Sandbags and Cinder Blocks…AMRAP Style

Sandbags and Cinder Blocks…AMRAP Style

Let’s cut to the chase…despite all the rainy weather lately including a Thursday night deluge, 22 PAX vowed to make the most of Fun Friday at Kevlar and were greeted with perfect weather…perfect for running around a big church and picking up heavy objects repeatedly. So here’s how it went down:

Mosey out of the lot clockwise into Covenant Day and around the entire campus where I pointed out 4 exercise stations identified with two orange cones (Walmart $5) and provided guidance what to do there. After one full lap, we circled up for SSH x 20, IW x 20, LS Squats x 20, Wide Arm merkin x 10, Diamond merkin x 10. From there we divided into two groups to spread out and began an AMRAP adventure.

Station #1: 25 Merkins

Station #2: 15 Thrusters with 40# sandbags

Station #3: 25 LBC’s

Station #4: 20 Curls and 20 Overhead extensions with Cinder Blocks ($1.72 each at Lowes)

(Meet back at launch, do some mary while you wait).


So I’m pulling cinder blocks out of my car in the lower lot when a truck pulls up and asks me where the Kevlar start is…didn’t recognize the truck or the guy. I pointed him in the right direction and thought, “Cool, someone new.” I found out later is was Grave Dancer. Upon arriving at the official launch…whoa!…the cars kept coming in…22 PAX is a huge group for Kevlar…and lots of new faces (or maybe I just don’t remember them) like Godfather, Nuke, Minor League, Pickle, Pavarotti, Pleats, Ramen…thank you for showing up. Great age mix which has become the norm, 18 to 49. Lots of regulars and seasoned veterans out there also (Coldcuts, Busch, Bulldog, Harley, Turkey Leg, Puddin Pop and Luthor, et al…). Last week, Orange Whip told me to “bring it” so I wanted to push hard and I like the AMRAP format. And with a group that big…it works out to spread out that many PAX. I was a little iffy/vague on how many reps, didn’t want to wimp out but the sandbags get really heavy real fast. I was making sure we’re all coming when I was a little surprised to see OW leading half the group in perfect marching formation…not sure if they ever spread out or not, my half of the group dissolved after one station…or at least I fell back pretty quick. I think the group averaged three full laps maybe with an extra station or two for a few go-getters. Total mileage around 3 and change. Shoulders and hamstrings…check!


F3 Dads at Col. Francis Beatty park Saturday am…check Twitter or Slack for details.

Thanks to Squid for the takeout prayer.

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Fault LinePosted on1:15 pm - Jun 1, 2018

I just learned that Orange Whip’s half of the group did some partner work, throwing sandbags back and forth, hence the reason they remained lock in step…overachievers!!

High TidePosted on2:25 pm - Jun 1, 2018

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