Hobo Joe and the Greasy Spoon

Hobo Joe and the Greasy Spoon

6 guys showed up for the Madison themed AO that lets us visit the best sights, sounds and even smells of Downtown Matthews.


We encountered neighbors, bus stop people, pizza grease and even a hobo who we affectionately named “Homeless Guy”.


Very experienced, yet clever group so I did a disclaimer just to be sure I didn’t have to use my $1m umbrella policy on a Thursday. I’m saving it for something special – like a freak trampoline accident.


Headlamps up…


The Thang


Run to Brakeman’s coffee shop lot (corner one), and did a long lap over to W. Matthews St. and back up to downtown Matthews, ending back at Brakeman’s to show the route.


Round 1 – Corner 1 – Derkins (20), Corner 2 (Wide Arm), Corner 3 (Tight Grip), Corner 4 (Hand release or Diamond)


Round 2 – Corner 1 – Step ups (20), Corner 2 – Knee Tucks (20), Corner 3 – Sister MC (20), Corner 4 Cross Country Skier (20)


Pizza Peel 


Took the PAX on a hot lap around our next route and had to motion to the “Homeless Guy” sleeping in the alleyway. I typically yell “car!”, “curb!”, but things get awkward when you have to let the PAX know not to step on somebody. We realized why he chose this spot, the smell of warm pizza grease from Pizza Peel could nurse anyone to sleep. Unfortunately I had to change my plan due to the infringement.


Partner up – 20 hand slap sit ups, both run stairs, 15 hand slap sit ups – both run stairs, 10 hand slap situps – both run stains


Old Town Matthews 

Went to my house on Freemont St. where I had some coupons (pavers) lined up at the end of my driveway.

40 shoulder raises – run to the stop sign, 40 curls – run to the stop sign, 40 shoulder presses – run to stop sign



Ran down roughly 1 mile – we had 11 minutes to get back so we scrapped most of my plans and ended back to the top lot at 5:14 to meet up with Peak 51.




PAX was strong here all morning with 5.25 miles in 60 minutes with a lot of stops included. Everyone kept pace with Madison leading the charge.


We got into a discussion about Arena’s name and how Wabbit was perfect. HH suggested Warena? This could be the very rare case where we let Arena decide what he wants to be called after 3 name changes. Apparently he was first called some dirty calculator name (?) which made my mind wander for the rest of the workout. TI-69? AlegeBras? Hard Division? XXX? BOOBS (ya know – 80085)?

What the heck was it!?!?

HH texted me the night before to make sure I had incorporated stops for “puke breaks”, he didn’t need it though

Wild Turkey was a Site FNG and pushed hard – especially up the hills – which seemed like most of the workout.


Wild Turkey also stepped on a pot hole that spewed out Pizza Grease – we could smell it the entire time we were running the stairs.


Madison has signed up for every race in the South if you’re looking to get more involved in races. Not sure if he does strength days anymore but he at least looks as strong as I’ve seen him.


Gypsy mentioned something like he wasn’t able to post on Sunday. Slacker. His last day after many years at Windstream is tomorrow – changing his life one event at a time – congrats!


This was my second 5:15am Q in the past two days so tomorrow is going to hurt.

Not only the fact that I can walk here from my house but this AO literally has endless opportunities. As much as I love Meathead, I think it’ll be my new Thursday since summer Meathead typically turns into my hands looking like rotting meat.

Fault Line has the Q at Kevlar tomorrow and he always brings the heat – make sure to come out tomorrow at 5:30 at Christ Covenant Church. Considering to re-start the 5:15 kettle bell warmup at Kevlar – any takers?

Out- Orange Whip

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HorseheadPosted on12:37 pm - Jun 1, 2018

If you would slow down a bit, you would hear the things I say from way in the back a little more clearly.

It wasn’t a dirty calculator name, although that has potential, just a dumb one. Something like TI-89 or the sort. It got changed to Wabbit, which was just about perfect. I don’t know how the 3rd change came about, but it was a bad idea and I would have blocked it had I been present on that ill-fated day.

Awena is what I like to go with. I think it works, and he seems to like it. His ears perk up and all when I say it.

    OrangeWhipPosted on2:37 pm - Jun 1, 2018

    Wondering how your post says you posted at 12:37pm on June 1st because that’s more than 2 hours in the future. Is there something about you we should know?

    So TI-69 is out of the question?

    Let’s go with

High TidePosted on2:27 pm - Jun 1, 2018

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