DMZ 5-Year Workout

DMZ 5-Year Workout

Only a few in the parking lot upon arrival.  Aquafresh firmly planted the shovel flag.  Great to see Old Glory flying as all of our 37 made their way to the DMZ AO for a celebration of 5 years in operation.  YHC asked the M a month or so ago if it was OK to take her Monday and explained why the request was made.  She typically is great about relinquishing a FIA workout if YHC has to lead.  This one slipped her mind and negotiations ensued.  Wednesday was conceded.  Disclaimer was given, though most didn’t hear it due to significant chatter.  Off we go.


Mermaid Q

Mosey around Church at Charlotte building.  Circle up in lot adjacent to launch lot.


SSH x 10 IC

Imperial Walker x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Low Plank Jack x 10IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Very short mosey in the parking lot.  Launch point designated at the crate myrtle at the top of the lot near Carmel Road entrance.

Target point is the Exit sign at the bottom of the parking lot.

5 Pack

Run down parking lot.  Stop at 1st tree.  5 Hand-Release Burpees.  Run to Target.  15 Heels to Heaven.  Run back to 1st tree.  5 Hand-Release Burpees.  Run to Launch.  15 Merkin.  Repeato OYO x 4 for 5 total reps.  50 Hand-Release Burpees, 75 Merkins, 75 Heels to Heaven.

Mary to regroup.  Dredd led a few exercises then handed Q back to YHC.  Keep feet at 6 inches between exercises.  Flutter x 25 IC, LBC x 15 IC, Rosalita x 15 IC.  25 minutes in and time to hand over the Q.

Fishwrap Q

Mosey down the parking lot and over to Carmel Road Park football field.  Partner up.

AYG 100 yards.  Wheelbarrow back.  All the way back, if you can.  Most could not.


AYG 100 yards.  Bear Crawl back.  Q called exercise at his discretion during the Bear Crawl.

10 Squats

AYG 100 yards.

10 Squats

AYG 100 yards.

Merkin x 10 IC

AYG 100 yards

Continue through the park back to the launch lot.



As noted up top, Mondays are reserved for the M’s FIA workout.  Hadn’t posted DMZ in a long time.  Appreciate the invite to co-Q this workout from Aquafresh current site-Q.  Glad to split with Fishwrap, former Metro Nantan.  Speaking of Fish, he asked me to take the backblast.  Probably  because DMZ is officially an A51 workout.  Gotta say, slightly disappointed I don’t get to read one of his masterpieces.

Bushwood was the lone pre-runner and a former site-Q at DMZ.  Ducked into his house at about 4.5 for hot minute.  Convenient to have that option.

Skywalker, another former site Q, posted.  Always good to see him out with the PAX.

Hops, yet another former site Q, took us out in prayer.  T-claps Hops.  We keep praying for Bout Time’s son, Jennings, in his battle with cancer, and for Utah’s family, in the wake of his father’s passing last week.

One Eye, current DMZ site Q, posted and put in the work, same as usual.

Appreciate the leadership of the aforementioned at DMZ over 5 years, and Fishwrap, site FNG at DMZ, for his leadership today.  It takes some work to keep a site strong for 5 years.  That work does not go unnoticed.  T-claps men.

Some famous F3 PAX with the group today.  Crotch Rocket is blowing up the Nation, planting cities.  He rattled off several in announcements.  The man is working hard to give this away.  There are opportunities to help.  Hit him up.

Checkpoint crushed the workout.  That’s what he does.  There were several others in the lead group.  With that many PAX it was hard to take notes.

One of the front-runners was Dredd.  He pushes hard, at everything.  Glad to see him today.  YHC will share a little of our post-workout conversation.

Somehow, we got to talking about bees.  A few years back, YHC had a honeybee infestation at the casa.  Estimates had 10,000 bees living in my soffit at the apex of my roof, AKA, the highest point.  The bees “bearded” in the late afternoon.  What’s bearding some may ask?  Bees are remarkable insects.  They must keep the place they live in a certain temperature range.  To do that, a large contingent would spill out of the soffit and just hang there, allowing viewers a peak at a massive ball of bees.  YHC called three different exterminators.  Two wouldn’t touch it.  At that time, honeybees were protected.  One merry group of 3 exterminators showed up and took a vacuum and sucked out several hundred.  The ringleader was certain he got the queen, which was necessary for the rest to leave.  Alas, he did not, and did not answer subsequent phone calls.  Through the Twitter machine, YHC got connected with Strummer and Mighty Wind, both of whom showed up to investigate.  Mighty Wind said he could get scaffolding and the two were willing to “help” YHC with removal.  Slaughter kindly donated the use of enough scaffolding to get to the apex of the roof.  I had never met any of these men.  Mighty Wind recruited a non-F3 novice beekeeper friend and the two of them showed up on a Sunday to get to work.  Strummer was busy that day.  They worked for several hours to take apart the soffit and remove the vast majority of the bees.  They got the queen and Mightly Wind tried to recolonize the bees.  They did not make it.  My connection to F3 allowed all of this to happen and got me out of a serious bind.  Just an example of the men we run alongside each morning and what they do for others.

Thankful for F3 and all the men working hard to sustain it and grow it.

Dredd also told YHC that honeybees are not protected any longer as the numbers are back up.  Also, roughly 70% of our food requires pollination on some level.  FYI.

Back to it.  Enjoyed this morning and this group.  Well done men.



Hit up Crotch Rocket if you are interested in helping with the massive LEAP efforts underway right now.



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HopsPosted on7:19 pm - Jun 11, 2018

Great combo Q from Mermaid and Fishwrap…there’s a play on words somehow in the two fish-named N’antan’s…but someone one who’s more of a verbal gymnast than I can weigh in. Speaking of Q’s — during Mermaid’s triple nickel #staple – DMZ site Q Aquafresh said something about “integrity counts” as several pax were 5 minutes ahead of others in finishing the circuit. Bad form + short counts = early finish. Integrity count may be another way of incorporating the “do what you can” sarcasm that is a mainstay of the Mustang – AG pax banter on Saturday’s. Anyhoo…thankful Checkpoint, my partner for Fishwrap’s segment, didn’t wreck his back carrying YHC on the partner carry.
Other sundry observations from the star-studded 5-year DMZ anniversary extravaganza:
CR bolted out one particular time on the AYG runs and tried to drag Chalet down from behind…to no avail.
Dredd continues to wonder what EFCA really means….I’ll enlighten him at some point.
Don’t tell the PWW pax nor the Horsey pax that they were cheated on this morning.
LBJ was doing his best to keep up with his 2.0 – 2nd Coming…to no avail. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is, in fact, a law. #entropy
Welcome to SlumDog who just moved from Columbia. Believe this was his first F3 post in Charlotte.
Lewinsky learned a new way to do wheelbarrows from Snoop #usingthewholefistdoc

Grateful for DMZ and F3. And T-claps to Aquafresh for rallying a great turnout of pax for the festivities.

AquafreshPosted on2:47 am - Jun 12, 2018

Quality and quantity this morning, thanks to all who posted. Would have been nice to have Chelms to provide additional commentary on form, guess he posted Horsey. Somewhere in there I believe Dumbocrats were called. Tried to get Check to go stride for stride with Chalet – no luck.
Pleasure to meet Skywalker who started the whole thing with Hops.
Thanks to Fish & Mermaid, and all the men who have Q’d DMZ, for stepping up to lead the pax.
And the missing pax is…..Tryon.

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