The Long Way

The Long Way




10 pax avoided the fart sack and posted on this gloriously moist morning.

The Thang

We warmed up – light yog, couple rounds of swings x 20, merkins, IW’s.

CMIYC around the church with your partner – Partner 1 carries both bells, Partner 2 10 diamond merkins

We finished that wonderful lap and reconvened over at the tennis pavilion aka Hot Yoga Studio

Complete 3 rounds and run down yonder and back – 20 one armed swings, 15 push press, 10 snatches

Complete 2 rounds and run down yonder and back – 20 merkins on bell, 15 high pulls, 10 lawn mowers

CMIYC back around the church going to opposite direction – crowd pleaser

COP – stomache’ exercises with a few rounds of swings




Not sure how it happens that YHC doesn’t Q for months and then gets 2 Q’s in 4 days, at the same AO.  Pretty sure those who made it both Friday and today got their $$$ worth.  See you guys again in a few months.

It was unbearably moist today.  Very thankful that none of us had to see Gloss this morning.  That shirt would have been off during the warm up.

Chatter was minimal – it was almost as if everyone was saving their energy for the last CMIYC lap.  Those were brutal.  Forearms were gassed which hasn’t happened to YHC since high school :-/

You know what?  This is all I got.  I’m tired and this is work for me.  My creative juices only flow once per week, not twice in 4 days.  Ask my …nevermind.






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High TidePosted on1:53 pm - May 30, 2018

Posting on two Spackles backblasts in 4 days? Gotta be done.
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