“Do I Amuse You?”

“Do I Amuse You?”

It’s hard to avoid the Mafia jokes when you’re short, Italian, from Jersey, and are known as Goodfella. My Italian Hero, Joe Pesci, once asked, “Do I Amuse You?” in one of the greatest movies of all time.  YHC decided it was time to “Abuse You” fellas at The Floater on a beautiful June morning in The Haw.

We had some SC boys join us as part of the Journeyman Challenge, with General and Erector showing up right on time after a pre-run (or was it “pre-RUNS” trying to find a bathroom at 5am in Waxhaw?).

Favorite 80’s Rock playlist ready to roll…quick Mosey around the back of the Church for warm-ups.  Went something like this:

  • SSH x 25
  • IW x 20
  • Peter Parker x 20
  • Quick Downward/Upward Dog Stretch
  • Low Slow Squat x 10

Mosey over near the Remembrance Wall/Bridge.


Partner up for various exercises. Totals varied:

  • P1 Dips (150)/P2 Run to Bridge, 1 Burpee then switch
  • P1 Incline Merkins (100)/P2 Run to Bridge, 1 Burpee then switch
  • P1 Step-Ups (100)/P2 Run to Bridge, 1 Burpee then switch

Short mosey to The Bridge over the train tracks for “7’s”, consisting of:

  • Merkins
  • Burpees

After working up to about 4 reps, the Pax (or maybe just YHC) was starting to feel it and slow down. The bridge can be deceiving/challenging with the steep stairs on both sides and the slippery incline.  It’s such a great landmark in downtown and it’s great to use it during a workout.

Waiting on the Six, we held a pretty good plank and the moaning ensued. Not mentioning names, but Fuse Box kicked it into gear, finished, and we recovered in time to mosey back over to the Water Tower. Nice work, fellas.

At the Water Tower…Jack Webb’s.

Moneyball found his Yoga Mat while the rest of us enjoyed the grass. Who would possibly fathom that doing 10 Merkins and 40 Air Presses could be so hard??? More moaning, so I knew it was working.

Mosey down to the infamous #KeithJongHill.  At the bottom of KJH, we noticed our recent FNG, (not so) Happy Ending, seemingly spilling his Merlot on his way to the rock pile, or getting close to it. Posse checked on him, he was ok, then he joined us. Nice recovery, Happy Ending!

Partner up again…grab a Lifting Rock. Some didn’t understand that point, and grabbed pebbles (might have been our Journeymen?), but who are we to judge? Work on those Biceps for the pool, with some Curls:

  • P1 Bicep Curls (200)/P2 Run up KeithJongHill to the Stop Sign and Back, switch

YHC’s typical 5-minute warning sounded during curls, so we cut it a bit short to head back for COT. Return the rocks…get up KJH for 1 minute of Mary led by General. Thanks, brother.  Finish!



Great to see and lead such a great group of guys at The Floater today. The weather was perfect and we didn’t even have to play much Frogger downtown. Everyone gave a great effort and, I believe, actually enjoyed  the workout. I don’t have a fancy mileage tracking watch, or a calorie counter, but we ran some and burned some.  More than we would have sleeping!   Nobody took me up on my offer to buy them coffee to-go at Crossroads Coffee House…maybe next time.  Awesome job today, fellas. Until next time…



  • Pool Party at Lawson Pool on Friday, 6/8/18. $40 per family with proceeds going towards The Sandbox.
  • Local outreach going on through Waxhaw United Methodist Church. Repairing (21) homes in the community, called “Fix it for Christ”. They are looking for help if you can afford the time. www.fixitforchrist.com
  • Journeyman Challenge is in full force. Don’t be afraid to join another AO for a workout.  June through July.

YHC took us out in Prayer. We are truly Blessed to be part of F3 and able to workout like we do.


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