Next exercise is MountainClimber not Markettimer

Next exercise is MountainClimber not Markettimer

23 came for a Chedddar workout, they got all they could handle


SSH – 10 In cadence (IC)

Windmill – 10 IC

Mountain Climbers – 10 IC

Merkins – 10 IC



Head to the muderhorn


Partner up

Stop by the neighborhood (Rosebriar Ln) with the circle  and each partner splits and on meeting 10 hand slap merkins – run again , meet total 3 times

We did a few burpees after

Stone pile

Jack webbs – Curls and Arm raises  will count 5

Jack Webb – Merkins and Curls to count 5

Parking lot by the jungle gym

Partner up – wheelbarrow whole parking lot and back

Partner up – same parking lot

One partner 10 pullups, to merkins other 20 step ups flapjack 3 times

Indian run towards the bottom of the hill

Murderhorn start:

Backward run up murderhorn with 10 merkins on each street light. Billygoat only runs forward to watch for traffic and safety.

Behind Regal Cinemas

Once Backward and once Forward Run up the hill  – 5 burpees on top.


Back to base

With some mary

Of special note (The real American Hammer – you turn your torso 90 degrees and your hands tap the ground)



Transporter for pretty anxious to get started but YHC had to hold him till the clock struck 5:30. Pretty solid group. YHC accent was in full affect. Some thought YHC called out Markettimer , when I indeed called Mountain Climbers. All gave a solid effort. Just awesome to see Epsilon really pushing it there. Doc McStuffins was killing it today for sure. Thanks Goonie and Transporter on some called Mary. Mary K still thinks he is 39 on COT. Also nice to see Ickey Shuffle after a long time, hope you enjoyed it brother.

Appreciate Transporter for the prayer.

Appreciate the chance to lead at this awesome AO. Thanks Billy Goat and Mary K



  • Please keep Dumpster Fire and his family in your thoughts and prayers. DF lost his brother who was only 34. Its a tough loss.
  • Sandbox Charity event –  Pool Party – June 8th  (Bring your whole family $40 which includes pizza and beer – now thats a steal). Also feel free to donate

            Here’s the link to paypal the $:



  • Sign up for the Journeyman AO challenge – guys this is great way to meet other pax. If you have a few minutes extra, make the drive and check the other AOs. Sign up here :

       The Journeyman AO Challenge Google Doc

  • Purell on Q at Da Vinci(firehoses involved) or Madam Tussard at Stonehenge(he will take you a place not explored before… and beat you) – pick your poison
  • Doc on Q at the Brave
  • If you want to buy Area51 t-shirts (reflective kind) contact Doc quick as he needs 2 guys

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