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Doc texts me,,,, ” looking forward to your q tomorrow,” ohh yea,  completely forgot,  thank you for the reminder Doc!  Show up early and plan to do some recon prior to the start and there are a bunch of Dudes there already!  Why the heck they show up so early?  I’m like OK they show up early, then Alf says Fletch is on Q,  what!  Doc texts me, 9PM, I leave my house a 4:55 for some recon and Fletch is q’ing B…S… Then I ask Alf, you sure Fletch is on Q? I thought I was on Q,  “YEP, I’m Sure”   you sure your not q’ ing Hawknest and not Fast twitch…Ohhh, that explains it, Rachel, Purell, Fletch, Thin, Astro, it looked a little of the Elite running crowd…. ALL Good!   Time to do some recon.  Scope the place out for 15 min and head pax to meet the right PAX

WU: mosey south to the parking lot, quick disclaimer,  25 SSH, 10 Merkins, 20 IW  then a 4 corners of the parking lot with Squats

The Thang:

Continuing to head South/ Southwest ish, head to the track, hit the bleachers and mix in some SSH on the way to a perfect hill for 11’s.  Mike Tyson’s at the bottom and Air Squats at the top. Mary to finish up with a hanging drill I thought we could give a shot given the opportunity.  Head back north with a cruise through the bleachers to an area in the school for a round of 20 step up’s and 20 Dips,  followed by 15, 10.  Times almost up,  head back quick round of Mary with some American hammers and supermans.


Moleskin-  Fantastic site,  plenty of places to work step up, hills, track. Fun stuff.  On the Pax side, I heard Bananas busting my chops a little bit but I think the humidity and the lack of breathing quieted him down after a few minutes.  Billy Goat was working hill why the rest of the crew put their work in as well.  Great AO and group of Guys,  I think I can officially wear and order an A51 shirt as I feel part of the crowd! Totaled 3 miles this morning and plenty of sweat!

The Whole Thing is a Sham…

Humid, but all-in-all nice morning at Watchtower. YHC volunteered in yesterday’s COT to Q today. I love Watchtower. So much to see and do. Today, the plan was to see it and do it in quarter mile increments.


The calorie burn title belt definitely came up. Consensus among Watchtower pax is that it is possible we’ll need to explore a more sophisticated measuring device. In Recalc’s words, “the whole thing is based on a 50 year-old man with a bum hip and a crapple watch who may or may not be feeling it that day.” He may be on to something. 🙂


Quarter mile lap around the parking area while waiting for Jingles Xerox to arrive.

SSH: 25 IC with pace
Clover Pickers: Hamstring stretch
Old Man Stretch
Merkins: 10 IC

The Thang:

.25 mile mosey towards upper parking lot. Under school portico, do 10 burpees on your own. Head over to upper parking area.

As mentioned before, Watchtower AO is IMO the 2nd best site in WUC. The Site Q, on the other hand, is the best in the land. After a brief text exchange Monday night, Posse sent an image of a loop that would suit our needs perfectly. But he didn’t stop there. He decided to arrive early and actually coned off a course for us around the upper parking lot. Thank you for doing that, Posse. I’m quite certain you’re the glue that holds this whole thing together. Sappy shout out over.

Here we go- Run lap and double back for 6. As a group, perform exercise.

Lap 1: 25 Squats
Lap 2: 25 Merkins (or pulse merkins to finish first)
Lap 3: 25 Jump Squats – then grab lifting rock. 1 set of 21s (bicep curls)
Lap 4: 25 bicep curls. Replace rocks.

Upon conclusion, we did LBC, American Hammer, H2H, and Freddy Mercury’s all IC x 25.

.25 mile mosey over the bridge for 10 burpees on your own.

Mosey to stadium bleachers and run each of the sets of stairs. At this point, YHC watched Hollywood torch the steps and yielded to Foundation and Deflated who both made short work of those stadiums.

25 LBCs while waiting for 6.

Mosey to short wall. 50 dips (2 quarters?). On the mosey to the short wall, Hollywood pointed out a freshly lined GRASS field. He seemed to indicate the ground would be both flat and dry with the exception of dew. And so, since Damascus so unexpectedly deprived us all of Man Touching on Monday, and Mad Dog regaled us with tales of going “Through Tunnels” and “Nuts to Butts”, YHC decided to do the unexpected and throw the ultimate curve ball- We hit the grass!

