Let’s not stand around

Let’s not stand around

With 19 PAX ready for a mid-week workout, a long and lengthy disclaimer was given one minute to go that basically told the PAX, we’ll be moving around the campus of Marvin Ridge today.


  • Follow the Q on a mosey to the Middle School back porch.  Once there, plank with your feet against the wall to wait for the six.
  • Opening COP:
    • Mountain Parkers (something between a Mountain Climber and a Peter Parker, but done in slow cadence bringing the foot up to plant flat besides the same sided planked hand) x 20 In Cadence
    • Don Quixote x 20 IC
    • Merkins x 10 IC
    • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Move towards the circular tables, no more than 2 per table.  With dry shoes, we’re going to leverage the tables for some Burpee Jump-ups (onto the seat) for 1 minute.  Begin
  • Move towards the end of the sidewalk near the buses.  Hold an Al Gore until it’s your turn.  Three sections of wall.  Section 1 – plank with feet on the wall moving laterally.  Section 2 & 3 – put your hands on the wall (at or below the dark brick section) and move laterally.  Hold plank until the six finishes.
  • Mosey towards the fields behind the tennis courts.  Plank for the Six.
  • Using the hill under the power lines, 7s with Merkins at the bottom and World Champion Burpees at the top.  For more on World Champion Burpees, go here: http://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/2018/05/08/personal-trainer-sets-burpee-world-record-but-critics-say-wasnt-doing-burpees.html. Plank for the Six
  • Mosey a few yards to line up shoulder-to-shoulder along the goal line.
    • Bear Crawl 10 yards, jog back. Bear Crawl 20 yards, jog back.
    • Crab Walk 10 yards, jog back.  Crab Walk 20 yards, job back.
    • When done, on your six and hold feet 6 inches.  Go down the line with each PAX calling a Protractor Angle between 6 inches (technically not an angle), 69 degrees (snickers all around thanks to Shake & Bake), and 89 degrees (no one has flexible hamstrings that I observed getting to vertical).
  • Jacobs Ladder with Carolina Dry Docks –
    • run out to yardage line #1 (10 yards), 1 CDD
    • run out to line #2 (15yd), 2 CDD
    • run out to line #7, 7 CDD
    • Keep repeating to Line #7 until the Six is in.
  • Mosey towards the traffic circle globe and stop at the yield sign before the big straight away.  Hold Al Gore while getting instructions.  At each bush, pole, or tree that is within 10 yards of the side of the roadway, perform a Full Burpee (not of that World Record Stuff).  Do this OYO until the end of the straight at the light pole.  PAX lead some Mary until the Six is in.
  • Mosey back towards the cars and circle up for some closing Mary.
    • Side Plank with Leg Lifts x 10 IC each side
    • Inchworm – walk hands out, hold plank for a second, walk hands back up – for 1 minute
    • Marching Bridge – on your six, raise butt in line with shoulders that are contacting the ground and quads. In Cadence, raise your Right foot off the ground and march your knee towards your chest.  x10 then Flapjack to Left side.
    • Plank March – hold plank, In Cadence lift your right foot off the ground, put it down, then Left foot off the ground, put it down.
  • Done at 615!


  • Continual movement, some longer moseys, several small sections done OYO, but not a ton of running was the goal.  YHC was smoked at the end for something that seemed pretty simple.
  • Glad to see many PAX like Jingles getting back out there, the new streak of Abacus, an old familiar face in Ice9, and one of my newer running buddies Stub Hub with his co-HateHate Half Back.
  • On several of the longer OYO sections, there were the normal Larry Birds eating it up, with of course Goodfella leading anything that involves Burpees (of the World Record variety most likely), and two PAX that pushed past YHC on the final run back to the circle, but the fogginess of trying to remember what was coming next has pushed their names out of the memory bank.
  • Goodfellas feedback session was abbreviated.


  • Bottlecap is on Q next Wednesday.  Delta is on Q the week after.
  • EOG Proctoring at Cuthbertson Middle School on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • 1st Sunday of the month for June – Church on the Street with other Union County PAX.
  • Pool Party on Friday June 8th – Sign up and donate to #Sandbox
  • Prayers for Brooks family and their daughter.

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