The Journeyman AO Challenge: Preblast

  • When:06/01/2018
  • QIC: General

The Journeyman AO Challenge: Preblast

Here is a challenge where size and speed do not matter, and where only inner strength, determination to beat the fart sack and the ability to set an alarm clock and follow Waze directions will help you.

With the dog days of summer approaching, the challenge is on to keep pushing towards your fitness goals while mixing up the scenery a bit. The Journeyman AO Challenge will kick-off this coming Friday, June 1st running thru Saturday, July 28th.

The challenge is simple; hit as many of the SOBland AO’s between June 1st – July 28th. Official 2018 Journeyman AO Challenge Dog Tags awarded to those hitting ALL AO’s.

We will be using a Googledoc (link below) to keep track. Simply enter in your F3 name and keep track of your attendance at each AO by entering the date that you attended that AO. You can reference my row (General_) as an example.

The Journeyman AO Challenge Google Doc

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TransporterPosted on10:16 pm - May 29, 2018

So the BIG question? I thought you have to have your AARP card to go to the fishing hole, is the young discriminatory site on hiatus for this challenge?

Paper JamPosted on6:09 pm - May 31, 2018

Watch your tone of voice young man

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