Reverse Suicide. Run to Far End Zone and back, Far 10 and back, Far 20 etc…Run with and until 6 finishes.

Mosey back to start

3 Minutes remained.

25 SSH with pace

30 seconds high knees

5 Burpees

Stopped EXACTLY on time. Q’s watch is always right…unless you’re Hooch. His runs 3-5 minutes late. 🙂


Awesome effort today by all PAX. Thanks as always for the chance to lead. We clocked 2.75 miles and hopefully got in a pretty decent workout.

Based upon early returns out of GroupMe, it would appear Recalculating burned 5,426 calories. We’re waiting for confirmation. I believe the official crapple number to be closer to 527.

Runkeeper on my phone said I only got 441 out of the deal, so it’s possible the whole thing is a sham. The world may never know.

No announcements (Frack would have loved that part). YHC took us out.

Monday is for Wine-ing

The morning looked and sounded like many Union County mornings…  Beautiful sunrise, perfect temps, a large number of PAX gathering in the Cuthbertson Middle School parking lot (with Jingles rolling in at his traditional 5:32am).  Like most Damascus Qs, there was a lot of anticipation around MTM with jokes about partner carries, bridal carries, etc. (some not suitable to publish)…  Needless to say, everyone was shocked with how the morning progressed.



  • Long mosey around the side AND front parking lots (mumble chatter already started how this was not usual for a MTM)
  • Circle Up
  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Mountain Climbers (IC)
  • That’s all (I can almost feel Frack being proud)


The Thang

  • Mosey to sidewalk
  • Run to Transporter’s Shed
    • Alternate lights 10 squats / 10 merkins
    • Faster guys circle back to finish with the 6
  • Partner Up at Transporter’s Shed
    • 100 Mike Tysons (team)
    • P1 = Mike Tysons
    • P2 = Run to lights and back (going an extra light each time)
    • This is where YHC made his 1st faux pa – In my over zealous concern for time, I gathered the group and took off to the next station leaving Fuse Box ~100 yards away at the last light.  Thankfully Delta and GoodFella circled back for him – My humble apologies
  • Mosey to locker room entrance
    • This is where the PAX almost revolted and there was some comments about how partner carries may be a better choice….
    • 150 Burpees (team)
      • P1 = burpees
      • P2 = Run to circle and back
    • PAX were wasted at this point, but we we still had 10 min left to go
  • Mosey to front of Middle School
    • Stop 1/2 way to allow 6 to catch up (jump squats)
    • 200 Dips
      • P1 = Dips
      • P2 = Run to far curb and back
  • Quick 10 count
  • Jail Break to start
  • 1 min of Hammers
  • DONE!


  • Sanctuary – Tonight, 7:30 Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel.  Discussion around next study.
  • 3rd F – Sunday 7:00-8:00 Bible Study at Five Stones Church – Book of John
  • Welcome back to Duck Dad who honored his HC after being EHd at the Lawson pool

Railroad Track to Nowhere

TLDR: Successful VQ with only one minor spill

Full Blast: YHC and WSP Clown Car arrived early to lead the circle of mumblechatter in a discussion about the origins of “if you build it, he/they will come” with FieldofDreams.

A very basic Disclaimer was given to the 23 PAX signing up to endure today’s activities. No FNG’s, only a couple Metro guy’s coming down to DMZ for this special occasion. Always great to have the Clemson allegiance rolling deep with representation from FratGirl, Cashback, and Hammer.

Partner up quickly (similar speed) so we can leave the parking lot without stretching. Only CheeseCurd seemed to need a stretch. We show up to put in work, stretch OYO. Mosey down Carmel and turn to go North up Colony. We hadn’t even made it to the first stop before one of the Metro guys was gawking at the homes on Colony and lost his footing, sending him to the pavement in a graceful tumble and roll. Upon his recovery, we learned that this happens to him on the reg (careful running in his proximity).

Halt at the Ballencourt cul-de-sac where first partner runs to the man hole cover and back while other partner does 10x Carolina Drydocks and 10x LBC’s OYO on repeat. Flap Jack for 2 cycles

Mosey to Amyington cul-de-sac where first partner Bear Crawls to the non-existent man hole cover and Lunge Walks back while other partner does 10x Merkins and 10x Freddy Mercury OYO on repeat. Flap Jack just once this time. Looking up from our Merkins, Leprechaun announced that the oncoming herd of lunge walkers resembled a dark and gloomy zombie PAX from the Walking Dead.

