I think I blacked out after the snatches

I think I blacked out after the snatches

Sorry for the delayed post.  I have a 99% same day post rate, but couldn’t make this one happen.  Here it is now!

9 men showed up for the first half of the Alf double feature on Thursday.  Meathead 0.0 was on tap.  I knew I had GhostRunner later that evening so went easy on the legs and decided to smoke the upper body.

Disclaimer was given at the last moment as PAX came in on two wheels.  I think guys know they don’t have to be early to Meathead because it’s always easy to find us.

Warm up – 2 handed swings, halos’s, prying squats, imperial walkers, more swings, more halo’s, more prying squats.

The Thing:

OYO – 25 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 20 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 15 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 10 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 5 2-handed swings, 10 markins.

A little mary until the 6 is done.

OYO – same as above but replace 2-handed swings with Snatches (both Right and Left)

(Note:  I did the snatches early while everyone still had grip strength, but 150 snatches was a smoker and the weinke went rogue after this.  I might have blacked out, or maybe I should have.)

OYO – 25x lawn mowers (Right and Left), 10 lat pulls (on back pulling bell over head).  Repeat for the 20-10-15-10-10-10-5-10 series like above.

OYO – Sumo Dead Lift High Pull and merkins 25 down to 5 again.

Some mary and flutter with press in-between.

5 sets of 10 tricep presses, 10 OH presses, and 10 curls

Finish with:  OYO – 25 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 20 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 15 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 10 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 5 2-handed swings, 10 markins.



You know when a workout has 250 merkins and that’s the easy part, you are likely in trouble.  The men put in the work today.  Mumble chatter was completely extinguished after and during the snatch set.  Not sure if everyone got in all the snatches but everyone was working hard to get as many as possible. Good to see Mall Cop back out and working post on a regular basis.  Chin Music was a little quieter without Header there to talk with.  Rachel and Purell were there (I know, weird that they were at the same workout).  They brought two bells each and I don’t think either of them bothered with the lighter bell.  Strong work.  Blazing Saddles was the first man on the scene and doing a little pre-work KB warm up when I arrived.  He may have regretted that choice later on in the workout, but he is better for it.  Prohibition and Soul Glow were quietly getting the work done as well.  Pro may have been dying inside.  Hard to tell.  Orange Whip seemed excited about the snatches and like the challenge because it was something he wouldn’t attempt on his own at home.  Aye – that’s why we are here, to push each other farther than we would go on our own.

Thanks to Chin Music for the takeout.

Likely some announcements, that are irrelevant now that the day has past.

Keep Utah’s family in your prayers as his father passed away this week.



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OrangeWhipPosted on3:38 pm - Jun 8, 2018

“The Thing” was crazy. I hate dropping to lower weight but if there was a day I wanted a lighter bell it would have been yesterday. Freaking 25 each arm snatches made me forget all the mumble chatter I had prepared for the day. Instead I focused my attention on my heart not exploding. Great Q – sore as crap today but glad it happened.

ProhibitionPosted on11:18 am - Jun 10, 2018

Oh I’m pretty sure I died on the outside as well. My hammys and shoulders are in bad shape bc of this one. All weekend long I’ve been walking funny. Thanks for that.

VoodooPosted on6:33 pm - Jun 11, 2018

Thanks for taking the Q, Alf. I’m sorry (not sorry) I was DR and missed this sufferfest. Great job by the pax on what looks like a soul crusher of a workout.

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