The Brave

The Brave

I was originally supposed to Q The Brave like 2 months ago.  After the meanest calf injury of my life and asking Tuck and Thin Mint to push me back multiple times when it didn’t heal, I finally got it together and got it done.  Really appreciate everyone’s patience and it was great to be back.  Of course, after falling badly out of shape, I was scared to death to Q this workout.  So disclaimer nervously given and here we go:

Mosey across the street to parking deck.  Warm up with: 10 windmills, 10 low slow squats, 10 seal merkins, 10 Aquamans, 20 “2nd bases.”  (if these last three are new to you, check out my instructional video YouTube.  yeah right.)

Run the deck twice.  At the top of ramp 1, do 20 seal merkins, ramp 2 20 Aquamans, ramp 3 50 2nd Bases.  These exercises done together are good for core strength and shoulder mobility.

Long mosey all the way to the exercise trail.  Couple of stops for LBCs, peoples’ chair on the bridge, and we slalomed the trees on one of the hills.  Nice job by the PAX of staying together on a pretty long hike.

Pullup challenge:  On the exercise trail, use both sets of bars and run from one to the other in between sets.  Total of 3 laps/6 sets see how many you can get.  If memory serves me, Rachel took it home with 43.  Several PAX in  the high 30s.

Mary until everyone is done.  Then finish the workout with 20 CDDs, run Bagpipe Hill, 15 CDDs, run down, 10 CDDs, run up, 5 CDDs.  Then run back to the launch.  It was a tight squeeze to fet back by 6:15!

Moleskin: Total of 5.2 miles.  Very little complaining.  Pop Tart was a beast.  He told me to write that though.  Peace.

Announcements:  Pool Party next Friday!!!!!!!!  Cost is $40, bring the whole family and get pizza and beer.  Great way to support The Sandbox and have some 2nd F.  Here’s the link to paypal the $:

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