Mosey hallway to Sharon View before halting to give explanation on laying the Railroad Tracks: Single file line. First pax drops to low plank, second pax jumps over first pax runs 5-10 yards and gets in low plank as well. Third pax jumps over both pax runs additional 5-10 yards and gets in low plank. After all pax have gone, the first pax jumps over all the pax and returns to low plank. We cycled through 3 times before YHC requested Aquafresh to take the PAX to the corner for Plank until the 6 was in.

After everyone had enough of the plank, we crossed Sharon View to Indian Run up the hill to Town and Country. At this point I was concerned the prescribed beat down was not what the PAX ordered as the Indian Run took off in a steady pace up the hill. After a half mile of it, I feel we accomplished a proper tribute to the original occupants of our land.

From Town and Country we partnered back up to do a variation of Catch Me if You Can. 5 Merkins were the ‘catch up’ exercise. We stopped at each of the 3 intersections to do 10x WW2 sit-ups each. Plank was led again by Aquafresh upon reaching Carmel as YHC raced the 6 in. 10 count from Fratgirl before moseying back to the parking lot to complete our 3-mile loop (plus some cul-de-sacs).

Here we obtained 1 running sized rock each and headed off into the ball field where we circled up.

  • 5 burpees with an overhead rock press
  • 10x more overhead rock press
  • LBCs 20x
  • Rosalita 20x
  • The Flutter 20x


After the PAX accepted my VQ ability to call exercises in cadence we did a mosey with our beloved rock back to the original pile (some folks offloaded early thinking we were done) so we can line it up and sprint it in. Plank to fill the last 30 seconds because ‘nothing is wasted’

We ended with 2 announcements from AquaFresh about Memorial Day convergence and DMZ 5 year Anniversary on 6/11 with celebrity guest Q’s.

Blessed by the anointed take-out from ScratchandWin to close out COT.


Moleskin: Laying the Railroad Tracks was a risky strategy that started off fairly bumpy due to the resistance or inability to hold low plank (with the exception of CheeseCurd in fine form). PAX ultimately following his leadership and straightened out their varying forms of low, medium and high planks for a successful railroad track. Someone wiser that I once commented on proper form when building tracks: “If a railroad is bent, the train shall turn over; if a man’s character is bent, he shall turn over just like that train.”

First times are rarely what you might expect in your preconceived notions. Our normal PAX size in the low teens was nearly doubled today. Was it the fresh blood at the helm for VQ… one may never know. I’m just thankful I didn’t overhear anyone saying, “finished already?”

Let me close with one inspirational quote from our Nation’s 42nd President: “I may not have been the greatest president, but I’ve had the most fun eight years.” –Bill Clinton



Fishing for FNG’s, Netted a Bunch of Kotters Instead

Quarterly the SOB region has been putting together a workout meant to attract and retain FNG’s while bringing back some of the Kotter folk. YHC & Transporter wanted this to be a workout that would be somewhat FNG friendly, while still making it worthwhile to the tuned up PAX that woke up ready for a challenge. This was my first rodeo at the newer Cerberus AO, thus the 4:50 arrival time to do some recon where I ran into Bunker and Meat Loaf heading out for a pre-run appetizer. Cars began filling up the lot, PAX jumping out of vehicles and making their way over and with 530 on the dial YHC exclaimed “Do we have any new guys, aka FNG’s”….Crickets….more Crickets….scanning familiar face after familiar face…still Crickets…Boom, got 1…and only 1. 1 token FNG stepped forward and was the sole focus of my disclaimer.

Warm-up (General_)

  • Buzz over to the lot where the “Gladiator” crew was working out, and circle up
    • My strategy here was to try and attract some attention to F3, possibly draw out a FNG. Realized this was a backfire once there were females spotted amongst the “Gladiator” crew…
  • 20 SSH
  • 10 LSS
  • 10 Merkins
  • 20 MC

The Thang (General_)

  • Mosey back to Viva Chicken lot and line-up for Progressive suicides:
    • Run to 1st island and back + 20x merkins + 20x Bombjacks = (20x each)
    • Suicide using 1st & 2nd islands +15x merkins + 15x Bombjacks each time reaching start line = (30x each)
    • Suicide using 1st, 2nd & 3rd islands +10x merkins + 10x Bombjacks each time reaching start line = (30x each)
    • Suicide using 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th islands +5x merkins + 5x Bombjacks each time reaching start line = (20x each)
  • Mosey to the Parking Deck & partner up:
    • P1 Burpee broad-jump 15yds, bear crawl back to P2
    • P2 doing Merkins
    • Flapjack with goal equaling 100 total merkins
    • Repeato w/ 100 total CDD

