Raise Your Hand If You Can’t Count to 5!

Raise Your Hand If You Can’t Count to 5!

YHC took the reins of the best way to start the work week, the good ol’ Flash. Shampoodle offered a ride this morning, but recon was needed thus no Screech Owl clown car for this morning’s festivities.

Roll in at Jingle’s speed at 5:29, don’t announce I’m on Q. The two who seemed to know asked if I needed a review of my weinked. YHC assured them my weinke is reviewed early and often. To 80% of the PAX surprise, it was time to go and YHC was leading the charge.

Warm-up: Two laps around the lot while waiting for Jingles Melt Down to hop out of the truck, shed the bio suit, throw his shoes on, and join us.

SSH x 20
Jimmy Dugan’s (YHC named them. They are cherry pickers minus the clap. Reference the movie ‘A League of Their Own’. “Avoid the Clap, Jimmy Dugan”. In the words of the immortal Tom Hanks, “That’s good advice”. Digression over
Quad Stretch
Merkins x 10

The Thang:

Mosey to front of school. Partner up. Partner 1 runs across to sidewalk while Partner 2 does Derkins. Did this x2

Mosey to steps by bus hill. Partner 1 runs up steps to touch school. Partner 2 does Bonnie Blairs at the bottom until return. This x2

Mosey to Cool Runnings hill (RIP) for a little Triple Nickel. En route, YHC decided to give the Pax a little thrill and detoured through some safe-looking grass. Judging by the response from the Pax, it was quite the surprise!

As is standard with triple nickels (except with the rogues this morning), Do 3 things 5 times.
1. Run to last speed bump at top of the hill
2. Do 5 Merkins, run back down
3. Do 5 LBCs

Seems straightforward, right? As the lead group completed the third revolution in the triple nickel, a renegade subset of Pax attempted a mid-nickel Q-jacking. YHC was having none of it. When asked, “Have you made it up the hill 5x?” Pax responded in what sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher voicing displeasure. That, or Deflated DJ-ing Open Mic night at Dreamchasers…YHC digresses again. According to one Pax who shall remain nameless (Damascus), “I heard what I wanted to hear.” In the spirit of getting a good workout, the Pax doing the modified Dolly’s and LBCs (laying on the ground), got up and conquered the hill one last time. Lead group did the 5x and mercifully shut it down for the group.

Mosey back towards home base. Stop mid-lot for a little clock work.
Plank position starting at noon. 1 Merkin all the way around the clock with an extra at 11 just for good measure.

Mosey back towards home base. YHC decided again to risk life and limb for the sake of the Pax and provided walking opportunities through the treacherous grass on the way back. Walk in the grass and run again when you hit sidewalk. It was a joke the first time, then as Cha-Ching and Half Back pulled up beside, they both agreed the whole starting and stopping and starting thing sucks…particularly after a FULL TRIPLE NICKEL!!!

Mosey back to home parking lot for the Finisher. That’s my very elementary finishing move at all Q’s. Once you’ve had enough, let’s squeeze a suicide out of you. Most completed it, some threw in the towel (pun intended). Time expired, but not before Posse streaked to the finish line. Awesome push, man. Great work! That’s it. Circle Time.


Nice humid morning for some running. Legal Zoom would have been proud. Bratwurst would not as we did not include A, B, C, or D skips into the running. Maybe next time. Nearly had an IPA dump by Dough Boy, but he held it in and held it together. Great work. Rockwell, Deflated, and Akbar really pushed it today. Clydesdales don’t like the humidity, and in spite of it, they still worked hard. Good to see the 89 year-old Gator Cub back in the game as well.


Brooklyn Pizza Bible study this evening- Akbar on Q

Loafer’s appendix decided to burst. He’s home recovering. Lift him up in prayer

Fuse Box’s client’s wife passed away. Keep that family in your prayers as well

YHC took us out.

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