Bro-lympic Team competition #WINNING

Bro-lympic Team competition #WINNING

27 men came to stomp on and make fun of Participation Trophies at Dromedary on a 100% humidity morning.  After YHC’s preblast called out all the competitors, I was interested to see who showed.  Not To my surprise, there were only a few that took the morning off for good reasons.  #DoctorsNote.  Thanks to some brainstorming with Foundation the night before, YHC tried to implement some friendly competition into the workout.


  • Disclaimer given prior to launch about not suing F3 cuz we have no money or Marvin Ridge but they are flush with cash
  • Short mosey to front of parking lot with 90’s Rap on the BoomBox #IceIceBaby
  • SSH x 15
  • Imperial Squawkers x 15
  • Tempo Merkins x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 15


  • Mosey to back of parking lot where lots of weights await
  • 7 different stations set up with 2 weights each . . . Heavier weights at first station and getting progressively lighter down to seventh station
    • Weights consisted of 45lb buckets of sand, 45lb plates, 35lb dumbbells, 30lb kettlebells, Cinder blocks
  • 4 PAX to 1 station and partner in teams of 2
    • Team 1 does exercise while Team 2 runs around island at top of parking lot with weights
    • Flapjack x 2 rounds
    • Cumulative total of reps wins
    • Winners move up a station and split partners
    • Losers go down a station and split partners
    • Round 1:  Handslap merkins
    • Round 2:  World War II situps
    • Round 3:  Partner jumps over planking partner
    • Round 4:  Burpees
    • Round 5:  Squats with weights (other team runs backwards up hill)
    • Round 6:  Derkins on planking partner
  • Winners’ Rewards = Grab weights and mosey to my “FamilyTruckster
  • COT for some Mary
    • Heels to Heaven x 15
    • Diamonds x 10
    • Hourglass x 10
    • Amy Grant x 10
  • DONE!


  • Kudos to the group for being able to pull this off with my usual poor minimal explanation
  • Thanks to the guys getting and returning the cinder blocks (Goodfella, The Grease Monkey, Rockwell, Run Flat, Halfback, Delta)
  • Great to have some of the Cuthbertson crew venture away from the comfort zone (Hooch, Longhorn, Big 10, Foley, Duck Dad, Easy Button, Moneyball)
  • Jingles was back to his usual SJT (Standard Jingles Time) after a few days of posting early
  • Happy Birthday to 2.0 Tupperware (or is it Rubbermaid)
  • Nice work by 2.0 Epsilon staying towards the top groups
  • StubHub and Halfback are doing a great job pushing each other to post often . . . They are getting Fast
  • Great to see Soft Pretzel pushing through an injury
  • Shake n’ Bake and Boucher are country strong . . . and not slow either
  • Das Boot and Bratwurst claim to be runners but didn’t see much issue with them running with those weights
  • Hollywood and Dasher continue to set the pace . . . Way not to slow down so we can catch you
  • Much respect for Johnny Utah for the effort each week (and for taking us out with an awesome prayer)


  • F3 Pool Party Friday June 8th:  Please find Signup Genius link on Slack and/or GroupMe or reach out to Soft Pretzel or Transporter for more details
    • Please sign up so we know how much beer and pizza to get
    • $40/family goes to benefit The Sandbox charity
    • 8-10pm at Lawson neighborhood pool
  • Shake ‘n Bake on Q at #TheFloater Thursday morning at 0530 in downtown Waxhaw
  • Delta on Q next week at Dromedary

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