The Thang-a-lang (Transporter) 

  • Donkey Webb
    • 3:1 Ratio of Donkey Kicks to Mike Tysons, 7 sets total (21 DK’s, 7 MT’s) = FNG barely alive and majority of PAX totally wrecked
  • Split into 4 groups with the goal of moving a 45lb from the bottom of the parking deck to the top of the parking deck…Hairburner style
    • 1 PAX moving plate thru Parking Deck
    • Rest of PAX doing 10 American Hammers, 10 lunges than catch up to Hair Burner PAX and switch
    • PAX finishing Hair Burner run to nearest stairwell and double back to team
  • Mary at the top until last group finishes, down the stair well and back to COT finishing up some Mary until the 6 is in


Well, to briefly summarize:

  • Thank you Squid for the take out
  • There was 1 FNG who felt damn special. Welcome “Teacher’s Pet” and great work Cheddar on bringing out your Professor. I owe you a Chik-Fil-A biscuit
    • Runners up in the name department were: Hot4Teacher, Sheldon
  • There were a strong number of Kotters…you know who you are and great to see you. Come back anytime, admission is free
  • Even if you are a seasoned F3 vet, Transporter’s portion alone was worth getting out of bed for. Pretty sure I lost 2lbs of sweat in the parking deck
  • Don’t let FNG day be the only day that you try to bring out FNGs…or not bring out FNGs. Plenty of solid AO’s scattered throughout the week that would make a difference in someones life so keep pushing to bring ’em in.


  • Private Pool party in the Lawson neighborhood coming up the 2nd Weekend in June. All you can drink brews + food for a very reasonable price. Proceeds are going to help fund current and future “SandBox” projects. If you haven’t gotten involved, check out the SandBox channel on Slack. MORE INFO to come surrounding the pool party. Be on the look-out via Slack and Tweeter.

Over & Out



Catch Me If You Can Mile

11 individuals of the ex-sad clown persuasion descended upon a moist SCMS campus for today’s edition of Base Camp. YHC has not been out to the AO in quite some time and I was excited to try out the new track surface. So with no FNGs and an abbreviated Disclaimer we mosey.

Short lap around the parking lot incase anyone came flying in on two wheels. With no Lifos in attendance, we headed down to the track. Upon arrival YHC was pleasantly surprised with it’s resurfacing. I think this is the second time it has been resurfaced in F3’s existence. We must really beat it up.

COP In Cadence
SSH x 20
IW x 20
Merkin x 10
Mtn Climber x 10
Low Slow Squat x 20

The Thang – Catch Me if You Can (the mile edition)
Partner up size/speed does not matter. But if you feel it does, go for it.

Lap 1 – P1 does 10 LBCs then run and catch P2, P2 does Backward run. FlapJack and repeato all the way around the track. Plank while waiting on the Six
Lap 2 – P1 does 5 CDDs then run and catch P2, P2 does Side step run facing inside of track. FlapJack and repeato all the way around the track. Reverse plank while waiting on the Six
Lap 3 – P1 does 10 Lunges then run and catch P2, P2does Side step run facing outside of track. FlapJack and repeato all the way around the track. Plank while waiting on the Six
Lap 4 – P1 does 10 Merkins then run and catch P2, P2 does Regular run (yogging). FlapJack and repeato all the way around the track. Plank while waiting on the Six

Quick 10-count to catch some breath and head on up to Semi-Gloss’s office. (Simba has taken up residency there as well) Mosey up the hill and detour down towards the ball fields just so we can get a quick 2-at-a-time stair climb.

People’s Chair. Arm raises x 40 and a deep burn for round one.
Donkey Kicks x 20
PC round 2, Arm raises x 20 and a 30 sec deep burn provided by an excruciatingly slow 10 count from Goonie
Ascending Testicles – Failed

Circle it up under the beautiful sunrise and we partook in some crowdsourced Mary. Everyone called an exercise x 10 IC. It was glorious!

Question, Concrete or Grass?


