Noodling is a Dangerous Craft

Noodling is a Dangerous Craft

Noodling is fishing for catfish using one’s bare hands, and is practiced primarily in the southern United States. The noodler places their hand inside a discovered catfish hole. Many other names are used in different regions for the same activity.

The term noodling, although today used primarily towards the capture of flathead catfish, can and has been applied to all hand fishing methods, regardless of the method or species of fish sought. Where the name noodling originated is not actually known, but the name is not at all illustrative of the dangerous craft.[1] Noodling as a term has also been applied to various unconventional methods of fishing, such as any which do not use bait, rod and reel, speargun, etc., but this usage is much less common.

Due to concerns over the safety of noodlers and sustainability of fish populations, the technique is illegal in some states where it was once traditionally practiced. As of 2002, it was legal in some form in twelve states, sometimes with restrictions on the species or sizes of fish, and on the specific methods that may be employed: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,[2] Maryland,[3] Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.[4] It has since been legalized in Texas.[5]


So the above is from Wikipedia…unsubstantiated or unverified of course.  Good news is noodling is still legal in North Carolina.  A couple of things that took place this morning, however, should be illegal..but we’ll get to that in a minute.

9 not so grumpy men mustered for the first ever June edition of The Fishing Hole.  6 Respects, 1 that is perilously close, and 2 young’uns.  Quick disclaimer for the veteran pax, and off we went.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

Note: All exercises called were to 13 IC or OYO, except for the Moroccan Night Club

Jog over to Tartarus, enter at middle stairway

Escalating COP:

Up one ramp – H-R merkins, Slow Squat, Slow Flutter (Chopper tried to give this one an unsavory name…nothin’ doing)

Up next ramp – CDD’s, Standing Lunges (Q fail on the cadence count, but righted the ship eventually on the restart), Freddy Mercury’s

Up next ramp – 6-count burpees

Down the stairs to the ground level, and over to the wall for the following:

Peoples chair w/overhead press and Frankenstein’s

Walthar N’Djayie’s – 2 sets (Frehley nearly had to activate his dental plan on these)

Donkey Kicks – 2 sets

Jog to the benches near the main entrance to the school for the following:

Double squat step up’s – 2 sets

Shoulder Tappers – 1 set

Dancing Chilcutts – 1 set

Mosey over to the walled shrine to the Sisters of Mercy for the following:

(Note: Shoe asked the pax to look for the Hubbard family brick that helped pave the shrine…alas, we did not find it)

Incline Wall Walkers Left with 3 wide arm merkins in between each of the 4 walls.  Repeato but 2nd time to the right.

Seal Jacks

Jog back to launch lot for 10 1/2 MoM


Morrocan Night Club x 45 IC (ask someone who was there; these came courtesy of our NoCoTope brothers, namely Swing State).  Why 45?  YHC’s age and my 2nd favorite number, after 13 obviously.

High Flutters

American Hammers

Protractor – each pax called a degree, and we held for a 13 count…of course.

Chopper and Frehley’s exploits during the Mary session were reminiscent of the campfire scene in blazing saddles….sweet mercy!  We actually moved the circle about 10-12 feet, but unfortunately Frehley moved as well.

COT w/takeout prayer by Snowflake (Snowflake was going for the Teacher’s Pet award today calling out 13 degrees in the protractor…appreciate it brother).  Strong work by all the pax.  YHC keeps hoping for his first ever War Baby status in 6+ years of F3….but the last two times at The Fishing Hole, 43 year-old Cadillac steals that title from me!  Chopper was WD, by the way.

Not really any announcements but more importantly – continue to pray for Jennings Palmer (Bout Time’s 3 year-old son fighting cancer) and for Kevin O’Donnell (Utah’s father/Hightower’s grandfather) who is in hospice care.

One other thing: Don’t think I’ve ever put this in writing but 2 reasons why I often choose 13 for the count when I’m on Q.  #1: My mom’s birthday was the 13th of April. Long story but God used her life & death at age 54 to rescue me.  I’d love to share more about this if anyone’s interested.  And #2: Most of you know I am a follower of Christ.  In my Twitter “bio” – I describe it as a “follower of the Way”.  “The Way” was how the early followers (meaning right after Jesus’ death/resurrection/ascension) were referred to.  The 13 significance here is that I feel that anyone after “The Twelve” (meaning the original 12 disciples) is “next” if you will.  Next in the sense of continuing to share the good news.  Sharing the hope.




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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on2:03 pm - Jun 7, 2018

FC has a habit of smelling up the place – sort of like a fish. Guess that is why he is an original site Q for this workout.

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