Like a fart…

Like a fart…

12 men showed up for my not as often attendance and QIC at Skunkworks.  As we waited for the pre-runners to come in we stretched, grunted, and got ready to GET SOME.

The veteran group understood that I am not a professional.


The Thang:

20 swings, 20 squats and find a partner, like sized bell.

Farmers carry to the Lacrosse field with 10 merkin chasers.

Once on the field get on the end line with your partner.

Each team would do 200 reps of each exercise.  P1 Lift, P2 run past midfield and return.  Flapjack until you hit 200.

Merkins x 200

Lawnmowers x 200

Teabag squats x 200

Curls x 200

Tricep extensions x 200

Flutter Press x 200

2 hand shoulder press x 200


Rack your bell high and mosey back to the parking lot.  Once everyone was in we hit 6:15.


That was a traditional beatdown the way the boys of Skunkworks like ’em.  Lift and run the whole time with a couple opportunities to catch a breather if you finished early.  The name of the workout, “like a fart” was due to Bulldog saying that the workout was “simple but deadly”.  It was good to see so many guys that I don’t see quite as much anymore now that I’ve been posting over at Hawks Nest or fartsacking.  Everyone seemed to be getting after it but I was in the pain tunnel for most of the workout so I’m sure I missed plenty.  My partner Orange Whip crushed it as usual.  Tackling Dummy said the workout was right in his wheelhouse until he declared it wasn’t. That was closer to 6AM when the #downpainment was setting in nicely.  Perfect weather and field conditions.  Thanks for letting me lead, and thanks to Bulldog for taking us out in prayer.  Good work gents.

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DasBootPosted on2:04 am - Jun 14, 2018

When are you bringing the simple and deadly back down to the Motherland? Or at least get on Slack so we can rib you about it there. I did no monkey humpers this morning as a sign of protest.

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