So we found some and finished it out with our ole pal Jack Webb and his cousin Jerk Webb. Jack to 5 and Jerk back down. (Jerk Webb is shoulder taps while in merkin position) #Crowdpleaser

Ye Ole MoleSkinny: A few notes from this morning. Again, the track is great. YHC’s LSS cadence is fast according to Goonie. Goonie hates 10 counts. Simba hates lunges. Everyone hates Side Step for an entire lap. Two laps, since we need to balance our bulging right calf. Catch me if you can is sneaky hard when you do it consistently for a mile. Note to self – CMIYC 5K would be epic. (Coming soon) We got a preview of the summers humidity. One word, MOIST, just like the Pete Schweaty family recipe balls. That feeling of swimming through the air is unpleasant. Donkey Kicks and Merkins on a slippery wall are hard. Goonie loves 10-counts again. We all dislike Goonie for loving 10-counts again. There are at least 11 types of Mary. Hourglass is one such Mary and she sucks in cadence. Jerk Webb is a meaner version of Jack Webb. (I’m sure it has a diff name. I just like Jerk Webb) Great job to everyone and thanks for putting up with my shenanigans.

Announcements: Next week – Marvel has the Q
Keep your eye out for Memorial Day Convergence, most likely to be held at Base Camp. (cause it’s the best camp boiiiiiii)

Pastor Simba on the BOM.

Udder out

Greatest HIITs

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeet’s get ready to rumble! Fight Club is back. Same location, new day. Fight Club now shares real estate with SOB ‘bell central Fox Hole. How did it work out? Perfectly!

School lap
Side-straddle-hop x 10
Imperial wlkers x 10
Low-slow squats x 10
‘Mericans x 10

The Thang

— On one side of the parking lot, dropped the ‘bells for community use. In each parking space was an exercise card.
10 high pulls / 10 rows
10 snatch (each side) / 10 swings
10 skull cruskers / 10 American hammer
10 thrusters / 10 cleans (each side)
10 squats / 10 push-ups
10 pull-ups / burpees

–On the other side of the lot, the boxing gloves, pads and jump rope  laid out.

–Heavy bag and pull-up/burpee section at the playground

Format: 90 sec activity / 45 sec switch & recover

Core Meltdown
15 regular crunch
15 toe-tap crunch
15 LBC
15 knees right
15 knees left
10 pistol crunch R& L
15 Chippy cross

My goal was to create a cafeteria style workout where pax could challenge themselves and get a good variety of boxing and bells. I couldn’t be happier with results. Everyone found a station and got after it. Great to see some new faces – Worm, Transporter, Chopper (R) and Doc McStuffins. Plus, the Fight Club vets – Chipotle, Loogie. Foxhole represented with General, Cobbler and Frehley’s. Stellar work gents!

If you are looking for upper body/core work, HIIT training, and fun – FIGHT CLUB / fox hole is your spot on Monday.

Special thanks to Loogie & Chipotle for bringing the gear.

Wrong Way Running

12 PAX were in for 5 sweaty miles at Blakovery.  It was 5:15 according to the fancy watches and 11 of us we ready to launch. After a quick consultation about the route, Bunker stepped up to lead the way. Just as we were off, a silver pick up sighting.  Without hesitation we left, knowing our Q would catch up. We were ready to tackle the hill of Ardrey Kell right from the start.


Run up Ardrey Kell toward the high school with plans on ducking into the neighborhood beyond the school.  We didn’t even make it past Lenox and Lash and appearing in the gloom was Bratwurst, lamenting how we were not following the route he posted at 5 am this morning.  Looking to correct the wrong way running, he dashed to the front to reclaim the Q and dub the route the reverse Landen Meadows.

Left on Community House, right into the Ballanmoor subdivision, through the Charlestonian type hood, winding our way to Landen Meadows and out of the neighborhood at Blakeney Racquet & Swim Club, left on Rea Rd back to the AO for stretching by Paper Jam.


Lessons learned this morning (1) if you want to lead a workout, show up on time and in the right place, (2) when it gets hot and muggy some PAX lose their shirt along the way and strip down to only their shorts when stretching, (3) in spite of the obvious benefits, no one is really up to the challenge of partner stretches, (4) goat yoga is really a thing.

Good to be back on Monday. Needed it this morning more than anyone will know. Thanks Fraiser for hanging back with me and Bratwurst for taking us out.

Depth Charge has the reigns of Swift tomorrow, it should be fun.

