No June Swoon

No June Swoon

Being the only pre-runner today, YHC was the one guy that was in full sweat prior to the 530 launch time.  Not gonna lie, solo pre-runs can be a little lonely.  Many wandering thoughts flowed through my head, like “what am I doing?,” “Is this where I thought I’d be at 40?”, “why in the world did I accept the challenge to run a sub-5:00 mile?,” and lastly, “Wow! This new Black Diamond headlamp is incredible. What design modifications could be done to make it better?”

Having reached none of the answers to those questions, YHC gave the disclaimer at 530.  Seeing no FNG’s, it was short and sweet.  One face that I did get excited to see was Simba – welcome back out!  Skunkworks has missed seeing you.

After COP (SSH x 15, IW x 15, LSS x 10, Merkins x 10, MCs x 10, Burpees x 5), the 12 PAX members moseyed across the street to the Lower School lot.  Instructions were given to get a partner and the workout began…


P1 runs parking lot, up around the median and returns while P2 does called exercise.  Then flapjack for each exercise in each round.

Round 1: Overhead Press, Right arm clean & press, Left arm clean & press

Round 2: Upright Rows, Right arm Snatch, Left arm Snatch

Round 3: Triceps Press, Right arm lawn mower pulls, Left arm lawnmower pulls

Mosey to base of hill in the main parking lot area

P1 runs the hill while P2 does the called exercise.

Round 1: Squats (x2), Good Mornings (x2)

Round 2: Lunges – right (x2), Lunges – left (x2)

Round 3: P1 runs the hill with KBs while P2 does Freddie Mercury (x2)

Mosey back to launch.  10 Regular Merkins, 10 Wide-Arm Merkins, 10 Diamond Merkins.  Mary until the end, and DONE.


Great break from the oppressive humidity that we’ve come to know as “home” for the summer months.  Guys really were strong performers today as the group pretty much stayed in sync throughout.  I always enjoy seeing Smokey fly by me while running!  He inspires me to be in that great of shape when I’m on the verge of “Respect”!! Good to catch up with Fireman Ed, even though our usual Clemson talk wasn’t so positive today. #baseballblowout  Tulip is showing no signs of wearing down following the birth of another child, and his KB form is pretty much impeccable.

Always great to lead the Skunk group.  If you’re out there looking for a little bit of weight training (Kettlebells) and running combined, we hope you’ll join us.  And for those that have been MIA, we’d love to see you out in the gloom again!

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