This is why You Tube has a terrible impact on society …

This is why You Tube has a terrible impact on society …

The title of this back blast is an actual quote from today’s workout.  And it’s all YHC’s fault, since YouTube posted videos with the “13 Exercises That are Better Than Burpees for Fat Loss”.  And YHC doesn’t do burpees, so there you go.

Anyhow, 7 men gathered in the parking lot of Charlotte Christian Academy for the Friday beat-down.  And here’s how it went.


The Thang:

Run to the center of the field

High knees in place (x20 IC)

Fast, Deep, Squats x15

Merkins x 10

CDD x 10

Mosey to the score board goal post and partner up.  P1 runs down the length of the field and back to

P2.  P2 does called exercise until P1 comes back to them.  Goal is for both partners to collectively make it 100 yards with the called exercise.

Walking Lunges

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

Mosey to Grandma’s mountain

11’s 7’s, bear crawl up the mountain, reverse bear crawl back down:

Plank jacks & Parker Peter (4 Count)

Mosey to the 50 yard line, ½ the group goes to the other side of the field and partners run on the sidelines and meet at the goal post for called exercise.

Hand-slap merkins x 10

Low five/high five squats x 10

WWII situps, foot to foot, slap hands at the top x 10

Mosey to the playground behind the bleachers

7’s at the playground

Reverse grip pull-ups and tricep dips

Impromptu Mary (thanks Chin Music)

Protractor (somehow in cadence)

Dolly x 10

Mosey back to the cars (the long way back)

Hold squat in the parking lot for 1 minute


Da Moleskin:

There’s something to say about our staggered arrival.  YHC arrived about 6 minutes early to find just Boerwors in the parking lot and Chin Music’s truck but no Chin Music.  At about 5:28:30 Yeti and Smokey arrive and YHC thinks, “Good there’s four of us, it’s a workout now.”  At precisely 5:30, YHC delivers the disclaimer and two runners come hot into the parking lot hot, Funky Cold with FNG in-tow.  Said FNG claims to be Funky Cold’s neighbor.  Disclaimer re-delivered, now we’re six and this workout is on.  Then on our way to the field, Chin Music pops out from behind a building looking like he already ran a few laps without us.  Thankfully, he saved us the need to break in open the gate, and fell in with the group.

So the workout was designed as an alternative to burpees.  Burpees suck.  Let’s all agree on that.  So YHC looked online and YouTube provided workout gold.  “13 Exercises That are Better Than Burpees for Fat Loss” and “70 Bodyweight Cardio Exercises” were the inspiration for this madness.  Somewhere around the bear crawls up and down Grandma’s Mountain Boerwors promptly exclaimed, “This is why You Tube has a terrible impact on society.”  And he might be right.

Overall, the pax delivered.  Plenty of painful mumble-chatter (and a little second F) told me I had accomplished my goal of a challenging workout and YHC’s shoulders are in pain right now as a reminder.

Welcome to FNG Hammy.  Somehow he ran back home with Funky Cold.  T-claps to a pre and post run.

Thanks to Smokey for the takeout.



Convergence on 06/22 with Kevlar at Joust.  Be there.

Come to the Charge on Wednesday.  It’s like Joust but right up the road.

AG Middle School needs a new field and F3 is raising cash for it.  Donate if you can.

Rock Zero is looking for Qs this summer.  Let us know if you’re interested.

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