Preblast: Speed for Need @ St. Philip Neri Cannoli Run 5k

Calling all men of F3 Fort, F3 Area 51, and surrounding F3 Nation regions. On Saturday, May 19, Speed for Need will roll at the Cannoli Run (see what I did there) at the St. Philip Neri Italian Festival in Fort Mill. Your presence is requested to serve our two Track Commanders and to converge in fellowship at an awesome Fort Mill tradition, led by one of our own.

Speed For Need is privileged to push two Track Commanders in the 5k:
– Jessie is an 11 year old girl who loves fun and adventure. She was born prematurely and suffered a brain injury at birth which led to cerebral palsy, vision impairment, and developmental delay. Despite these challenges, Jessie makes the most of life! She enjoys school, hanging out with friends and family, listening to music, watching plays, eating at Chick-Fil-A, and going on road trips. Jessie is a veteran Track Commander and is looking forward to rolling again with Speed for Need next Saturday!

– Luka, another SFN veteran and F3 Vuvuzela’s 2.0, is a 7 year old boy who has suffered from seizures since birth. He was diagnosed with CDKL5 gene disorder (epilepsy) at 2 years old. Luka is funny! He does not talk or walk, but he communicates with us in a very special way; his facial expressions are the best. Those who know him understand that Luka enjoys every minute of his life, especially the opportunity of running with Dad.

Men, we have a remarkable opportunity to connect with these two TCs and their families through Speed For Need. I urge you to come out next Saturday to serve and to be part of something larger than ourselves. Who pushes who?

EVENT: St. Philip Neri Cannoli Run 5K

WHO: Speed For Need and the Men of F3 Nation

WHEN: Saturday, May 19, 2018 / 0730-0845 registration / 0815-0845 F3 pre-race workout / 0900 Cannoli Run start

WHERE: St. Philip Neri Church, 292 Munn Road East, Fort Mill SC

WHY: You get to eat cannolis while you run a 5k. Enough said. But if you need more motivation, this is an awesome opportunity to join your brothers in support of a great Fort Mill tradition led by one of our own. We get to foster inclusion and serve two worthy Speed for Need Track Commanders. And the rest of the afternoon is filled with family activities – ice cream eating contests, family fun zone, karaoke, beer tasting, etc.


Just A Loop

AYE. Today is a tale of two groups. The first are the 14 pax of Rock Zero. The second are the 2 pax of Area 51 who traversed over to Calvary because, I don’t know, I guess working out with just 2 people is awkward? Anyway, this backblast has to cover both groups, so here’s more or less what transpired:

Group 1
Mosey to far side of the parking lot
SSH, Imperial Walkers, LS Merkins, LS Squats
Run to far entrance
Lunge walk the length of the island
Run to light at 51 and Elm
Runstopper & Co. talked smack about YHC’s shorts
10 “Boardshort” Burpees in retaliation
Rally up at Elm and Woodleigh Oaks

Group 2
OT and Beaver arrive at Area 51 to find that all others have been abducted by aliens
OT – Well Beavs, should we stare deeply into each other’s eyes while we do partner squats or head to Rock Zero?
Beavs – I’d prefer the partner squats but we can go to Rock Zero if you want
OT – It’s a short drive. Only 15 minutes. I only like to work out for 45 minutes anyway.
Beavs – Ditto.
OT, already sweating profusely simply from moving his jaw muscles, leads the way to Rock Zero
But upon arriving, they find that group 1 has departed

Group 1
Run the Woodleigh Oaks loop with 10 Burpees at each intersection – 80 Burpees total
Mary at the Clubhouse
Woodleigh Oaks with 10 deconstructed Burpees at each intersection – 10 Merkins, 10 Jump Squats, 10 Heels-to-Heaven
Mary and Plank-o-rama at the Clubhouse
Woodleigh Oaks loop with no exercises

Group 2
OT and Beavs mosey around the church to confirm that, in fact, they are alone
21 minutes of Mary
18 minutes of 10 counts
1 minute of “sprints” at the basketball court

Group 1
Head back up to Elm and 51 – 5 Burpees at the intersection
Run back to Calvary – 5 burpees at the church when joined by Group 2


  1. There was much mumblechatter today. Nothing was sacred. Not even Flipper’s momma. But that’s what makes a great workout.
  2. Everyone put in an extremely solid effort, including the large man with the small dog who steered us in the right direction around the Woodleigh loop. He kept saying something like “perseverance!” and “work hard!” but he refused to join us in our Burpees.
  3. Floor Slapper looked sick for most of the workout.