Cheddar 4 year anniversary – some took the escalator up instead of the backward bear crawl upstairs (name inside…)

Cheddar 4 year anniversary – some took the escalator up instead of the backward bear crawl upstairs (name inside…)

10 showed up for a Cheddar special …


SSH – 10 In cadence (IC)

Windmill – 10 IC

Mountain Climbers – 10 IC

Moroccan Night Club (I think) – 10 front and 10 back



Cheddar Shreddar was the plan I went with it…


Horizontal Plank walk with Merkins

Between parking lines 1 through 10

Partner up Wheel Barrow up one part of the deck


Partnerup – One bear crawl one ramp other does LBC. One more time – Flutter

We did some crazy stuff, running down an escalator

Also a backward bear crawl up the stairs. (some justed in the



This was a chatty group. A good number of about 10. Nice to see Goldberg from SC make it here. The lady at the Ballantyne Village shop thought we were insane group of 10 waving at her at 6:30am in the morning and going down an escalator when it is in the up motion. Also Tag Along and a few other pax did use the escalator up while we were trying to bear crawl up the stairs. Also was nice to see Wild Turkey doing the Moroccan Night Club dance- that was fun!!

Thank you F3 and all the pax

Its been a great 4 years. F3 has helped me mature (still a long way to go but getting there). I have got the confidence and leadership opportunities and loved it. I dont get them often in other walks of life, so truly appreciate it. Got the support to push harder and push the limits. Fellowship to know I have a friend to talk to. Also events like the Pool party benefiting the community.  A lot going on and its FREE! If you didn’t know Cheddar is cheap. But looking to get more $ to donate and still be my cheap self! Transporter will can sure attest to this!

I expect a child and have no idea how it will be, but sure know that I can get some advice from my F3 brothers on this special time. It is really a comfortable spot I can reach and trust my F3 brothers where I can jump into a 15 foot muddy pool without knowing how to swim and know my F3 brothers got my back! (Savage Race 2017 with Commish, Gator Bait, Lefty and Chopper)

Also had the opportunity to lead a team at the BRR 2017.  Also i’m not worried if im left waiting for my van , mistakes happens, I have grown to forgive all. Afterall you all know im the last to reach a workout. Special mention to Madam Tussaud , trusting me on his team

As Mr Bean said “… come post at F3 , it will change your life” . Also not to mention his horrible Indian accent. He needs help!


  • Please keep Dumpster Fire and his family in your thoughts and prayers. DF lost his brother who was only 34. Its a tough loss.
  • Sandbox Charity event –  Pool Party – June 8th  (Bring your whole family $40 which includes pizza and beer – now thats a steal). Also feel free to donate

            Here’s the link to paypal the $:


  • Sign up for the Journeyman AO challenge – guys this is great way to meet other pax. If you have a few minutes extra, make the drive and check the other AOs. Sign up here :

       The Journeyman AO Challenge Google Doc

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