The Angel is here

The Angel is here

For about 3 weeks now Bernanke in his old age has mistakenly preblasted I was on Q at Thrive. Well, his wish finally came true… of course he didn’t show up to experience the satisfaction of said Q.

Oh well, lets mosey! A quick #HairbandMile to get the blood flowing ending in a different spot than usual for COP just to be different.

Side Straddle Hops X 25
Imperial Walkers X 25
Low Slow Squats X 20

Some random #Mumblechatter was in there, a few short jokes I think but they probably went over my head. #OwnIt

Lets mosey!


Grouped up at the road with instructions… You know the Beast, run stopping at 6 stations, 6 reps of called exercise at each stop then run back to the starting point and regroup.

Well,The Bible says 7 is the perfect number so we will use the trees as markers and there are 7 of them ahead of us and 7 reps at each. Beast? No, Angel… or Angel of death?

Here are the exercises for the Angel:

  • Merkins
  • Monkey Humpers – while it is still dark
  • Squats
  • Jump Squats – #Crowdpleaser after squats
  • WWII Sit ups
  • Rockhoppers
  • Burpees (Start at 1 and add a rep at each stop)

Mosey over to the picnic tables for:
20 step ups (20 times off the ground)
15 Carolina Dry Docks
Run to Carolina Courts building and back

Repeato until time called.

Roughly 2MOM:

Flutter x 25
Rosalita x 20ish
Maybe something else I can’t remember a the moment.


Ye Olde Moleskine:

As we were waiting for the PAX to assemble I see an oddly familiar red car pull in… That looks like… Nah… Wait, it is Jabberwocky! #Tclaps for branching back out to add another post to your week!

During the Angel after the first round we regrouped doing LBCs while waiting on the six, thanks for the call out by Gypsy that we may be there for a while so I called an audible for us to run and pick up the six. We did the same for the second round, after that it was deemed we were all close enough and nobody would get lost so just move on to the next round as you get done.

Overall we were close to 2.5 miles which for one of my Qs is rare and surprised many PAX. #KeepThemGuessing
And Thurston correctly pointed out I had us hit basically every body part, summer is coming we need to impress our wives. #BeachBody

Solid work by all, guys pushed themselves and modifications made where needed. The growth continues when you come back and don’t need to modify like you did the last time and with this group the encouragement is always there to be better. #AlwaysPushedAlwaysPushing

A little PSA as we head into Summer, stay hydrated! It is really important and easier if you just make it a daily thing not just before a workout.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, always an honor!

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HorseheadPosted on7:59 pm - May 31, 2018

But I will still hit you with a #tclap for enduring a workout with Bullwinkle & Glass Joe.

Hair BandPosted on8:16 pm - May 31, 2018

Perfection Part Deux, I did read through old backblasts a couple of months ago, probably got the idea then but didn’t pay attention or remember the originator so #TClaps for the idea I shamelessly stole.

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