuechly.  Dude was doing jump ups on the actual table with ease.  #steeeerong

Heard from Lewinsky about yesterday’s DMZ beatdown; confirmed it with Mermaid who had half-Q with FW.  I am so glad that work calls me away from F3 on Monday mornings sometimes.

We were pulling back into launch, and Shoe informed me that we covered somewhere around 3.3 today.  See, you CAN get in pretty good distance if you’re lost.

Snowflake is steady as a rock, and so glad to see Utah back out amongst his F3 brothers.

Thanks to Hops and Doc for giving me the keys to the excavator and tower crane this morning.

Thanks to Shoe for a solid prayer this morning…continuing to pray for #AllinforJennings  and Utah’s family.



Eh hem, please be advised that Hawks Nest will/should have a new meeting spot next week.  After you make the turn into Charlotte Latin main entrance, veer left into a very well-lit, paved lot.  Can’t miss it. #yeahright

Q school is somewhere and sometime this weekend.  Hops was clearly unclear, please ask him for more information of which he probably won’t have.


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MermaidPosted on3:56 pm - Jun 12, 2018

Good stuff Puddin Pop, from the audible-filled workout to the backblast, well done.

HopsPosted on6:58 pm - Jun 12, 2018

Solid backblast. Sorry for the parking snafu. #cobains We’ll get it right next week! Billy Goat on Q.
Glad we collected Dolly, McGee & Schmedium from the now old, old lot.
Stopper, Brady & Joker were not so lucky apparently with the FT pax.
The monkey- humpers in full view of the SwimMac’ers was just wrong.
Good to have Dasher, who said he never posts on Tuesday’s, as FNG to HN.
Chelms dive bomber merkins looked just like his regular merkins which look just like dry docks.
Also, I’ll be teaching a form clinic on jump up’s soon.
Bring your hard helmets again next week men…and a compass & map

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